Women Between the Public and Private Spheres of Life - Luty-Michalak Marta, Kotowska-Wójcik Olga - książka

Women Between the Public and Private Spheres of Life książka papierowa

Luty-Michalak Marta, Kotowska-Wójcik Olga


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The monography provides set of precise refined articles investigating the issue of presence of women in public and private sphere. Submitted analyses illustrate new elements and perspectives to acquqintance indicated research purpose. (...) Scientific courage of authors may be seen as a proof of academic objectivity as well as transparency, reliability, relevance. (...) Revised monograph reveals high level of original scientific input in the area of feminism seen from various analytical perspectives.

dr hab. Piotr Zawada,
prof. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Univerity in Warsaw

Liczba stron: 180

ISBN: 9788366223066