Wild and Ready Brat: Taboo Incest Erotica - Candace Spencer - ebook

Warning: Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include BDSM, incest, and other taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.*********She wondered why her sister got all the action. Elise was very pretty, but nothing like her. Jennifer knew she was easily the most beautiful, mouthwateringly stacked girl in her high school. Boys drooled over her. Teachers got hard-ons when they were supposed to be concentrating on their lectures, just from staring at Jennifer's huge tits.Jennifer was very, very horny, even for a teenager. She wanted to fuck desperately, but she was scared. She wanted her first man to be someone who really knew what he was doing. Not like the kids her own age.She wanted to fuck Mitch. Sometimes she thought she even wanted to fuck her own dad... Through the wall came louder groans, followed by a long shameless sigh. Then the bed started to creak obscenely and rhythmically. Jennifer knew her big sister had started to fuck. 

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Wild and Ready Brat

Candace Spencer

Copyright © 2017

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And her fingers fucked rhythmically through the gurgling wetness of her hairy, virgin cunt. Jennifer Buchanan brushed the long brunette locks from her lovely eyes and fingerfucked herself harder than ever, keeping her ear within a few inches of the bedroom wall, waiting for her big sister and her boyfriend to start fucking.

Elise and Mitch are going to fuck any second, she thought. They'd been in there for almost a half hour, and her parents wouldn't be back until at least two in the morning. First she'd heard conversation, then whispers and giggles through the paper-thin wall.

Now, for the first time, there was a groan. Jennifer whimpered and fucked two fingers all the way up her virgin fuck hole, biting her lip as she fiercely massaged the pink inner walls of her pussy.

She wondered why her sister got all the action. Elise was very pretty, but nothing like her. Jennifer knew she was easily the most beautiful, mouthwateringly stacked girl in her high school. Boys drooled over her. Teachers got hard-ons when they were supposed to be concentrating on their lectures, just from staring at Jennifer's huge tits.

Jennifer was very, very horny, even for a teenager. She wanted to fuck desperately, but she was scared. She wanted her first man to be someone who really knew what he was doing. Not like the kids her own age.

She wanted to fuck Mitch. Sometimes she thought she even wanted to fuck her own dad... Through the wall came louder groans, followed by a long shameless sigh. Then the bed started to creak obscenely and rhythmically. Jennifer knew her big sister had started to fuck.

Fuck me, she thought. The virgin, teenage girl pumped her fingers in and out of her drooling pussy and tirelessly heaved her ass off the mattress, miserably envying Elise the indescribable ecstasy she was sure she felt as Mitch fucked his prick all the way up her clinging cunt... † † † His cock's going in now, Elise thought hungrily. Such a long, fat cock her lover had. She could feel his prick probing the innermost depths of her fuck tunnel... the thick, blue-veined prickshaft, spreading her slick pink pussy walls as he eased his throbbing cock all the way in.

"Unnnnggghh!" Elise wiggled her ass on the bed and spread her long, slender legs as far apart as she could, opening her cunt for the invasion of Mitch's cock. "Oh God, really fuck me now. It's been three God damn days! I need your prick inside me so much!"

Mitch lay on top of her, resting his head on her shoulder and steadily working his ass, stuffing the thickness of his stone-hard prick up the sucking sheath of her pussy. They were both nineteen-year-old sophomores at the same junior college, and they'd both been occupied with tests for most of the last week. They were both extremely hot.

"I said fuck me, Mitchell!" Elise clawed his shoulders with her long fingernails and convulsively scissored her thighs around his back. Then she started to hump her ass in earnest, grunting as she pumped her pussy up to meet his aching prick. "My pussy's so wet! Fuck my cunt, do it hard!"

"God, you're tight!" Mitch rammed his pulsing cock the rest of the way up her cunt and paused on top of her, sighing as he felt the clinging tunnel of her cunt clasp his tingling cock. "Oh yes, baby, I need it too. So fucking tight!"

Elise impatiently contracted her pussy muscles, forcing her cunt sheath to clasp and milk her boyfriend's cock. Mitch was too excited to restrain himself. Furiously he started fucking her, reaming out her curly haired pussy with long, fucking strokes of his prick.

"Do you like it now?" he panted. "That's what you wanted, isn't it? Am I fucking you hard enough, baby?"

"No, do it harder!" Elise screamed. She dug her fingernails sharply into his ass cheeks, pulling down, trying to shove even more of his massive hard-on up her fuck hole. "Kill me with it, big stud! Oh, shit, I love your cock fucking my cunt!"

