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Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, authored by Yuval Noah Harari, was published in 2015. The book delves deeply into the past, present and future of the world and humans in light of religion, science and technology. It takes both the past and present into account to forecast the future and highlights the risks caused by artificial intelligence and other technological progress that humans may encounter.

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Summary of Homo Deus - A Brief History of Tomorrow


Yuval Noah Harari


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Summary of Homo Deus - A Brief History of Tomorrow


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Summary of Homo Deus: 1 The New Human Agenda

Summary of Homo Deus: Part I - Homo Sapiens Conquers the World

2 The Anthropocene

Summary of Homo Deus: 3 The Human Spark

Summary of Homo Deus: Part II- Homo Sapiens Gives Meaning to the World

4 The Storytellers

Summary of Homo Deus: 5 The Odd Couple

Summary of Homo Deus: 6 The Modern Covenant

Summary of Homo Deus: 7 The Humanist Revolution

Summary of Homo Deus: Part III Homo Sapiens Loses Control

Summary of Homo Deus: 8 The Time Bomb in the Laboratory

Summary of Homo Deus: 9 The Great Decoupling

Summary of Homo Deus: 10 The Ocean of Consciousness

Summary of Homo Deus: 11 The Data Religion

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Summary of Homo Deus: 1 The New Human Agenda

The discussion commenced with the biological poverty line. Humans are evolving very quickly. What used to be an issue in old times is not even a consideration today. The possibility that food won’t be available because it has stopped growing is not even a consideration. A problem arises only when some human entity wants to keep things from others.