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Sunny and her husband wanted lots of children—but there was one little problem. Clay couldn’t have kids. So every time Sunny was ready to get pregnant again, she had to go searching for a lusty man who would be an excellent father for her babies.Sexy Murphy Rawlings, who taught history classes at the local college, had no idea what she had planned when she invited him over to appraise her great-great-grandfather’s antique farm equipment…~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~She studied him for a moment, then lithely jumped to her feet. “You know what I think, Murphy? I think you need to relax more often.” Cheerfully she bounced into the tool-filled stall and caught his big hand in hers. “Come on. Mama Sunny’s going to make sure you take a little R&R. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it!”He followed her like a mindless robot...until she settled cross-legged on the blanket again, and tugged at his hand to pull him down beside her. Then his foggy brain snapped back alive in a panicked rush.“No, I shouldn’t do that. You, ah, you asked me here to study your antiques.”Sunny smiled up at him, and tugged a little harder. “We have all day. Didn’t you tell me that no one’s expecting you back at the school until tomorrow?”“Well, yeah, but...”“Then where’s the harm in playing a little hooky, professor?”Her teasing grin destroyed him. Or maybe it was the way she called him ‘professor,’ as if she was a naughty student trying to entice him into something wicked…

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The Hazard Chronicles

“With Hubby’s Approval”

By Becca Sinh

Cover Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2012 Becca Sinh

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

(This book has been retitled. If you would like to read the original version,

titled “The More, The Merrier,” please visit http://www.carnal-pleasures.com)

It was time to have another child.

There were few things Sunny loved more than being pregnant. She’d never been sick a day in her life, and the delight of feeling a healthy baby kicking inside her far outweighed any of the minor discomforts.

She didn’t even mind the fierce labor contractions at the end, because it meant that she’d soon have a sweet new baby to love.

When she and Clay had gotten married, they’d been committed to creating a big family. They both had lots of brothers and sisters and cousins, and had combined their neighboring farms into one big property after his folks had passed on, and hers had retired to sunny Florida. There was plenty of room for three dozen children or more to roam and play.

Already they had four kids, three boys and a girl—in diapers, learning to walk, toddling around on unsteady legs, and running gaily through the bigger of their two farmhouses. If they had their way, those four would be joined by at least another dozen over the next several years. Maybe more.

She could hardly wait to get started on the next one!

There was only one little problem. Clay couldn’t have kids.

They’d started working on the first baby long before they’d gotten married. And at first, they’d just written off their continued failures to being too young. Way too young, probably, but that hadn’t mattered to either of them. Then, shortly after they’d gotten married, and it was legal for them to start making a family, they’d gone to the doctor to find out why they weren’t having better luck.

“You have a very low sperm count,” the doctor had told Clay with a somber frown. “I won’t say that it’s impossible for you to sire a child—medical miracles happen all the time, and if your sperm are strong enough, they’ll reach the target. You’re certainly trying often enough.”

He’d been their doctor ever since he’d delivered both of them, so he knew—far better than either of their families—how early they’d started having sex. Being a good family friend as well as their doctor, he’d kept his mouth shut and simply made sure that Sunny wasn’t hurt by all their vigorous activity.

Clay had been crushed by the news. “I’d do anything at all,” he’d mourned later that night, while he and Sunny were sprawled in front of the fireplace after enjoying several hours of their favorite full-contact sport. “Anything at all, Sunbeam! I don’t even think I’d care if it was my baby, just as long as you could have one!”

That had gotten her thinking. And when she’d missed her very next period, and tested positive, they’d both celebrated without reservations.

Oh, she was careful to always choose a man who looked either like Clay or herself, so there would be no awkward questions. Even Clay would raise his eyebrows if she gave birth to a black or Oriental baby. And she always made sure that her child’s potential father was handsome and sexy. She wanted only the best for her children.

He had to be successful at whatever career he pursued, which meant he had to be intelligent and motivated. And he had to be good in bed. She’d been spoiled by incredible sex with Clay for too long to settle for anything less than excellence.

Ronny’s father had been a husky lumberjack foreman with coal-black hair just like Clay’s. Arthur’s had been the sexy young intern doctor who’d come to assist old Doc Marshall when he’d been laid up with a broken leg.

George had been sired by the visiting bank executive who’d bought out their local branch when the bad economy had almost destroyed a whole bunch of small-town banks. That had been a quick unplanned encounter, and she was honestly shocked that she’d conceived again so quickly after Arthur was born. She’d welcomed Clay back to her bed that night, just so there would be no questions…and they’d both been delighted when she’d tested pregnant again a few weeks later.

Sunny didn’t consider herself promiscuous. Well, except maybe for that one time. She’d just been so horny that she couldn’t resist snuggling up to that sexy banker…and he hadn’t minded at all that she was still nursing her four-week-old baby. In fact, he’d enjoyed suckling just as eagerly as little Arthur did. That encounter had been brief, but delightful!