Yes, Daddy: Giving Into My White Boss - Aaliyah Jackson - ebook

Yes, Daddy: Giving Into My White BossWhen Jasmin starts her new job at Topman Industries, she has no idea what she's supposed to do, or even why she was hired. It all becomes clear when her new boss, the multi-millionaire Clark Pierce, convinces her to try a new pharmacutical drug that has an incredible effect....Soon she finds herself acting in a way she never thought she would as he expertly manipulates her to get what he wants.

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Yes, Daddy: Giving Into My White Boss

Aaliyah Jackson

Table of Contents

Title Page

Yes, Daddy: Giving Into My White Boss

My legs shook from nervousness as the elevator arrived at the top floor. I was finally about to enter the offices of Topman Industries, for my first day on the job working for the multimillionaire Clark Pierce. Being a single mother trying to find a job in this economy, I was desperate and would have taken anything that came my way to provide for my kids. So to land such an exclusive job for Clark Pierce was a dream come true... the only problem was I knew so little about him, despite trying to find out as much as I could. He was a very private man, and that was evident by the lack of search results for his name even though he controlled billions of dollars worth of assets. I could hardly believe he picked me out of all the applicants to be his assistant, but there must have been something he saw in me that he didn’t see in the others. All I knew was that this was the opportunity of the lifetime, and the pressure to make a good impression was weighing on me.

Summoning up all my courage, I put on a confident smile and walked up the receptionist, who was typing on her phone.

“Hello, I’m here to see Mr. Pierce. I’m his new assistant.”

As soon as I said the name “Mr. Pierce” she sat up straight and put her phone down. “Absolutely, and who do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

“My name’s Jasmin, Jasmin Harper.”

“Right this way Ms. Harper, I’ll escort you to his office immediately. He’s told me to expect your arrival.”

It felt strange to be addressed by my last name. This was my first job working outside of the hood, and I wasn’t used to being talked to the way she was talking to me. Doubts ran through my mind as I began to wonder if I was even cut out of this type of work, but I quickly pushed them out of my head as she led me to his door.

“Here’s his personal office. If you need anything, just dial 1 on any of the phones for reception.” She kept her fake smile plastered on as she turned around and walked back towards her desk. I felt apprehension creeping up on me as I raised my hand to knock on his door.

Just remember, be professional. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door. There was a long pause before I heard a deep voice respond.

“Come in, Jasmin.”

I opened the door, and had to suck in my breath at how luxurious his office was. The floors were marble, and he sat behind a large oak desk that was positioned in front of the entirely glass wall, so that there was a clear view of New York behind him. It almost took my breath away, but I tried to act natural as I stepped forward. I stood there awkwardly, not sure if I should sit down.

“Sit, Jasmin. It’s your first day here, and if you don’t mind I want to have a chat so that you understand what’s expected of you by Topman Industries and myself.”