Jedi Academy - The Phantom Bully - Brown Jeffrey - książka

Jedi Academy - The Phantom Bully książka papierowa

Brown Jeffrey


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Award-winning author/illustrator Jeffrey Brown returns for the third
installation of the NY Times Bestseller Star Wars: Jedi Academy!
It's hard to believe this is Roan's last year at Jedi Academy.
He's been busier than ever learning to fly (and wash) starships,
swimming in the Lake Country on Naboo, studying for the Jedi obstacle
course exam and tracking down dozens of vorpak clones -- don't
ask. But now, someone is setting him up to get in trouble with
everyone at school, including Yoda. If he doesn't find out who
it is, and fast, he may get kicked out of school! Why can't school
just be easy. . . This incredible, original story captures all
of the humour, awkwardness, fun and frustrations of school -- all
told through one boy's comics, journal entries, letters, sketches,
e-mails and more.

Liczba stron: 160

Format (wymiary): 13.4x19.8cm

ISBN: 9781407145013