Winter Cabin Brother Sister Fun - Tommy Mackson - ebook

Cynthia and her brother Ryan went to their family's cabin after Ryan had finished graduating college. Things get a little heated after Cynthia consoles Ryan for the loss of his long-term relationship.Will Cynthia be able to fight off her feelings of desire towards her brother Ryan?Read this hot sexy book now to relive their fantasy along with them!

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Tommy Mackson

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Table of contents

Winter Cabin Brother Sister Fun

By: Tommy Mackson

"Wow it's really boring outside. It's just coming down like cats and dogs out there." I said to my brother as we both sat shivering in our cabin.

"Yeah it sure is, glad that we can come back together for a family vacation after college. I'm so glad that you graduated. Was your major again?"

"You don't remember my major, I'm your sister, how could you forget such a thing. It was physiology."

"Physiology, that's right, how could I forget. Silly me. I've just been going through a lot lately, you know what everything that's been going on with my life. Samantha just broke up with me so there's that and I don't know what I want to do with my life now that I have this degree for the last two years and I lost my job at the mechanical engineering firm down in the big city. What you think I should do with my life now?"

"I think you should… Are I'm so sad to hear that Samantha broke up with you, at that you guys were perfect for each other."

"Yeah, it's too bad, she broke up with me and broke my heart, she said it was the last time we came together she just didn't get a good feeling hanging out with all of us and felt like an outsider, even though I told her I was in love with her and there was no other person in my life she just said that the energy was often that she just felt like I wasn't the one for. It was pretty rough. I'm still going through it right now emotionally and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it in the long run but I'm sure I'll be okay"