Wild Time - Nicky Sasso - ebook

Because of a practical joke with panties, which her husband has made during their holiday trip, the wife decides to take revenge on him, and five young Russian students that she meets at a disco club will help her with that...

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Wild Time

By Nicky Sasso


Wild Time

Copyright 2018 - By Nicky Sasso

All Rights Reserved

Wild Time

Gabriela and I have been married for 14 years. We have a 13-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. Although she gave birth to two kids, Gabriela still looks amazing. Her long legs, firm behind, great breasts and symmetrical face make her look very attractive. Fine, I know there are better looking girls, but for her age, and she was 36, she looks like a sex bomb. She looks even better when she puts attractive clothes on. No, I cannot say that she dresses provocatively, but her body and behavior make her look like a tigress always ready for mating. She has about ten sets of sexy lingerie in her closet - corsets, baby doll dresses, thongs, stockings with suspenders, fishnet stockings and the like. I have an impression that sexy lingerie gives her confidence.

Honestly, before we started dating, I was afraid to approach her, because she looked incredibly proud. She has always been overconfident. She still is. She has always been free in bed. We have experimented with sex toys.