Young Men And Established Women: Taboo Erotica - Ashley Blighe - ebook

This book is hot. A trashy, sleazy, *full-length* (100+ Pages) post-censorship erotic novel. But, if you really want, here's the briefest of excerpts:******************"I've seduced a lot of older women in my few years, but I'll never forget the first. Her name was Lela, and I guess my friends would laugh at me if I told them how old she was--forty-one. But for me, that is just the right age. That's when a woman's experience is only surpassed by her needs."Yeah, I like fucking older chicks. And that's just half of it. I dig sucking them, cornholing them, shoving my prick down their throats, and anything else that comes into my mind. But then I always liked screwing chicks my age, too--eighteen. For a long time I couldn't get it straight which I liked the most. I mean I couldn't get it straight in my head, not my prick. I don't figure to have any trouble there until I'm about a hundred and ten. With Lela and her daughter I got to make a comparison test between experienced cunt and young cunt and I was able to decide which I liked best.

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Young Men And Established Women

Ashley Blighe

Copyright © 2017

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"I've seduced a lot of older women in my few years, but I'll never forget the first. Her name was Lela, and I guess my friends would laugh at me if I told them how old she was--forty-one. But for me, that is just the right age. That's when a woman's experience is only surpassed by her needs.

"Yeah, I like fucking older chicks. And that's just half of it. I dig sucking them, cornholing them, shoving my prick down their throats, and anything else that comes into my mind. But then I always liked screwing chicks my age, too--eighteen. For a long time I couldn't get it straight which I liked the most. I mean I couldn't get it straight in my head, not my prick. I don't figure to have any trouble there until I'm about a hundred and ten. With Lela and her daughter I got to make a comparison test between experienced cunt and young cunt and I was able to decide which I liked best.

"The first thing that caught Lela's eye was my prick. I must admit it's my best feature, and at the moment she first saw it, it was being featured more and more with each of my moves. You see, I was on the dance floor of a discotheque, dancing up a storm with this acid-freak chick named Popo. At least that's what she called herself. And I was getting turned on--by the music and by Popo. She was wearing the standard hippie girl outfit--one step above nothing: no underwear, a gauzy dress cut to her navel. She was bombed out of her head with acid and was really into the music, dancing three-fifths of a mile in five seconds, which sent her tits flying out of her dress on every other beat With her nipples peeking at me every time I looked at her, I was getting a hard on fast.

"Suddenly, with the twisting of my body and the extra pressure at my crotch, my pants ripped a hole about two inches long you-know-where. I was embarrassed for a second but then I said the hell with it. I kept dancing. About a minute later I noticed this chick sitting alone at a table next to the dance floor. She had her eyes glued on my crotch. And I knew why. About every time Popo's nipples would peek out, my prick would peek back. It was dark in the room but I knew the lady at the table could catch a good deal of the action. In the dark I thought she was probably just a few years older than me. Later I was to find out Lela was forty-one, though even in the brightest light she looked younger.

"After the song was over I figured I'd better cool it with the dancing before I got busted or something. I asked Popo if she wanted to go somewhere and do something, like go to my pad and fuck. But she said she had other plans. I think she was hot for the guitar player in the band. That pissed me off and I looked around for some free-floating pieces.

"I immediately saw the lone woman looking at me. She quickly turned her head.

"Now, dig it, before this I'd fucked a lot of chicks, but never anyone more than a couple of years older than me. It had never entered my head to try my luck with an old chick. But it entered my head when I saw blonde-haired old Lela.

"As I approached her table and she looked up at me, I saw that she was older than I'd first thought. But still I didn't realize how old she really was.

" 'Hi there,' I said. 'Can I buy you a drink?'

" 'You're a little young for that, aren't you?' she said.

" 'Yeah. But I come here a lot and I've got an understanding with the waitresses.'

"I think I intrigued her a little and she accepted the drink. When the drink came we started to talk. I asked her why she'd looked at me so hard while I was dancing. I knew why, but I wanted to tease her. She said she enjoyed my 'form.' She was being cautious, and I really wasn't too bold, either, not as brash as I am with girls my age. But when she started talking about my 'form' I thought it was a good time to make my move. I took her hand, brought it under the table and put it on my prick, which was Teenagers and Older Women half-hard and poking through the rip a couple of inches.

