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Praise for Your Portable Empire "In a sea of snake oil and get-rich-quick nonsense about fastmoney on the Internet from people who haven't really done it,O'Bryan's book is a ship of sanity to an island of commonsensee-commerce? This works." —Mark Joyner, Wall Street Journal bestselling authorof Simple.ology "The Internet has leveled the playing field, making it possiblefor anybody to start a business. O'Bryan, however, has given us theeasy-to-follow instruction manual on how to first discover yourniche and then build it into a big enterprise that can run itselffrom almost anywhere-all from his successful and proven formulas. Agreat book for anybody serious about a better quality oflife." —Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker SunglassCorporation "This amazing book can free all working people to make moneydoing what they truly love!" —Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and ZeroLimits "I know O'Bryan as a friend and colleague. He has painstakinglyput together a book, with no frills or fanfare, that straight-upshares his hard-won wisdom. May I urge you to get it and read it?Not only will you enjoy it-but once you act on what you learn, youcan profit mightily as well. Why? Because what's in this book letsyou stop making the victim's compromise on a daily basis-and startdoing the victory dance, whenever you want!" —David Garfinkel, author of Advertising Headlines ThatMake You Rich "O'Bryan lives the portable empire, running his business from alaptop with a cigar and a glass of fine wine. There is no onebetter to be your guide as you create your own, because he's laidout every step for you in his inspiring and easy-to-read book.There is no need to be chained to a desk or locked in a cubicle,and your business can take you far beyond your kitchen table withthe blueprint O'Bryan shares from his own successfuljourney." —Craig Perrine, "Freedom-O'Bryan's new book makes you understand exactly how toobtain it and create the lifestyle of your dreams. Anyone who cango from being a dead-broke musician living in a mobile home togenerating six figures in a single month is worth reading."

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The Internet now makes it feasible and practical for you to build and run your own“portable empire”—an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world in your spare time. You can even set up, develop and grow your portable empire while working full-time at another job, expanding your professional career or doing whatever else you choose.

The whole key is to develop and sell information products online. Day after day, people worldwide are spending good money to buy the information they want and need. If you can discover what information people are willing to pay for and then develop the products they are already searching for, you stand to make some very good money yourself. This is the way to build and grow your own portable empire.

It's important not to over-complicate things. There are only seven steps involved in building your own portable empire:

Key Thoughts

“Your Portable Empire is a system for creating an online business you can run from home, or anywhere else. It's almost totally automated. You choose your niche, gather your list, build relationships and solve problems. Then you sell solutions to your list. Most people make active income. They work once, they get paid once. The Portable Empire system is based on passive income. You work once, and get paid over and over again."

Pat O'Bryan

“Section 1 Seventeen Inner Games of Your Portable Empire”The“Inner Game”

In addition to learning all of the“how to”mechanics involved in building your portable empire, you also need to work on getting your mindset in order. Building your own online business requires that you have a set of skills that are different from those of employees. At the same time as you're learning all of the nuts and bolts skills integrated into the seven steps, also focus on getting your inner game aligned.

The “Inner Game” 1   Have a higher goal than merely “making money”

As amazing as it may sound, after a little bit of early success, working hard just to make more money gets to be a little bit stale. Once you've made enough money to buy yourself some of the toys you've always admired but have never been able to afford, you'll sit down and think“what next?"

The first generation of Internet marketing gurus don't focus on making more money. Instead, they work on projects that feed their souls. Some of them are so busy using their financial resources to try and make the world a better place that you wonder how they find the time to do anything else. It's not at all unusual to find them:

Taking medicine to villages in third world countries.

Setting up community health care facilities.

Providing educational funds and scholarships.

Working with economically challenged athletes.

By consistently following the seven steps, you will be able to generate for yourself a steady income. As you get better, that income will grow and eventually outpace your own financial needs. To stay motivated to keep getting bigger and better, start thinking now about what kind of charitable work you would like to fund in the future. This will not only inspire you to work hard, but it will also feed your soul.

The “Inner Game” 2   Understand what your “money thermostat” is set at

Everyone has a“money thermostat”—a self-belief about how much money you're entitled to make from the work that you do. It's something you learn from your parents without even realizing they are influencing your internal beliefs quite so profoundly.

You have to make a conscious and deliberate effort to reprogram your own thermostat if it is set too low. Otherwise, you'll stop working at your online business as soon as you've made enough money to pay your bills each month.

To set your thermostat higher, remind yourself:

■ We all live in an infinite universe.

■ The universe has unlimited wealth.

■ The more personal wealth we generate, the more good we can do for causes we really care about.

■ The universe doesn't mind how much we make—it's perfectly happy for us to make whatever we earn.

The“Inner Game” 3   Learn how to avoid self-sabotage

When you start achieving a level of success with your online business that exceeds your comfort level, you can actually do things unconsciously that throw a spanner in the works. Be aware of this. You have to keep on giving yourself permission to excel. Day by day, reset your money thermostat a little higher and expand what you're doing to that newer and higher level.

The“Inner Game” 4   Inject loads of authenticity