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From the New York Times best-selling author and top pollster Dr. Frank Luntz comes an unprecedented examination of communication excellence and how top performers Win in all areas of human endeavor through superb communication skills. From Mike Bloomberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger to business icons Rupert Murdoch, Steve Wynn, and Fred Smith, to the CEOs of MGM Resorts, J. Crew, and Gibson Guitar, to legendary sports superstars like Larry Bird, Jimmy Connors, and Mike Richter, to media legends Roger Ailes, Don Imus, and dozens more, Luntz tells their stories in their own words. He demonstrates how their style of operation and communication is absolutely essential to their success. Luntz makes it clear that following the rules of effective communication is indispensable in any successful human endeavor. Dr. Luntz offers more than 70 new "words that work" for private one-on-one meetings with your boss, for public presentations to hundreds of colleagues, or for television appearances that reach millions. There are more than three dozen specific lessons and recommendations-and each one directly illustrates the nine essential action-oriented principles of winning at every level: People-Centered, Paradigm-Breaking, Prioritizing, Perfection, Partnerships, Passion, Persuasion, Persistence, and Principles. Do you have what it takes? Win is an unprecedented examination of the art, science, and language of winning, and a must-have for people who want to understand and emulate the winners of today. The definition of winning: The ability to grasp the human dimension of every situation The ability to know what questions to ask and when to ask them The ability to see what doesn't yet exist and bring it to life The ability to see the challenge, and the solution, from every angle The ability to distinguish the essential from the important

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Everyone wants to win, but the most successful people have nine principles by which they live and that makes all the difference.

The simple fact is winners are never satisfied with the status quo. They’re always trying to move everything they’re involved with from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This just comes naturally with the territory when you’re aiming for high achievement. High achievers want to go higher, faster, more impressively and better than anyone else. Rather than being satisfied with the skills they are born with, these people get to work learning what it takes to excel.

You can and should do like they do and get to work incorporating these nine principles into your own life and career. It doesn’t matter whether these principles come easy or not as long as you’re consistently working on them. The more you master, the more likely you are to win, and the greater your chances become to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Principle 1


No matter what you do or what you sell, your business is really all about people. Winners always ask one key question: How does this effect real everyday people? Get to know what makes people tick and then work to provide genuine solutions to the problems they face everyday.

Bill Clinton is the perfect example of a people-centered leader. When he worked a room as an aspiring politician, he didn’t just hand out his business card to network with people. He would go home after each event and meticulously write on a growing stack of index cards every conversation. He would then commit to memory who each person was, where they worked and what they were interested in. The next time he saw that person, he would then ask “How have you been?” showing people they were known and valued. If you met Clinton once, he remembered you the next time and when he spoke, even if he was on TV, you felt like he was talking to you personally. He managed to created authentic connections with people and that skill (among others) propelled him to the top of the heap in national politics.

An undeniable truth is at a deep level, people want to be acknowledged and not just noticed. A people person will be good at networking and making friends but being genuinely people-centered goes much deeper. If you can master the skill of being people-centered, you’ll have an advantage that will serve you well. Are you people-centered? See how you answer these questions:

1. Do you look others right in the eye when you’re talking to them? If you’re people-centered, not only will you hear what people say but you’ll also be thinking about how they say it and what emotions are bubbling beneath the surface.

2. Do you ask “why” again and again? If you’re people-centered, you’ll be naturally inquisitive about how others think. You’ll get to know their back story and understand all the nuances and twists.

3. Do you analyze what you can gain from each and every interaction? If you are genuinely people centered, you’ll be looking for personal meaning and benefit each time you interact with someone. You’ll be trying to learn from others so you can identify an opportunity to align your product or service with that person’s need.

4. Are you actively trying to improve the results you achieve for others? People-centered people are problem solvers. If you’re looking for problems and then getting busy fixing them, that’s a good indicator you’re people-centered.

5. Do you apply your experiences? That is, do you take what you’ve learned from one situation and apply it to other areas as well? Your experiences can be considered the capital resources you have available for winning. If you’re people-centered, you’ll be seeking to put that capital to work however and wherever you can for those you meet.