Wind of Change in Africa - Samuel Flourish - ebook

Wind of Change in Africa ebook

Samuel Flourish



For decades now the African continent has been suffering under the weight of poverty and corruption. A continent rich in natural and mineral resources is being regarded as a liability to the entire world. She is borrowing while others are lending. Is it supposed to be so? This book that has been presented in a very simple form, transports the reader to the past, introduces the present and makes a projection to the future. We can not change the past, but we can change the future by adjusting our lives today. By taking positive steps today, Africa's future shall be brighter. Good readers do not only absorb the words, but they get actively engaged in what they have read. This is what the writer  is expecting from every reader. Samuel Flourish in his simplicity sheds a light of hope to all Africans in this book.    

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Samuel Flourish

Wind of Change in Africa

I dedicate this book to our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. The King of kings and the Lord of lords. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich




I dedicate this book to our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. The King of kings and the Lord of lords.












In life some people believe in your dreams while others don’t. The former will walk with you to any length just to see your dream fulfilled. That is why in a very special way I am grateful to the following people for making this work a reality.

To the entire Nanje’s family for their big support, most especially Mosongo Iyase Nanje of USA, Mr and Mrs. Chawa Fabu for their support and encouragement during my school days, Rachel Nanje (MELINA) , Asungi Nanje and to our Sweet mother Mami Susan Nanje (AWANDA WHY).

Finally to all those that did not believe in me. Their unbelief kept me moving. May God bless you all.





On the 6th of September 2009 in Yaoundé, the Lord spoke to me. He said; “son, I have called you and I’m sending you to the nations. Men shall rise up against you but don’t be afraid because I will neither leave nor forsake you.”

Again on the night of the 24th of October 2009 I was in the spirit and I saw myself sitting in front of a multitude of people with lamps in their hands. They could not be numbered and they formed the map of Africa. The Lord said to me in clear terms “Son these are the people you shall raise”. He added “prosperity shall be your hat”. The lamps in their hands faded and suddenly a bright light shone on them and I saw them putting on white robes. Later the Lord started showing me books. I even saw people rushing to buy these books both the young and the old. When I opened one of the books, I saw many pictures inside. This was a political book as it carried the image of our president. I am sure the Lord was showing me the true picture of my country. He was so close to me as he showed me these books. He was putting on sandals and he had ancient feet. When I tried to look at his face I saw bright light. He later took me upon a hill. On arriving there I saw two men sitting. They said nothing to me, but the Lord later revealed to me that those where king David and his son Solomon. I later saw myself with a pen.

When I woke up, I immediately developed an urge for writing.

The harvest of Africa is ripe and this book will be focusing on this harvest. It is time for Africa to take its rightful place in the global sphere. For too long we have been termed the Dark Continent. It is in this same Dark Continent that our brothers from the west come for mineral resources. Africa is blessed. It doesn’t matter where you now find yourself. Whether in politics, business, public sector etc, this book covers all. Many Christians today are mere spectators in the church. Most of us think we know God but it is true that we do not actually know him. Africa is full of mineral and natural resources but why are we still living in abject poverty? Why do we keep fighting unnecessary wars when there is enough for everybody? Christians are called not just to be rich but to be prosperous. There is still a lot to be done as far as Christianity and nation building is concerned especially in my beloved country Cameroon the so called “Land of Promise.” In this book, I emptied all the churches and started at zero. We shall browse through the book of books from the beginning until the present age. GOD is omnipresent. No one can hide from him. But why is he still asking “where art thou?”






In the begining


Growing up in a society with a particular code of conduct, traditions and beliefs kept me wondering. As a child I asked many questions to satisfy my curiosity and to learn more about life. Why do we have day and night? Why is the sun hot and the moon cold? Why is the sky blue? Why do we have different creatures walking upon the earth? Why are humans different from other creatures? Who brought me to this planet?

In my early years I did not really understand death but why should people die? Why do we get sick? Why should some people live in abundance while others live in lack and want? I grew up in my village where there was no electricity and when I saw it for the first time it looked so mysterious to me.

In the early years of my life I had never seen a tarred road. All I knew was to play with other kids under the rain and in the muddy soil. I used to see cars only occasionally. Yes I was a village boy. I was also part of the village Sunday school. “Where is God” I would ask my teacher. “He lives in heaven” he would reply. “Where is heaven?” I kept asking.

I also came across some Europeans. These people seemed so strange to me. They all had the same features like me that is, head, legs, ears etc only that their hair and color looked so different. Yes many questions I asked during my childhood were answered while others were not. Some answers given to me were satisfactory while others were not. Life continued.

Growing up I realized that those of my color lived in a place called Africa while those of the other color lived in a place called Europe, America etc. I fell in love with my color and continent. Yes we might be going through poverty, stagnation, epidemics, afflictions, witchcraft attacks, wars, democracy deficiency syndrome, political hypertension etc, God has not abandoned us. It was not so from the beginning.


Our God is a perfect God. Always on time. He is never ahead or behind schedule. He has been successful from the very beginning. Scientific discoveries about our universe go a long way to explain the excellence of our God. He started by creating the heavens and the earth. It had been in his plan from the beginning that heaven will be his home and the earth ours. This implies that in the beginning there was no heaven and earth, there was just God. Isn’t this wonderful? God like any other being needed a place to stay and he created it. He needed neighbors and friends and he created them. He could not live alone even though he was and is still sufficient by himself.

In our societies today once a man is elected into power he thinks he is self-sufficient. He thinks he no longer needs his people. He thinks he is wealthy and does not need anything from anybody. Friend you are a failure when you have this mentality because you will always need people.