Mitch planted his hands on the bed to either side of her shoulders, supporting his weight on his outstretched arms so he could watch Elise's full tits jiggle and sway every time his blood-engorged prick bored up her pussy. His girlfriend's expression was delirious with pleasure. Shamelessly her tongue lolled out of the corner of her mouth; she grunted with every fuck of his cock up her cunt.

"I'm gonna cum now," she whimpered. "Oh, fuck, keep doing it, lover! You're getting me close!"

Mitch felt the sharp contractions of Elise's pussy around his swollen dick that always meant she was about to shoot. Dropping his head to her bouncing tits, he took one stiff nipple between his lips and sucked hard, knowing that the combined sensations in her cunt and tits would help her over the edge.

"Fuck me, Mitch! I'm cumming!" Elise humped her ass hard enough to break the bed, lifting her hips off the mattress as she feverishly lifted her pussy for her boyfriend's cock. "Harder, awwwwnnggghh fuck, oh, fucking shit! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Panting for air, Mitch obeyed her furious command. His massive hard-on fucked in and out of her sucking pussy. His balls slapped the crack of her heaving ass as he made each thrust as deep as possible, fucking his cock as far up her cunt as his prickshaft would go.

"Cummmmmmmming!" Elise locked her ankles around Mitch's waist and clawed his shoulders so violently that she left red welts on his tan, muscled flesh. "Unggggghhhh! Oh, fuck, I can't stand it! Nnnngggg shit oh ohhhhhhh fucking God, here it cummmmmssssssss!"

The spasms burst through her like a rupturing dam, drenching her pussy with such a tide of fuck juices that her cunt started to make slishing, gurgling sounds as her pussy clung to Mitch's still-fucking cock. Mitch grabbed her ass cheeks and continued to fuck her relentlessly through her cum, making her pussy throb in one tingling, delicious spasm after another.

"Oh, fucking God!" Elise collapsed on the sweat-stained bed and let her arm drop over her forehead, panting and lying there submissively as her lover continued to fuck his stone-hard prick into her pussy. "Take it out of me, Mitch. My cunt's so sensitive. I can't take anymore. Let me give you a blow job instead!"

Eager to have his big prick sucked, Mitch withdrew his slimy, veined cockshaft from the flowering folds of her drenched cunt. Stretching out on his back beside her, he waited impatiently for Elise to stuff his cock in her mouth.

"Oh, shit, it's so big and hard!" Elise knelt beside him and held his trembling hard-on in her little fist, hungrily squeezing the rubbery stiffness of his cock shaft. "I love your prick, Mitch!" She bent her head and teasingly licked the purplish, shiny-skinned crown of his cock. "I can't wait to drink your cum when it shoots down my throat!"

"Suck it," Mitch whispered tersely. "Fuck, I'm gonna get blue balls if you don't. Suck my cock!"

Opening her mouth wide, Elise bent her head and stuffed the knob and first several inches of her lover's prick down her throat.

His cock was so thick that her lips were stretched to the bursting point around his prick, and her cheeks flushed obscenely as she struggled to breathe around his massive cock. But Elise was much too horny to be discomforted. Immediately she started sucking and slurping on his aching cock, making loud, hungry, smacking sounds as she rolled her tongue all over the crown of his prick.

"Ahhhh, yes!" Mitch curled his fingers in Elise's thick blonde hair and stared delightedly at the spectacle of her face packed with his bursting cock. "Harder, baby! That's right. Suck all the jism out of my big, fat prick!"

Elise puckered her cheeks violently, contorting her pretty face as she increased the sucking pressure around Mitch's prick. Her little hand tightened around the swollen base of his cock. Urgently she started to beat his meat, tugging and stroking the loose flesh, pulling more of his cock into her mouth.

"Fingerfuck your pussy, baby," Mitch whispered encouragingly. "You know you want to. You've always got such a hot cunt. Doesn't my big cock taste good?"

Immediately Elise thrust her hand between her thighs, whimpering as she buried two fingers in the cum-soaked slit of her hairy cunt. As she feverishly rubbed her clit, she sucked her lover's cock harder and harder, until Mitch felt as if his prick had been caught in a fucking milking machine.

"I'm gonna cum!" he gasped. "Oh, shit, stop sucking it now! Let me shoot off in your pussy!"

Elise took his prick from between her wet lips and quickly crawled into the dog-fucking position, spreading her knees on the mattress and wiggling her ass as she waited for Mitch to again cram his throbbing cock between the pouting, fur-fringed lips of her cunt.