" 'This was the 'form' you were looking at, wasn't it?' She pulled her hand back and turned her head away from me. Instead of trying to pull her hand back I shoved my own hand under her dress, a slinky purple thing that must have set her back a couple of hundred bucks, and ran my fingers up her leg to her panties. She quickly closed her legs but my experience with many shy teenage virgins came in handy here, and, like hungry little worms, my fingers wiggled and dug until they reached the top of her slit.

" 'Please, no,' she said, but she didn't sound very convincing and she didn't pull my hand away. The band was playing a song that was getting faster and faster, and I moved my fingers to the rhythm of the tune.

"After about a minute of this, I heard her moan even above the loud music. The band really started to get it on and so did I. I wasn't too surprised when her hand moved back under the table and clasped my prick, which was now a good four inches out into the open.

"But I realized that unless I was gonna settle for some mutual jacking off we'd have to get out of there. I told her so and we let go of each other, fixed our clothes and went outside. I flagged down a cab, since neither of us had a car, and in a trembling voice she gave the cabbie her address.

"As soon as the cab took off I knew she was hooked on me. She bent down so that her head hovered above my lap. She thought she'd help the progress of my stiffening prick by sticking various parts of her anatomy in the hole in my pants. First her nose poked in, rubbing slightly against the side of my shaft Pulling out her nose, she blew into the hole, then stuck her finger in, then her tongue. And though I'd fucked a lot of chicks by this time, the rest of my body was in some kind of mild, paralyzed shock. This chick was really something.

"Her tongue was great. My cock had expanded to full length by the time she'd pulled out her finger, but when it felt that wet tongue tip, it started trying for a new record.

"Suddenly a r-r-r-i-i-p sounded in the cab.

" 'Oh, you poor baby,' she said. "I must sew that up for you.' I looked down and saw that my tortured prick had escaped his corduroy prison and stood waving its seven inches in the air. The lady studied it from her close vantage point for a second and then opened her mouth wide I closed my eyes, threw my head back and took a deep breath.

Then the goddamn cab driver cleared his throat and said, 'We're here, ma'am.' She paid him quickly and we went inside her large house. We ran like the world's two greatest athletes as I followed her upstairs to her bedroom.

"The bedroom was blue, all blue, with the biggest fucking bed I'd seen in my life. We were on it in a split second. I laid out on my back, hoping that she'd continue just where she'd left off in the cab.

"She didn't, but I wasn't terribly disappointed, because she ran her hand up and down my shaft, her soft palm caressing the shaft skin, rolling over the dome at the top. There, she squeezed me hard. Her thumb came out and ran around the slit at the top of my prick. Then the whole hand slid all the way back down again.

" 'Oh, shit,' she said, 'it's so big, so very, very big.' She bent down and just barely touched the dome with the tip of her tongue, then pulled back up and looked into my eyes. 'How old are you?' she asked.

" 'eighteen,' I replied. 'How old are you?'

"Even seeing her in the brightness of her bedroom light I thought she'd say twenty-seven or something like that. 'Forty-one, sugar-stick,' she said.

"That really blew my mind. My fucking mother is only five years older than that "Apparently she'd misguessed my age, too, because she let go of my prick and said, 'It's past your bedtime, isn't it sweetie? Maybe I'd better find my sewing kit and fix you up so you can go home to momma.'

"She rose up off the bed and went over to her dresser. As she opened a drawer and started searching around in it I got off the bed and walked up behind her. With one motion I pulled her dress high above her hips. I held the hem of the dress against her back with one hand and shot the other hand down into her panties. My foot knocked her feet farther apart and I stuck my forefinger up her pussy, rubbed my middle finger against her clit, and crammed my thumb up her asshole. I did it quick and sure, so that she'd have no doubt that I'd handled this kind of equipment before.

" 'Do you like my bowling-ball grip,' I asked her, and set all three digits into frantic action.

" 'It's all... all right,' she gasped.

" 'Just all right?' I asked, letting go of her dress and bringing that hand around to her right tit. I shoved it past the low top. No bra. I squeezed the top of the tremendous cone and roiled the nipple with my thumb. 'This little boy is going to bed right here and if you're real nice to him, you can be his momma for a night and tuck him in,' I said, mocking her baby talk.

" 'Mommy wants to go to bed with her little boy tonight,' she said, playing along.

