Wild Hot Incest: Taboo Erotica - Candy Fires - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.************"Hello, baby," Tom Dawson murmured softly, looking at his sexy daughter sprawled out on the bed. He wished that damned sheet weren't covering her beautiful bod. For a second, he thought she might be naked under the sheet, for he could see her taut nipples poking through the linen. No, she wouldn't be naked, he thought disappointedly. She's too innocent. Not like Liza."Hi, Daddy, what'cha doing?" Taffy finally managed to say.Tom kept staring at the sheet where his daughter's big tits raised it. He wondered what had made his kid so horny that her nipples were sticking up like that. It was enough to make his cock hard.

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Wild Hot Incest

Candy Fires

Copyright © 2017

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Taffy stood on the sandy shore of Loon Lake watching her kid brother, Ricky, swimming out to the large float in the middle of the lake.

"Almost there, Ricky!" Taffy shouted laughingly, cheering her brother on. Even from the edge of the lake, she could see his bronzed, muscular arms cutting through the water.

Realizing that her hand was on her cunt, she looked around guiltily to see if there was anyone watching. Luckily, though, it was far too early in the morning for anyone to be up at Loon Lake Resort, the year-round resort owned and operated by the Dawson family.

Taffy slipped her left hand into the bottoms of her new red bikini. She sighed dreamily as she rubbed her moist pussylips. God, but she was horny today! And watching her handsome, muscular kid brother wasn't helping matters!

Taffy thrust her finger between her puffy cuntlips and stroked her clit, which was hardening with desire. She watched her brother admiringly as he pulled himself up onto the float, giving her the "victory" sign.

"Come on, Taffy!" he shouted, laughing in triumph.

Taffy hesitated only a moment. She could always fingerfuck herself later. She would much rather be near her sexy brother, where she could steal glances at his large cock. She walked into the water and began to swim out toward the float.

As Taffy swam toward her brother, she thought about how glad she was that summer vacation was finally here. Even though she and her family lived at Loon Lake all year round, summer was really the only time when Taffy, Ricky, and Liza, their older sister, could really enjoy it as much as the tourists. Since their mother had run away with a handsome tourist all those years ago, the kids were kept pretty busy helping their father, Tom Dawson, run the place. They helped by doing things like cleaning up the cabins, manning the registration counter, and leading nature hikes through the forest which surrounded the lake.

They were kept busy with all these things all year; at least during the summer, they didn't have to worry about school. Now it was the first day of summer vacation, and Taffy and Ricky, both in their teens, were starting their vacation as they always did--with a swim out to the float in the middle of the lake.

Usually Liza joined them. But this year she didn't seem to be interested in the same things that Taffy and Ricky liked to do. She was only one year older than Taffy, but lately she had begun to act far older. She had always been boy crazy, but Taffy knew for a fact that Liza was fucking a lot of guys these days. And not just boys, either. More than once, Taffy had seen her with men old enough to be her father. She wore a lot of makeup, too, and acted horny all the time.

"Come on, Taffy! You can do it!" Ricky cried, breaking into his sister's thoughts.

Taffy glanced up and saw that she was almost there. She also saw once again just how sexy her younger brother looked in his bikini briefs. Taffy was beginning to understand why her sister seemed to be turned on all the time. Lately Taffy felt horny just about all the time too, but she was a virgin and frightened by the idea of sex, even though it intrigued her. She didn't know if she would wait until she was married before having sex, but she did know that she would have to really love someone before she could let him fuck her.

Just the thought of someone fucking her made her pussy itch now. And she immediately thought of her handsome, virile, young-looking father. She was ashamed to admit this, but for a long time now she had been having dreams and thoughts about fucking her father! She knew this was wrong. And she knew that she would never actually do such a thing. But she still thought about it all the time. She hoped she would be able to find a man like him for her husband some day.

Taffy reached the float, and Ricky helped her up. She lay back on the hard surface, trying to catch her breath. She smiled up at her brother, who was looking down at her and watching her huge tits rise and fall with her ragged breathing.

Taffy was the most beautiful, sexiest girl Ricky had ever seen. She was blonde, with long, silky hair. She had long, slender legs, a trim waist, flat tummy, and huge, mouth-watering tits. Ricky, too, was still a virgin, but was in a hurry to correct that condition. Sometimes he wondered what it might be like to fuck his sister. Liza was gorgeous, too, but he had always been turned on by Taffy.

