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Green polymer materials from biomass-based natural resources are of paramount importance in a range of applications, from biomedicine to biocomposites. Indeed, during the last few years there has been increasing demand for green biocomposites obtained from renewable and sustainable biomass-based resources. Plants, grasses, straws, agriculture residues, algae, water plants etc. are among one of the most promising and the most abundant bio-based resources of biopolymers on earth and they are an indispensable component in biocomposites. One of the important features of biomass-based materials is that they can be designated and tailored to meet different requirements depending upon the application. Renewability, low cost, eco-friendliness, ease of processing, non-abrasiveness and relevant mechanical as well as physico-chemical properties are among the most important advantages of using biomass-based materials for the development of green biocomposites.

The prime aim of this book is to give an overview on different kinds of Biomass-Based Biocomposites for a range of applications, from biocomposites to biomedicine. This book is unique in the sense that it deals exclusively with Biomass-Based Biocomposites that are procured from the biopolymers found in nature. In addition, it covers novel topics related to the synthesis, properties, characterization and diverse applications of different Biomass-Based Biocomposites including nanocomposites. Some of the main features are:

An overview of the applications of Biomass-Based Biocomposites in different fields to provide researchers/students with a thorough insight into the various systems.
An up-to-date working reference on Biomass-Based Biocomposites, including state-of-the-art techniques and developments in the field. Although the commercial applications of these biocomposites are in their infancy, these materials have a huge commercial potential. In setting out the next generation of advances in eco-friendly Biomass-Based Biocomposites, this book opens the way for further developments in the field.
A review of the wealth of research on new biomass-based polymers, together with their applications.

Biomass-Based Biocomposites will be a standard reference book for biocomposites engineers and all those studying and researching in this important area, as well as those in the automotive industry. Professionals in academia and industry will appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of this comprehensive and practical reference book.

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