"I pulled her over to the bed and flung her onto it, using a little force, though it wasn't necessary, to keep her straight as to who was boss. 'Get that goddamn dress off,' I commanded.

"She sat on the side of the bed and raised the dress over her head. Her tits swung free. They looked to be about ten pounds each, big, white volleyballs. The areoles were at least two inches across and the nipples poked out a half inch. Down below, a widening wet stain of cunt juice showed on her panties at the juncture of her thighs. I guess I spent too long staring because she dipped one of her hands into the panties and began to rub her moist slit.

"My cock was as impatient as she was and was throbbing demandingly. I stripped off my torn pants and threw them on a chair. I walked to the bed, where, with half-closed eyes and whimpering breaths the woman was jacking off.

" 'Help me, help me... what... what's your name?' she asked.

" 'Barry."

" 'My name's Lela,' she said as she stroked her cunt. 'Don't you think that's a pretty name?'

" 'I don't care what your fucking name is,' I said. 'Just open your mouth and keep doing what you're doing with your hand.'

"She seemed happy to comply and opened wide, leaning forward so that she'd be level with my approaching cock. I drove it in all the way to the back of her throat. Then I grabbed her shoulders for support with both hands and began to hump her like I was fucking her twat. I pumped faster and faster and she began to moan. I knew she must be tearing up her slit with her fingers.

"She was a good cocksucker. She sucked, she blew, she nibbled, and she twirled her tongue around my cock. After I started to dig that she could do it up right, I stopped the heavy fucking action and slowed down to a gentle in-and-out motion, letting her work her artistry on me.

"And was she ever the artist! She ran her tongue round and round the dome of my prick and poked its tip into the hole at the end of it Then she dove onto the shaft so that it lodged in her relaxed throat. She contracted her throat on the top of my prick and at the same time tightened her lips on the base. Even though she opened her throat wide, she couldn't quite get the whole stick in her mouth.

"All at once her moans crescendoed until finally she screamed, I'm coming... coming... coming... coming. Uh--uh--uh.' She latched back onto my prick and sucked like a leech, probably expecting me to come with her, but I held onto my load. I let her bring herself off, though, this first time. I'd provide the rest of her orgasms myself.

"She kept working on my prick even after her last convulsions but I told her to lay back and take it easy for a minute. She obeyed me, a little puzzled that I hadn't come with all that nice treatment. She pulled her hand out of her panties. It was covered with her fluid.

"As soon as she did that I reached up and pulled her panties off. I was more than ready to carry on and I knew that with one action I could get her in the same state of mind. I threw the panties to the floor and pushed my head between her legs, right into her muff. Spreading her legs far apart, I gave her one good long lick, starting at her asshole and running all the way up and over her clit.

" 'Oh, my god,' she said softly. 'You dirty, rotten, bastard of a son-of-a-bitch, do that again.' And I did.

"Her little clit, which had shrunk to the size of a pea since she'd climaxed, began to respond again. I decided not to touch it for a couple of minutes, just run my tongue and lips all around it.

"So the first thing I did was plunge my tongue past her pussy lips into the well-moistened cavity that had just received such an enthusiastic plowing. My tongue moved in circles, rubbing against the walls of her pussy hole. I couldn't explore that cavern very deeply just then but I knew I had an entrenching tool that was just right for more serious expeditions.

"Then I let my tongue slip down to her puckered asshole and I tried to ream it into the tight opening like a slick battering ram. But she must have been an ass-virgin because I had a hell of a time getting my tongue in even an inch. I knew I'd have to widen that passage with my prick at the first opportunity.

"Right now, though, the task at hand was to give her the supreme pleasure of cunt-licking, and that meant I had to give her clit the attention it deserved. Running my tongue all the way back up to the waiting clit--well, it wasn't all that far, but I took a few side-roads--I saw that hers was one of those clits that sticks out like a little prick when it's excited.

"In honor of its size, I put my lips around it and started tonguing it like she'd tongued my prick, swirling my tongue round and round, then flicking it back and forth.

" 'Oh, shit, that's good,' she moaned. 'More, my little boy fucker.'

"My philosophy is never take orders. If a chick wants her tits massaged, I stick a thumb up her asshole and work on her there. If she wants cunt-fucking, I jam it down her throat. I like to work on chicks where they're not expecting it, always making sure they know who's in control.