With his stone-hard prick weaving obscenely before him, Mitch got on his knees and crouched between his girlfriend's thighs. Holding his cock in his hand, he made both of them sigh as he rubbed the knob all over the hairy mouth of her fuck hole. "Stick it in me, Mitch!" Elise begged. "Oh, fuck, I think you can make me cum again! My little pussy wants your big cock so bad!"

The tip of his prick fucked easily into the utterly soaked interior of Elise's pussy. Then Mitch pushed hard and gasped, feeling the familiar, indescribable pressure of her cunt as he filled her fuck hole with every inch of his aching prick.

"Fuck me, Mitch!" Elise clawed the sheets and wantonly humped her ass up to meet his fucking cock. "Oh, Jesus, my pussy's burning up! Make me cum again, lover! Fuck my pussy with your beautiful cock."

Mitch's hairy balls were overloaded with a salty load of jism, and his prick was painfully, totally stiff. For the time being he cared less for his girlfriend's pleasure than for the relief he would surely feel as he dumped his load deep inside her sucking pussy.

Reaching around her torso, he wrapped his hands around the full firm globes of her tits. Then he started fucking her with a savage intensity, oblivious to any pain he might cause her, fucking his cock in and out of her cunt as hard and fast as he could.

"Awwwww!" Elise lowered her head and lifted her ass higher, overwhelmed by the pleasure of her boyfriend's super-hard fucking. "I'm cumming, Mitch! Oh, yes, you're getting me off already! Keep doing it, fuck me as hard as you want!"

Mitch's balls were about to explode. Feverishly he pulled and milked his girlfriend's tits, pinching her stiff nipples as he fucked his cock deep into her pussy with every thrust.

He could feel the cum welling up inside his balls, making his cock longer and stiffer as the knob oozed pre-cum deep inside her churning, buttery cunt. Suddenly he heaved behind her, gasping as he fucked his cock all the way up her throbbing pussy.

"Ahhhhhh ..."

A huge gusher of viscous white cum burst from the mushroom-shaped crown of his cock, shooting all the way into Elise's cunt. Then spurt after spurt of jism rushed from his swollen cock head, emptying his balls as his prick pulsed with spurt after pleasurable spurt.

"I'm cumming too, Mitch!" Elise screamed. She felt the heat rising in her pussy as the inner walls of her cunt were bathed in the torrential spurting of his cum. "Oh, Jesus, you're creaming in me! I feel it, lover! Unh unh unnnnggghhhhhhh yes, I'm cummmmmiiinnnngggggg!"

Holding onto the squeaking bed for dear life, Elise humped her ass as fast as she could. The second cum gushed through her cunt with indescribable force, making her clit ache and her cunt muscles contract spasmodically around her lover's fucking cock.

"I love you, Mitch!" she shrieked. "Oh, yes, you've got such a big, fat, beautiful cock! I love the way you fuck me so much!"

Mitch winced as he pulled his fuck-wilted prick from the slimy depths of her pussy. Sighing, he wiped the knob off on her jiggling ass cheeks. "I love you too." † † † "Fuck me, fuck me, unh nnnggg UNNHH!" Jennifer moaned.

Her sister and Mitch had stopped fucking in the next room, which meant they might be able to hear her groans and whimpers through the wall, just as she'd heard them. But Jennifer was much too horny to care.

She'd cum twice just by listening to them, and now she was already on the verge of another. Her little ass bounced off the mattress as she fucked three fingers up her juicing fuck hole, trying to pretend her hand was the thick, stiff, fucking cock she needed up her pussy so much.

"Oh, God!" Jennifer's huge tits jiggled provocatively as she writhed in pleasure. "Oh, fuck, oh, shit!" She rubbed her clit with her thumb as the familiar heat grew in the churning depths of her pussy. "Oh, God, I need a cock! Unh unh UNNNGGGGHHHHH... ahhhhhhhh ..."

Again and again she bucked her hot little ass off the wet sheets, furiously fucking her hand as her orgasm drenched her already-dripping pussy with fresh fuck cream. Jennifer gasped and settled back on the bed, sighing with both satisfaction and a slight sense of despair.

When was she going to start fucking? It wasn't because her parents confined her with unreasonable restrictions; her mom and dad didn't care what she did, or so she thought.

She was just a little scared, that was all. Jennifer enjoyed seeing the enormous hard-ons the high school boys got from watching her big tits shake as she walked down the hall. She was just frightened by the prospect of having a cock shoved inside her cunt by a guy who didn't know what he was doing.

Were other girls her age as unbearably horny as she was? Idly Jennifer wondered how her girlfriends dealt with the problem.


