Young Women Love To Party: Taboo Erotica - Jason Sobieski - ebook

Warning: Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include BDSM, incest, and other taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.*****Joyce could hardly believe her words. It had taken her only about an hour at the party to become a completely debauched sex maniac. Fuck me, fuck me! was all she could think of. I want to come and come and come! Lee led her toward the stain. But on the way, they ran into an acquaintance of his, a tall handsome man with an attractive smile."Rick, this is Joyce. Joyce, Rick," Lee said, introducing them.Rick's eyes glinted darkly at Joyce. He took her hand and kissed it with slightly mocking courtliness. "Pleased to meet you, Joyce," he said."We were just going upstairs," Le said. "Maybe you'd like to join us."Joyce couldn't believe her ears. My God, aren't you even going to ask me? she thought.Rick grinned and looked interested. His eyes swept up and don her body, appraising it through her disheveled clothes. Joyce felt like a piece of meat being inspected. But somehow the feeling excited her as much as it disgusted her. The almost impersonal sensuality in his grin aroused her. 

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Young Women Love To Party

Jason Sobieski

Copyright © 2017

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It was now the middle of the third week since her boyfriend Mike had gone out of town for a training meeting involving his work. He still wouldn't be back for another week.

The night before he had left they had fucked like the world was coming to an end. In fact, it nearly had for Joyce. She came so many times she lost count. I guess that was supposed to hold me until he got back, she thought. But it didn't work.

Waiting for the bus each night after work was a torment. She would look at the crotch of every man who passed by. It was almost as if she could see through their pants-see their thick coiled cocks waiting to spring up and plunge into her flowing pussy.

She would sit next to a good-looking man on the bus and have to restrain herself from reaching over and touching his groin. I wonder how he fucks? she would think. Soft and tender? Hard and brutal? Maybe both at once?

By the time she got off the bus her body would be shivering with pent-up lust. Two or three times she had run upstairs to her apartment, torn off her clothes, and masturbated frantically. But the climaxes she got that way were unsatisfying.

Fortunately, Mike called her long-distance every night. Just hearing his voice made her lust more. But it was better than nothing. Still, up to now she had been too embarrassed to tell him how horny she was feeling.

This night when he called she was in bed. Slit had been frying to read a book. But she had made the mistake of going to bed naked. As she read, she couldn't keep her hands off her body.

Her nipples tingled. When she accidentally brushed, them with her fingers, they throbbed. She looked down at her full upswept breasts, wishing she could suck them herself, just to make the insistent ache go away. But she knew that would only lead to worse hungers.

When the phone rang she snatched it up desperately.


"Hi, honey."

"Oh Mike, I'm so glad ft's you!" she gasped. "What do you mean? Is something the matter?" asked.

"I'm burning up!" she murmured.

"Oh? Is it hot there?"

"No. I'm the one who's hot."

Her voice was low and sultry. With her free hand she reached down between her thighs, caressing the wet open blossom of her cunt. Her body writhed uncontrollably. She panted into the phone.

"I think I'm getting your point," Mike said. "God, I wish you were here, baby!" Joyce panted. "I want to feel you in me. I want you all over. me."

"I wish I were there too."

Joyce rubbed herself until soft shudders of passion rippled through her. She tried to imagine his tongue slithering into her runny slit instead of her own fingers.

"God, I wish you could fuck you over the phone!" she whispered.

She was working herself up into such a frenzy that she could hardly bear it. Mike could hear her rapid gasping.

"Are you doing it to yourself, honey?" he asked.

"Yes! But I'm pretending it's you. Tell me how you'd do it to me if you were here, Mike! Please!"

Mike sounded a trifle embarrassed. But he went along with her.

"First I'd undress you," he whispered.

"I'm already naked. Do' something to me, baby. What would you do to me first?"

"Kiss you."


"On your neck, on your ears."

"Yessss! And then?"

"Squeeze your luscious titties."

"Oh good!"

Joyce removed her hand from her slippery cuntlips and began squeezing her hot breasts. Her fingers were sticky with pussyjuice, but she didn't care. She bunched the firm rolling mounds up in her hands, digging her fingers into the quivering flesh.

"Then what?" she breathed impatiently. "Suck me?"


"First kiss between them. Then underneath them, and all around the sides. Then I'd lick your nipples with my tongue."

"Ohhhhh, God!"

Joyce. tried to imagine the feel of his wet tongue on her sensitive nipples. The large buds were already erect and rubbery. She scissored them softly with her fingers and gasped with pleasure.

"Then what?" she gasped. "Suck me."

"Yes. I'd suck each one until it was hard and pointed. First softly, then harder and harder."

"God, yes! Harder!" she moaned.

She pinched and twirled her nipples in her fingers. She squirmed wildly with lust, cradling the phone between her neck and her shoulder. Her hips made involuntary fuck motions.

"Now I'm pushing your titties together and sucking both of your nipples into my mouth at. the same time," Mike said.