"So I told Lela, 'I'm gonna fuck you now. Spread your legs wide, bitch.'

" 'You don't have to call me names, Barry,' she said.

"I smacked her in the face. 'I'll call you what I like,' I said. 'Spread your legs.'

"She did like I told her to. But I didn't plunge right in. I knelt on the bed and looked at her face, then at her cunt, then back at her face, meanwhile stroking the length of my prick.

" 'What do you want me to do now?' I asked.

" 'Whatever you want, Barry,' she answered.

" 'What do you really want?'

" 'I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me.'


" 'In my sopping cunt,' she whined.

"I laughed. 'Why not?' I said, and drove seven inches of eighteen-year-old prick straight up her cunt. I plunged hard and fast. 'Oh, Barry... honey... my god,' she panted. My hands reached up and grasped big handfuls of tit. With each lunge of my prick I squeezed her tits. She bucked back with all the strength in her hundred-pound frame. Again and again I lunged my solid prick into her as she thrashed her hips and shook her blonde head, emitting sobs and groans. She was really fucking back like a minx, meeting me stroke for stroke.

" 'Go, go, fuck me, fuck me, oh my god,' she sighed. Her hips were strong bastards for such a small woman. She made fucking her into an experience like riding a bucking bronco. My prick, so accustomed to tight teenage cunts, was enjoying the most voluptuous pussy it had ever had the pleasure to fuck. And the body slamming against mine was soft in a way no young girl's could match.

"But her technique was what drove me out of my skull. As my prick drove home, her cunt did all kinds of funny little things to it--subtle muscle contractions and wild counterthrusts that came just at the right instant. Oh shit, I thought, I've been wasting my time on those young pussies. This was the real thing. There was no doubt that she was digging it as much as I was. She was gasping so loud I thought she was choking.

"Then she cried out, 'Keep it up, lover. Oh. I'm going to come, my darling.'

"Hearing that, I pulled my prick out of her cunt.

" 'What are you doing?' she cried.

"I said nothing, just threw her over on her stomach and propped her up so that her ass waved high in the air.

" 'No, no,' she protested. 'I've never done it that way.'

" 'Better late than never,' I said, and put the wet tip of my cock to her bunghole. I grasped her hips in my hands and drove hard. Three inches disappeared down her hole.

" 'It hurts,' she moaned. 'It hurts like hell.'

" 'It only hurts for a little while,' I told her and pushed my hips forward again. Her asshole was scratchy, giving my prick a hell of a lot of friction after that slick cunt. One more lunge sent all seven inches into her hole; I let it rest there a few seconds, savoring the out-of-sight feeling of her indescribably tight asshole. Lela's breath was coming heavy, and I couldn't tell if it was due to pure pain or half pain, half pleasure.

" 'How does it feel?' I asked her.

" 'Like a goddamned log,' she said.

"I thought I'd be nice to her for being a good sport, so I reached around her hips with one of my hands and searched out her clit. When my fingers found what they were looking for, Lela moaned in gratitude. I began to stroke her little love-button and at the same time slowly pulled my prick back, almost all the way out of her bunghole, then I plunged it fast all the way back in. I fucked it in earnest now. Her cunt juices dripped down my hand as I masturbated her clit.

" 'Oh, so good,' she said. 'Yes, yes. Fuck my ass. God, I never knew.'

"I'd waited too goddamn long I felt my cream well up, ready to blast into her asshole. I flicked her clit like I was playing a banjo and grabbed her swollen right breast with my other hand.

" 'I'm coming, Lela,' I yelled, and pumped what felt like a gallon of cream into the depths of her asshole. She screamed words I couldn't make out and shoved her hips back at my prick frantically. She shook like a dervish and then collapsed under my final shove.

"Lela was my introduction to the fucking of older women, and as I lay panting on her soft body, I knew I'd have to have more. And Lela would provide more, even more than I expected, in the form of her eighteen-year-old. daughter, Betty."

* * *

The case subject, Barry M., is seemingly a typical American eighteen-year-old boy, if one were to judge by appearance and background. He lives in a large city with his middle-class parents, attends high school, dates girls, wears his hair moderately long, and has the usual current teenage diversions, such as sports, movies, and dancing.

However, there is one very important factor in Barry's behavior that sets him apart from most of his peers. He seeks after the love of older women, women twice, sometimes three times, his age.