Poptropica English Islands 5 Activity Book - Custadio Magdalena, Ruiz Oscar - książka

Poptropica English Islands 5 Activity Book książka papierowa

Custadio Magdalena, Ruiz Oscar


Dostawa: od 6,99 zł (darmowa dostawa z abonamentem Legimi dla zakupu od 50,00 zł)

Czas wysyłki: 1-2 dni robocze + czas dostawy


The Activity Book reinforces and consolidates the language and skills presented in the Pupil’s Book.

Practice material for every lesson, including Welcome, Goodbye and Festivals.
Extra practice activities linked to the corresponding grammar points in the Pupil’s Book, which can be used for evaluation or additional practice.
A Picture dictionary at the end of the book, to help pupils review and remember target language.

Access to the Poptropica English Word Games app is provided.

Liczba stron: 112

Format (wymiary): 22.0x27.0cm

ISBN: 9781292198712