It freaked her out when he did that. She went crazy with passion. She tried to recall the feel of his strong lips pinching both of her throbbing nipples at once. She remembered one time when he had done it and plunged his hand into her pussy at the same time, rubbing her clit so violently that she simply exploded with shattering orgasms.

"Hhhhh... hhhhh!" she panted wildly.

She twisted her long aching nipples in her hand, trying to duplicate the sensation of his mouth sucking them.

"Does that feel good?" Mike's voice asked over the telephone wire.

"Oh, honey I wish you were here!" she moaned. "I want you to fuck me and rape me and... do everything to me!"

"I want you to suck my cock first," Mike murmured.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" she panted. "Anything you want!"

"Here it is. I'm putting it on your face now. It's still only half-hard. Open your lips now, and let me slip it into your mouth. That's it."

She parted her moist lips as if to receive his huge fleshy tool. But it was no good. She could manipulate her own body, but she couldn't pretend his prick was in her mouth when there was nothing there but air.

Nevertheless, she thought she heard him gasp at the other end of the wire. It was the same gasp of pleasure he usually made when she gave him head. Again she tried to pretend she was sucking his cock, but it was no use.

"Mike, honey," she whispered into the phone. "Fuck me, honey. I need you to fuck me. please!"

"Okay, baby," Mike said. "Spread your thighs."

"I am, I am!" Joyce whimpered.

She ran her hands feverishly over her trembling inner thighs. The edges of her fingers brushed her swollen wet cuntlips. Hot tremors of lust gripped her body. She tried to imagine him crouching between her splayed legs, his thick rigid cock bobbing and twitching.

"Ohh, put it in me!" she moaned. "Fuck my cunt, honey! God, do it to me!"

"Okay, baby, now I'm sliding it into you. Feel it going in?"


She was lying. Actually she didn't feel anything like his prick slipping into her hungry pussy. Her pussy was empty. She slid three fingers into it, fucking herself rapidly. But it wasn't anything like the feel of his thick pole cramming her.

"Now I'm fucking you, slow and my," Mike murmured.

He gasped again, as if something mysterious was happening at his end of the line. But Joyce Was too far gone to care. She dipped both hands into her cunt and began ravishing herself wildly.

"Uh! Uh" she groaned.

The phone receiver slipped out of the cradle of her shoulder and check and fell to the bed. But she barely noticed. I want to come! I want to come! she screamed to herself. God, I want a cock in me! A huge thick plunging cock! She rubbed her throbbing clit wildly with the fingers of both bands. Her writhing body rippled with fire. She bucked her hips spastically, yearning for a hot climax.

"Oh yes!" she panted. "Oh God, yes!"

She lost track of everything but the crazy lust in her squirming body. She strained. Her back arched, ad her body stiffened. Now! Now! She thrashed clumsily in the rumpled sheets as the spasms wrenched her.


She didn't know how many minutes elapsed before she remembered the phone. She reached down to pick it up, feeling somehow embarrassed.

"Mike?" she whispered meekly. "Michael?"

But the line was dead.


Mike looked down at Rona, watching the thick shaft of his prick disappear between her sensual lips. He gasped with pleasure. Quietly he hung up the phone. Rona briefly took her mouth off his prick and smiled up at him.

"What's she doing now?" she murmured. "Coming?' "Ummm," she grinned. "That's what you're going to be doing in a minute."

"I know."

He groaned again with pleasure as she extended her wet pink tongue and began fucking every inch of his bulging cock with it.

"My God, has anyone ever tell you that you're the champ at this' he asked.

"Ummmm, do you really think so?"


"Well," she purred, "a big one like yours brings out the best in me."

She moved her body slightly and dangled her naked breasts on his wet pulsing cock. The feel of the large upswept mounds caressing his prick nearly made him come unglued. She brushed the flailing head of it with each of her wide soft nipples, wetting them with the sticky fluid that seeped from the eye of his prick.

"Would you like to squirt all over my nipples, or come in my mouth?" she murmured.


"Both!" she giggled softly. "Oh, good!"

She cradled his thumbing cock between her firm breasts and let him fuck the valley between them.

"What would your poor little Joyce think if she knew you were doing this while you were talking to her?"

"Shit bricks."

"Ummmm," Rona hummed, diving on his cock again with her incredible clinging lips.

She really could suck. She could get nearly all of his large prick in her mouth and down her throat. Then she would slowly let it out again, nipping the swollen head with her lips and making Mike gag with lust. She pumped the shaft with one hand rapidly, and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock until it began to twitch violently and he knew he was going to come. So did she. Quickly she let him go, to stop him before he exploded. It was the fifth Of sixth time she had done that to Ma "God, you almost did it that time!" she said.

"I... I know!" Mike gasped.

Both of them looked at his frantically jumping cock. Mike could feel the cum boiling in him, ready to shoot. But at the same time, he loved what she was doing to him. It was agony. But it was the best head job he had ever experienced.

"Do I do it better than her?" Ron asked coyly.

"You do it better than anybody."

"Mmmm," she grinned. "Why don't you suck my titties a while, just to give your prick a rest?"