Looking down at her sexy body now, Ricky felt his cock beginning to swell under his tight bikini briefs. He grew excited, and wondered if Taffy would notice.

"Look what you've done to me, Sis," Ricky said, pointing to his bulging crotch.

Taffy looked up and gasped, partly from shock at her brother's words and partly from excitement.

"Ooooh, Ricky, looks like a real boner there. Did I do that?"

"Sure as hell did. With those big tits of yours. Why don't you do something about it, cunt?"

Taffy gasped. She had never heard her brother talk this way before. She had always thought of him as so innocent. That's why she had always felt so guilty about her lewd fantasies of him fucking her virgin cunt. But now...

"What would you like me to do, Ricky?" Taffy asked in a voice husky with desire.

"I wanna fuck you, Taffy!" Ricky yelled as he quickly peeled his briefs off.

Taffy felt her pussy beginning to cream at the sight of her kid brother's big, hard prick. It was so beautiful! How she longed to feel it up her pussyhole. But she couldn't. It just wouldn't be right.

"God, Ricky, how big is that monster?" she asked excitedly.

Ricky laughed with satisfaction. "Eight and a half inches. Isn't it a beaut?"

"God, yes," Taffy answered, unable to take her eyes from it.

"So let's fuck, Taffy!" Ricky began to stroke his huge cock, causing Taffy to whimper with lust.

"Oh, Ricky, I'd love to, but I can't," Taffy said, disappointment in her voice.

"Why the fuck not?" Ricky demanded, still fingering his big prick.

"I'm a virgin. And besides, you're my brother. It just wouldn't be right!"

"Shit! I'm a lousy virgin too. But I don't wanna be anymore. And you. being my sister just makes it better, ya know?" Ricky felt more turned on than he ever had before. The sight of his sexy sister lying on the float looking up at his big cock made him feel more excited than he had thought possible.

"No Ricky, I'm sorry," Taffy murmured, still unable to take her eyes from her brother's massive prick. She wanted to fuck and be fucked, but she was just too scared. "But maybe we could do something else, Ricky."

"Like what?" Ricky growled, pissed off because he wasn't going to fuck Taffy.

"Have you ever had a blowjob?" Taffy asked, feeling more pussyjuice oozing from her cunthole.

"Once. An older girl at school followed me into the boys' room a few months ago and did it to me. Without a word. It was so weird. She just sucked me off and left without saying a fuckin' thing. It was great!"

Taffy was jealous that it hadn't been her to give her brother his first blowjob. Oh well, she thought, if I can't give him the first, I can give him the best!

Taffy quickly scrambled to her knees and poised her mouth inches from her brother's beautiful, big prick.

"I've never done this before, Ricky. But I really want to. And I can guarantee you I'll suck you off a lot better than that other girl did!"

Ricky grinned and, reaching down, tore his sister's bikini top off.

"Wow!" he yelled. He had never seen her naked tits before, and he couldn't believe how big and firm they were. He rubbed his hands over both her mounds, over and over, until she was moaning with pleasure. Then he squeezed her nipples, feeling them grow rigid between his fingers.

"Go, cunt! Suck my cock! And suck it good!" he yelled, as he continued to fondle her big tits.

Hardly believing her own actions, Taffy reached up and cupped her brother's cock in her hands. She began to squeeze it, running her hands up and down the full length of his cock. She closed her eyes and squirmed back and forth as she squeezed and stroked the huge, pulsating prick in her small, soft hands.

Ricky moaned and swayed on his feet, feeling as though he would shoot off right then and there. He stared down at his sister's tits, still in his hands, and suddenly knew he had to see her pussy.

He dropped down beside Taffy and before she knew what he had in mind, he thrust his hand under the elastic band of her skimpy bikini bottoms.

He rubbed her hot cunt and thrust his big middle finger up her tight, virgin pussyhole as far as it would go.

"Oh God, Ricky! Ohhhhhh," she moaned as she unconsciously began to move her hips, thrusting her ass forward so his finger could enter her pussy even deeper.

