You Have Too Many Friends - George Saoulidis - ebook

Inspired by Saw and our social media addiction, you are about to learn why you don't really need all those friends, or rather, why they don't deserve to be called that. Don't believe me? Here's Aristotle to shut you up (Google The Nicomachean Ethics). Or a more modern take, Dunbar’s number in which he tells us how we can only handle up to 150 friends.In your review tell us how many Facebook friends you have. I'm at 1200.

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Title Page

You Have Too Many Friends

You Have Too Many Friends

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I want to play a game.

Yes, you are tied down. Try all you want, you are immobilised. You can’t move your head. Yes, that’s a gun aimed at your face. Actually, you should be thankful that I’ve aimed it right, because if it fires, you want it to go straight between the eyes.

Trust me, it’s better for you that way.

We don’t want to botch the killing blow. You won’t feel a thing.

Kill you?

No, I’m not going to do that. We are going to play a game. Yes, there’s a chance for you to win this game and go free. I will set you free if you win it, yes. I know you haven’t seen my face, no need to close your eyes.

I’m not the one on trial here.

You see, humans have evolved to handle about one hundred and fifty acquaintances. The size of a small tribe. But somehow these days, we think we can handle thousands of friends online. That is simply impossible.

You’re guilty of that? Yes, I know.

Here’s a laptop with your social profile, already logged in.

How did I get your password? Please, look around you. You think that a pet name could evade me?

Let me explain the rules of the game first.

This is a form of Russian roulette. I love that game, but the probabilities for fatalities are too high. One in six? Please, I like my games slow.

Slow like torture, if you will.