Working Virtually + CD - Black Jackie, Dyson Jon - książka

Working Virtually + CD książka papierowa

Black Jackie, Dyson Jon


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Working Virtually deals with the challenges facing those who have to work remotely from their colleagues using a range of technology to keep in touch. It covers all aspects of working in a virtual environment, from communicating effectively through to solving problems and building strong teams at a distance.

Eight units focus on:

Understanding virtual communication
Preparing for successful communication
Working in virtual groups
Working with technology
Effective writing
Building relationships
Managing diversity
Teams and leadership

Every unit provides comprehensive training in the skills needed to operate successfully in the world of international business: relevant language skills, communicative ability, people-management skills and intercultural competence. This training is delivered through extensive speaking and listening activities, professional input, skills practice, intercultural awareness-raising and case-study discussions.

Liczba stron: 120

Format (wymiary): 21.0x29.0cm

ISBN: 9783125013346