She grabbed his cock once again and even though she had never jacked a prick off before, she began to milk her kid brother's prick as if she had done it all her life. While she stroked, pulled and squeezed, Ricky pumped his finger furiously in and out of her pussy, feeling her hot cunt cream flowing over his finger and hand.

Taffy's pussy had never been invaded by anyone before. As much as she had dreamed about it, until now only her own fingers had found their way up her cunthole. The feeling of her brother's finger up her cunt was electric.

Facing each other on their knees, the two horny teenagers continued to fingerfuck each other, staring into each other's eyes all the while. Suddenly, without missing a beat, Ricky leaned forward and pressed his mouth to Taffy's, forcing his tongue between her lips. He nibbled on her lip until she moaned and opened her mouth wider. Then the two youngsters nibbled and sucked on each other's tongues.

Suddenly, Taffy removed her hand from Ricky's cock and grabbed his fingerfucking hand with both of hers, shoving his finger farther up her pussyhole.

"I'm about to pop, Ricky!" Taffy yelled, as she bent her body backwards, and continued to guide her brother's fingerfucking movements.

"Oh God, it feels so good! Keep shoving that finger in! All the way up! Just don't pop my cherry! Oooooooohhhhhhh... " Taffy cried.

Just then, Ricky's finger rammed up against Taffy's cherry and she screamed. Ricky laughed and wished it were his cock that was plunging up her pussy.

Beads of sweat broke out on Taffy's face as she began to come.

"Commmiiiiinnnnngggggg!" she screamed, her body violently quivering from side to side.

Ricky pushed her back so that she was lying on the hard surface of the float. While she came hard, he continued to pump his big middle finger in and out of her streaming pussy, now wet with gobs of pussyjuice.

"Ohhhhhh, Ricky!" Taffy yelled as spasm after spasm shuddered through her cunt.

Ricky could feel her cunt muscles squeezing his finger and it was all he could do to hold back, to not come all over Taffy and the float right now!

Finally Taffy's orgasm ended and she lay still. Ricky smiled and pulled his finger out with a loud "pop."

"Mmmmmm," Ricky murmured, and Taffy opened her eyes to see her brother licking cuntjuice off his finger.

Taffy laughed and watched excitedly as Ricky straddled her chest, his big cock harder than ever.

"Thanks, Ricky," she said gratefully. "That was great!"

"Good. Now it's your turn to return the favor. Suck me, Taffy!"

Taffy stared at her brother's big, hard prick and felt the heat of desire envelop her firm young body once more. Even though she had never given a blowjob before, she couldn't wait to suck her brother's beautiful huge prick! She licked her lips in anticipation and Ricky grinned.

"Go on, Taffy. I can see that you wanna do it. Suck me good and hard, cunt!"

Taffy lifted her head and opened her mouth wide. Ricky's cock was only an inch from her mouth now, and she could see and smell the delicious-looking drop of pre-cum oozing from his cum-slit.

She closed her eyes and flicked her tongue across his cockhead.

Ricky moaned and began to squeeze her firm tits.

"That's it, Taffy! Lick! Suck it! Make me come right in your hot mouth!"

Taffy licked faster, wanting to taste all of her brother's big cock. His pre-cum tasted delicious and Taffy couldn't wait to swallow his thick, creamy jizz!

She ran her tongue around his entire cock, as far as she could reach. The tip of his knob felt soft and satiny against her lips, and she felt her pussy grow even hotter.

Taffy opened her mouth wider and gently took the head of Ricky's aching prick into her mouth, closing her lips tightly around the blue-veined cockshaft. Her tongue pressed against his swollen cockhead; she could feel it throbbing harder and harder and growing hotter in her mouth.

"Suck it, Taffy!" her brother yelled. "Suck it hard!"

Taffy didn't really know how to do it, but she knew she wanted to suck it hard, just the way her brother wanted her to. She started sucking. She instinctively sucked in her cheeks, increasing the suction down her throat. She could hear the wet sounds of her lips sliding over his cock and the sound turned her on even more.

While Taffy sucked her brother's cock, he caressed her huge tits, noting with satisfaction that their large pink nipples were hard with desire. He hungrily squeezed her tits, filling his big hands with the huge mounds of tit-flesh.

