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Win Win książka papierowa

Lipman Joanne


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I know what you're thinking: 'Not another career guide-cum-manifesto, telling us to "woman up" and demand more money.' But that isn't what Lipman says. Instead, she uses data, reams of it, to expose how the system is rigged against women. She then calls for men to join the fight to make the workplace more equal. Campaigning for equality has to be a mixed sport; instead of women 'leaning in', they need to get their male colleagues listening . . . Reading Win Win may make you feel angry -- a punch-the-wall rage -- but, as Lipman notes, anger won't persuade more men to join Team Equality SUNDAY TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE

Liczba stron: 320

Format (wymiary): 15.2x23.4cm

ISBN: 9781473627024