Wydawca: Siedmioróg Kategoria: Dla dzieci i młodzieży Język: angielski Rok wydania: 2012

Thumbelina (Calineczka) English version ebook

Hans Christian Andersen


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Opis ebooka Thumbelina (Calineczka) English version - Hans Christian Andersen

Imagine a tiny little girl, no bigger than the size of a thumb! Now imagine how strange and scary the world must seem to her. Thumbelina is snatched from her home by a toad, who wished to marry her off to his son. But this is not the end of her misfortune; upon her adventures she meets beetles, a catfish, a butterfly, a mouse, a bird and many others. Some of the animals are kind and friendly, while others are decidedly less so. What will happen to poor tiny Thumbelina? Will she ever find her way home, how will she deal with various proposals of marriage, and what will she make of this enormous world and all of its many dangers? This classic tale shows us that with a big heart, anything is possible!

Opinie o ebooku Thumbelina (Calineczka) English version - Hans Christian Andersen

Fragment ebooka Thumbelina (Calineczka) English version - Hans Christian Andersen

A long, long time ago lived a young woman. She was popular, well liked and had many friends, but even so she felt very lonely. Often she would go for long walks, sit in a meadow and look into the distance, dreaming of... a daughter.

“Oh, even if she were the smallest child in the world, as small as a grain of rice, it would not matter, for I would still love her with all my heart,” she sighed. But time passed, year followed year, and still she remained sad and a little bit lonely.

One day the young woman visited a fairy, for she did not know where else to turn. The fairy gave her a tiny seed as small as a grain of barley and offered her these words of wisdom:

“But this is no ordinary seed; you must plant it carefully in a pot, nourish it, care for it and above all cherish it, and your dream will surely come true. But beware: One day it will be time for the child to go away; you must accept this and not be sad.”

The happy woman thanked her, carefully wrapped the little seed in a handkerchief and went back home. She planted the magic seed in the most beautiful pot she could find and placed it in the sun and sprinkled some water upon it. Very soon a strong green shoot began to grow and grow; it soon became a huge red flower. Suddenly, to the woman’s astonishment and delight, a tiny, tiny young girl peeped out from among the petals of the flower, with golden blond hair with a little blue bow.

She was beautiful and cheerful; the woman loved her just as a mother loves her child.

“I will