She moved up so that he could get his mouth on her fantastic breasts. They were firm and resilient and round, with large brownish nipples that sprang up in the centers. Mike flicked the protruding nub of one nipple with his tongue. A sharp shiver gripped Ron's body.

"Ooooh, God!" she gasped.

He took one of her breasts in both hands and fed her plump nipple into his mouth, sucking he passionately. She loved it. She gasped. She held his head and pushed her tit into his face.

"Oh, Mike!" she moaned. "Oh Mike, Mike! Got, it feels good!

He didn't tell her that sucking her beautiful tit aroused him nearly as much as her mouth on his cock did. The more he sucked her, the closer he felt to popping.

But Rona cooed and whimpered, arching her back. She cupped her breasts in her hands, feeding them into his mouth, moaning with passion as he devoured her stiff nipples.

She reached sown with one hand and grasped his pulsing prick. Realizing what was about to happen, she suddenly pulled away. His lips smacked with a loud pop as she pulled her nipple out of his hungry mouth.

"Oh, no you don't!" she panted. "No you don't. I didn't go to all that trouble just to have you shoot off when I'm not there to drink it."

She slithered down his body again, cradling his jumping cock in her hands, watching it twitch crazily. N "I want to swallow it, baby," she murmured. "I want to feel you spurt into my mouth."

"But Jesus, when?" Mike groaned.

He was nearly going out of his minds It felt like every nerve in his body was bundled up in his hot aching prick, ready to explode. Part of him wanted to grab her, plunge his dick into her pussy, and just let it go off like a rocket.

After all, this was the first time they had been together. He had not even been inside her cunt yet.

Rona was a secretary at the training center where his company had sent him. They had flirted for nearly two weeks before she bad consented to conic to his hotel room like this.

Then, the moment they had got inside the door, she had been at his zipper. When she had seen how big his cock was, there had been no stopping her from what she was now doing.

So, even though Mike wanted to rape her and get rid of the fierce pressure in his cock with one or two quick thrusts, another part of him wanted it to. go on and on. Now she was skillfully licking his prick again, from top to bottom. It jumped and twitched wildly, rigid with the need to come.

"God!" she said, her voice filled with wonder. "I bet you'd pop if I just breathe on you too hard!"

"Do it!" Mike gasped.

"Can't you stand it any longer?"


"Oh well, then," she said.

With infinite slow skill, Rona clasped the bursting head of his cock with her wet silky lips. She sucked him in a way that made his whole body ripple. Her fingers squeezed bit balls gently. With her other hand she milked the shaft of his prick. Every muscle in Mike's body clinched. "UH!" he grunted.

The hot cum frothed out of kiln like champagne from a bottle. He felt like the jism for five fucks was roiled into a single orgasm. The hot creamy jets spouted from his cock into her mouth, and Rona gulped it down eagerly. Whimpering softly with pleasure, she sucked and pumped his cock with her hand, swallowing wildly.

It seemed to last forever. And yet when Rona licked the last drops of cairn off his slackening cock, she seemed disappointed that there wasn't more.

"God, think of all the protein in that," she smiled. "I probably won't have to eat for days."

Mike was speechless. He had never had an orgasm to match that one. He took her luscious body in his arms and began to fuck her juicy cunt with one hand.

"Ohhh!" she moaned. "That's right, honey." She coiled against him, undulating her hips. Her full warm breasts mashed against his chest. She licked his ear, trembling with pleasure as his fingers found her clit and rubbed it "How long do you think it'll take to get hard again?" she whispered.

"Is it still there?" he said. "I thought it came off in the explosion."

"I'll tell you one thing," she murmured, slithering her tongue into his ear. "I never felt so much cum in my mouth at one time. You shot a gallon, baby. I thought I might drown in it.

Mmmmmm, oh God, that feels good! Do it harder! Yes!"

Hex body grew tense with ecstatic tremors. She began to pant hotly, squirming against him. Her warm thighs clamped shut on his thrusting hand. She started pumping.

"Yes! Oh G... yes!" she gasped. "Don't stop! I'm going to come! Just rub me hard and fast like that. Yes, like that! Oh! Ohhnnnn!"

Her wild writhing passion brought Mike's strength back. He grasped her trembling body, fucking her runny cunt sharply with one hand, squeezing her quivering asscheeks with the other. At the same time he slid his mouth to her breasts and began sucking her large nipples hungrily.

Mewling and whimpering, Rona began to come quickly.


He was surprised to find that her wild climaxing aroused him again quickly. His cock was again as hard as a rock, standing and jumping. He pulled his hand out of her spasming pussy, spread her thighs over his groin, and planted his prick in her with one firm thrust.

"Aiiieeee!" Rona squealed as the full length of his large cock penetrated her. "Oh Jesus! Ohhh! Uh! Oh shit, yes, fuck me!... God, I'm going to come again!"

Mike mashed her quivering body against his and slid her up and down on his thick pale until she began to squeal and moan with coming. She clawed his back and bit her lower lip . as a fresh orgasm wrenched her.