Testuj swój polski Gramatyka 1 - Szpigiel Renata - książka

Testuj swój polski Gramatyka 1 książka papierowa

Szpigiel Renata


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Czas wysyłki: 1-2 dni robocze + czas dostawy


The book includes:
• 70 exercises + key
• a comprehensive range of exercises that automate various aspects of grammar from levels A1-A2, attractive illustrations
• glossary of PL / ENG / DE
• practical and clearly defined rules of grammar ENG
• The final test

"Test your POLISH - Grammar 1" is a collection of exercises that can be used for self-study as a supplementary material for classes. This book is intended for young people as well as adults at level A1-A2, who want to revise and improve their grammar combining studying with fun. The book is rich in illustrations with exercises motivate to learn.

Liczba stron: 128

Format (wymiary): 15.0x23.0cm

ISBN: 9788360229866