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A House of Pomegranates is a collection of whimisical short stories by Oscar Wilde. This collections includes the following tales: The Young King, The Birthday of the Infanta, The Fisherman and his Soul, and The Star-child. Readers of all ages will be delighted by these fanciful tales.

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‘Our master!’ cried the weaver, bitterly.  ‘He is a man like myself.  Indeed, there is but this difference between us - that he wears fine clothes while I go in rags, and that while I am weak from hunger he suffers not a little from overfeeding.’

For on the loom of Sorrow, and by the white hands of Pain, has this my robe been woven.  There is Blood in the heart of the ruby, and Death in the heart of the pearl.’ 

‘Surely he is mad; for what is a dream but a dream, and a vision but a vision?  They are not real things that one should heed them.  And what have we to do with the lives of those who toil for us?  Shall a man not eat bread till he has seen the sower, nor drink wine till he has talked with the vinedresser?’

And suddenly a wild tumult came from the street outside, and in entered the nobles with drawn swords and nodding plumes, and shields of polished steel.  ‘Where is this dreamer of dreams?’ they cried.  ‘Where is this King who is apparelled like a beggar - this boy who brings shame upon our state?  Surely we will slay him, for he is unworthy to rule over us.’