A Window onto the Other -  - książka

A Window onto the Other książka papierowa


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“(...) Through an open window in one of the university buildings he chanced to observe and — having then stopped — to listen to one of Professor Stanisław Kałuzynski’s brilliant lectures. Jerzy Tulisow was then and there literally driven to enter the world of the fascinating Other: the Mongols, Turks, Manchus and other Tungusic peoples and their cultures. A window usually serves as a metaphor for opportunity, access to something and entry into another world. Let us explore then the world of those peoples and cultures so loved by Jerzy Tulisow, as presented in these contributions dedicated to the commemoration of his seventieth birthday.”
[from the Preface by Agata Bareja-Starzynska]

Liczba stron: 316

Format (wymiary): 16.9x24.5

ISBN: 9788380170193