Vargic's Curious Cosmic Compendium -  - książka

Vargic's Curious Cosmic Compendium książka papierowa


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Explore the wonders of the universe like you've never seen before with this incredible new book from bestselling author Martin Vargic, which will fascinate both young and old alike.

Vargic's beautifully innovative designs will help to explain all of the weird and wonderful aspects of the cosmos; from the history of the universe to what makes up our solar system and even how human life fits into the wider picture.

Be taken on a journey through space with chapters on:
- Exploring the Cosmos
- The Night Sky
- Maps of the Inner Solar System
- Timeline of the Universe
- Cosmologies throughout History
- Journey Into Outer Space
- Scale of the Universe

It's a book which celebrates the scale and spectacle of the universe on every page, and one which you'll treasure forever.

'Packs in so much of our astronomical knowledge, so many tidbits about the history of astronomy and space exploration that I felt wonderfully enriched by it all. It is visually striking and beautifully illustrated' Dr. Alfredo Carpineti, writer for @IFLScience

Liczba stron: 144

Format (wymiary): 26.0x31.5cm

ISBN: 9780718185268