"Well, Denise, that's about it!" Grinning a little drunkenly, the tall, handsome, thirty-eight-year-old Todd Slade put his hands on his hips and looked approvingly down at his babysitter. "Little Harry's fast asleep. He didn't even mess up his room too much, for once. How much do I owe you?"

Denise was a slender, delectable, beautiful girl with wide blue eyes and long blonde hair. She'd been Jennifer's best friend for years, and Jennifer had long ago noticed that it was impossible for her friend to smile without looking coy. Denise's smile looked especially coy now.

"I guess about twelve dollars, Mr. Slade," she whispered huskily. "But to tell you the truth, there's something you can do that would mean a lot more to me than the money."

"Really?" Slade chuckled, suspecting nothing. "Now what could that be?"

"Well... could you teach me how to fuck?"

Slade's jaw dropped. There was a long pause, during which a pronounced lump developed in his crotch as his cock swelled in his pants. His prick's going to stiffen into a nice big one, Denise thought and continued to look up at him innocently, pretending not to notice. She was sure her plan was about to work.

Men loved fucking girls with cherries, which was the only reason Denise still pretended to be a virgin. In truth, she'd fucked many, many men, nearly all of them old enough to be her father and nearly all of them babysitting clients.

The first time had been over a year ago, when she was seduced by Mr. Bartholomew after sitting for his infant daughter. Since then, Denise had found nothing more delicious than the feeling she got when an experienced, older man fucked his drooling cock up her pussy. It had gotten to the point the only reason she continued babysitting was to suck and fuck with her clients.

"Uh, Denise," Slade stammered. "I, uh, think I must have misunderstood you. Had too much to drink at the party. What was that you said?"

"You didn't misunderstand me, Mr. Slade. I want you to fuck me," Denise said simply. "All the girls at school are doing it, and from what they said it feels super good. But I don't want to do it with just any guy. I want to get it on with you!"

Slade's jaw sagged again. Nervously he looked over his shoulder at the closed door of his condominium's master bedroom, where his wife was. But both of them knew he had nothing to worry about in that regard. Mrs. Slade had had twice as many drinks at the party as her husband had. She was fast asleep, dead to the world.

"Uh, Denise, I don't think you know what you're asking me to do," he said slowly. His cock continued to stiffen in his pants. "I'm married, and I'm much older than you. Don't you think you're a little young to make love?"

"No, I don't, Mr. Slade! All the girls are fucking, and every time I even look at you my panties get all wet! That must mean I'm ready to fuck now, doesn't it? And I really want to do it with you! Oh, please fuck me, Mr. Slade! I promise I won't tell anybody! My pussy's really tight! It'll really make your cock feel good inside my cunt!"

By now, Slade's prick was so hard that it was noticeable, sticking out of his pants like a battering ram. "Well, uh, Denise, even if I wanted to, you're not on birth control, are you? You could get pregnant."

Denise wanted to tell him that she'd been on the pill for ten months, which was true, but she realized this would be suspicious in someone claiming virginity. "Well, no... but oh, please, Mr. Slade! There are other things we could do, at least!"

Moving quickly, she sat up on the couch as he stood over her, putting the swelling lump of his hard-on directly in front of her face. Slade gasped as she cupped his cock hungrily through his pants, kneading and squeezing the aching stiffness of his prick.

"Denise, please! You don't know what you're doing!"

"Yes, I do! Oh, please, Mr. Slade, let me give you a blow job! Your cock feels so good to me, and it's so long and hard! Ever since I started babysitting for you I've been playing with myself and thinking about sucking your big fat prick!"

Deftly, quickly, Denise unzipped Slade's pants and reached into the opening of his underwear. Before he could do anything to stop her, she'd hauled his throbbing prick out into the open.

"Oh, God, Mr. Slade!" she gushed. "Oh, God!"

Her admiration was genuine. His cock was exceptionally large, one of the biggest she'd ever seen outside of the pile of Playgirls she kept under her bed at home. Light-blue veins wound around his blood-engorged prickshaft. The knob was full and bulbous, and she could feel the bone-like stiffness in the center of his cock as she cradled his prick warmly in her little hands.

"Denise, please," Slade whispered meekly. "Put it back now. You've got to stop this. You don't know what you're ..."

Denise interrupted him by bending her head and licking the tip of his cock teasingly with her tongue. "Ummmm, God, your prick really tastes good, Mr. Slade! I always knew it would. Do you like it when I lick your prick like this?"

"Oh, Christ!" Slade shut his eyes and groaned with a pleasure he couldn't resist. "Denise... unh! You're making me lose control of myself. For the last time, please stop this. What you're doing is wrong!"