The Little Town Where Time Stood Still - Hrabal Bohumil - książka

The Little Town Where Time Stood Still książka papierowa

Hrabal Bohumil


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Folks, life is beautiful! Bring on the drinks, I'm sticking around till I'm ninety! Do you hear? A young boy grows up in a sleepy Czech community where little changes. His raucous, mischievous Uncle Pepin came to stay with the family years ago, and never left. But the outside world is encroaching on their close-knit town - first in the shape of German occupiers, and then with the new Communist order. Elegiac and moving, Bohumil Hrabal gem-like portrayal of the passing of an age is filled with wit, life and tenderness. What is unique about Hrabal is his capacity for joy Milan Kundera Even in a town where nothing happens, Hrabal's meticulous and exuberant fascination with the human voice insists that, as long as there's still breath in a body, life is endlessly eventful Independent

Liczba stron: 124

Tłumacz: Naughton James

Format (wymiary): 13.0x20.0cm

ISBN: 9780241290248