God, it tastes so good, Taffy thought homily. And the way he's handling my tits! I love it! Maybe Ricky and I shouldn't be doing this stuff, but it's natural. It can't be wrong as long as we don't actually fuck. Besides, it's my fault that his cock got all hard to begin with. He couldn't help it. He was just looking at my big tits. And I have to help him get relief. He could get sick otherwise. Satisfied with her reasoning, Taffy turned her full attention to giving her kid brother the best blowjob he would ever have!

Taffy moved her head closer to the curly bed of Ricky's prick hairs, taking almost half of his eight- and-a-half-inch cock into her hot wet mouth.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, Taffy! That's it! All of it! Suck all of it! God, you're great!" Ricky groaned as he continued to milk his big sister's tits for all he was worth. He could see that his rough movements were making her tit-flesh all red, but he noticed that the harder he rubbed her tits, the better she sucked. She must really dig rough treatment, he thought with a smile.

Taffy could feel the knob of her brother's prick against her throat, even against her tonsils. Her mouth was stuffed with the hard thickness of his cock; she moaned obscenely as she licked, kissed and sucked the length of his prick.

Taffy was sorry she couldn't get all of her brother's big prick in her mouth but it just wouldn't fit. She had heard of deep-throating, but she didn't know how; she figured that Ricky didn't know how either. She might hurt him if she tried it.

She continued to suck hard on his cock, teasing as much of it into her mouth as possible. Ricky grunted with pleasure and began to hump his hips off her chest, fucking her mouth with his throbbing prick.

"Oh, Taffy! Suck meeeeee!" he screamed.

She closed her fist tightly around the base of his big cock. She dropped her other hand between his thighs and cupped the hairy sac of his balls, stroking them gently, feeling them about to burst.

"Oh God, Taffy! I'm about to shoot! Aww fuck, Taffy, keep sucking my cock... coming... I can feel it... ahh... ahhhhhh... "

Ricky's cock swelled even more, throbbing violently against Taffy's throat. Just then, the hot, white cum exploded from the tip of his silken cock. The gushers squirted rhythmically from Ricky's burning cock, pumping into Taffy's throat. She tried to swallow every tantalizing drop, but she couldn't. The thick white cum bubbled out her lips and ran down her chin. She stuck her tongue and lapped up as much cum as she could reach.

"Oooooooh, Ricky," she murmured when Ricky pulled his limp prick from her hot, wet mouth. "That was so good. I love the taste of your jizz!"

Ricky smiled and tweaked her nipples affectionately. "You're a good little cocksucker, Taffy. You may have never sucked cock before, but I can tell you one thing--you have a fine career ahead of you!"

Taffy laughed and slapped him playfully. Ricky rolled off her body and sprawled next to her on the float. Taffy reached over, still smiling fondly at her sexy brother, and stroked his soft cock, scooping up the last few drops of cum from his prick and sucking them into her mouth.

Ricky laughed. "Can't get enough of my stuff, can you?" Actually, he was very proud that his sister enjoyed sucking him off so much. He hoped there would be plenty of future times with her sexy, hot mouth wrapped around his prick!

"Bet you won't stay a virgin for long, Sis," Ricky said as he grinned at his sister.

"Why not?"

"For one thing, you have the kind of sexy body just designed for fucking. Guys won't let you stay a virgin for much longer. And then there's something else, Taffy."

"What's that, Ricky?" Taffy asked, feeling her pussy growing hotter and hotter from the conversation.

"Dad wants to fuck you!" Ricky said, enjoying the look of utter shock that spread across his sister's face.

"What?" Taffy yelled, genuinely surprised but aware, too, that her pussy was itching furiously, even more than before.

"You mean you really haven't noticed the way he practically drools over your bod? Especially after he's got a few drinks in him?"

"Well... I guess I have seen him look but... Ricky! What are we saying? It's wrong to want to fuck your own father!"

"Who says?" Ricky demanded angrily. "Look what we just did. I'm your brother! Was it wrong?"

"Gosh, no, Ricky. It wasn't wrong! It was wonderful!" Taffy answered, thinking with pleasure about the way her brother's cock had felt in her mouth.

"See? Same thing. Dad wants to fuck you. And if you're honest about it, you'll admit that you want it, too!" Ricky said as he dived off the side of the float.

Taffy watched her brother swimming around the float and thought about what he had just said. He was right. She did want to fuck her father. No point in denying it any longer.