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Chuck had been very horny tonight, and their mother, a widow, had gone away for the weekend to her sister's house to help with their new baby. It was the first chance Chuck and Mary had ever really had to get hot with each other.Tonight, after supper, Chuck had suggested to her that they play cards."What game shall we play?" she'd asked."How about strip poker?" he'd replied."I don't know how to play," she said. "Can you show me?"*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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Widespread Sister

Virgin Angel

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Mary Roman sat on the couch in her living room. She squeezed Chuck's hard cock, the first she had ever seen, and felt the wetness seeping between her legs.

Chuck was her older brother.

"Ummmm, that's great, Mary," Chuck moaned. "Why haven't we done this before?"

"I've thought about it, but you never came to me before," she said.

Chuck had been very horny tonight, and their mother, a widow, had gone away for the weekend to her sister's house to help with their new baby. It was the first chance Chuck and Mary had ever really had to get hot with each other.

Tonight, after supper, Chuck had suggested to her that they play cards.

"What game shall we play?" she'd asked.

"How about strip poker?" he'd replied.

"I don't know how to play," she said. "Can you show me?"

He devised a simplified version, so the game would go faster, and Mary had won the first three hands. Chuck stripped off his shoes, socks and pants.

Then, instead of continuing, he had suggested that they play another game.

"I kind of like this one," she'd said, feeling very hot and excited by the possibility of seeing her big brother's nude body for the first time. She was afraid he wasn't going to let her do that.

He hadn't answered. He just reached over and took her hand and placed it on the tremendous bulge in his underpants.

Mary was amazed by the heat of that hard prick. She could feel it right through his shorts, and she felt the most incredible glow-something she had never experienced before-take over her body and make her woozy and short of breath.

She stroked his cock and was curious as hell about what he had inside there. She felt down along his legs, and noticed that she was making him feel funny, too. He had closed his eyes, and leaned his head back on the couch. His mouth was open a little, and he moaned faintly.

Then she reached inside the flap of his shorts and felt that hard, hot meat. Her fingers tickled his balls, and ran through that clump of brown hair.

He opened his eyes then, smiled, and asked her why they hadn't done this before.

Her answer was truthful. She would have been only too glad to have gone to bed with him at least a year ago, but he'd never come to her, and she was just too scared to break the ice herself. She was just beginning to get those strong urges that girls get in their late teens ... a year ago, that is. But now ... well, now it was a different story. Now she was really ready. Now she intended to find out all about those things she'd heard about in the girls' locker room at school, but had never had a chance to find out for herself.

Mary was big for her age-in some ways, at least. She had big round tits, full and perfectly shaped, with large, pink areolas, and nipples that she found getting hard quite often these days when she thought about her brother.

Her hair was a lustrous blonde, long, with bangs across her forehead. When she smiled, her soft, full mouth revealed a set of perfect white teeth and her deep blue eyes danced. She had smooth, creamy-white skin, and an absolutely gorgeous figure. It curved into a trim, flat tummy below those nice tits, and she had an ass that never failed to stop traffic when she wore a tight skirt. Her legs curved down gently and provocatively.

All in all, she was one beautiful young piece of ass, by any guy's standards.

But she came from a good-looking family, after all. Her mother was still attractive, and her brother Chuck once modeled clothing for a national catalog house.

He was almost six feet tall, with light brown, thick hair and greenish-blue eyes. He was on the school wrestling team and had a good build from lifting weights during the season.

Mary had never known it before-even though she'd been curious about it-but he was big all over, not just in the biceps. His cock was a good eight inches. And by good, Mary meant GOOD!

"Do you like my cock, Mary?" Chuck groaned.

"I think it's beautiful," she murmured, gazing at it as she fondled it and held it tightly in her fist. She ran her other hand along the inside of his thighs, raising goose pimples along his arms and legs. "I never dreamed it was so big. I've thought about it lots of times when I was lying in bed and not able to sleep."

"You have?" Chuck was surprised. "I should have suggested we play strip poker before. I've wanted to do this ever since I was a sophomore." He was a senior in high school now, and when he was a soph, Mary was in eighth grade, but well-developed for her age. He kicked himself for not spending all his high school years fucking Mary.

"Well, we can make up for lost time this weekend," she said. "Mom won't be back till Sunday night, so that means we've got tonight, and all day tomorrow, and tomorrow night, and all day Sunday until she gets in on the eight o'clock bus."

"Yeah, let's not waste any more time," he said eagerly. "Let's do what we've both been wanting to do for so long."

Without another word, almost as though on cue, they got up from the couch and went upstairs. It was nice having the house all to yourself, Mary thought. This weekend I'm going to find out what it's like to fuck! She was getting so hot, and so nervous, she thought her shaking legs would never get her to the top of the stairs.

"Let's do it in your bed," Chuck suggested. "I want you to be comfortable and relaxed."

Mary still had all her clothes on when they went into her room, and Chuck came up behind her, and slid his arms around her waist. They stood there in the middle of the floor, with him holding her tightly, his lips nuzzling her neck, blowing his warm breath lightly into her ear.

She felt a delicious chill run up her arms and the ache in her young cunt was growing unbearable. Her knees felt like they would buckle from the sheer ecstasy of her heightened passion, and he hadn't even started to take her clothes off yet!

Mary felt like she would become a woman today. Her mother had always been very strict about her dating. She had gone out only once with a boy, and that was only to the movies, and was home at ten o'clock. So she'd had very little opportunity to get close to boys. Chuck was a perfect lover to show her what fucking was all about. Mother would never guess anything had happened between them.

"Undress me, Chuck," she said. "Take my clothes off and press your body against me! I'm so excited I don't know what to do. All I want to do is have you make love to me, right now!"

Chuck was obviously shaken by her urgency, but he tried hard to stay cool. His hands were shaking as he unbuttoned her yellow cotton blouse, and he gazed at her billowing tits as they came into view. She had on a bra that cut into her soft flesh. She tried to restrain her big tits, because their size made her so conspicuous at school, and she didn't want all the attention they created.

He slowly unzipped her skirt and slid it down over her round, smooth thighs and let it fall to the floor. She already had her shoes and socks off, and she climbed into bed with her bra and panties still on.

Chuck whipped off his shirt and was down only to his briefs. He climbed in beside her and the cool sheets, and the touch of her soft body made him shake from head to toe. They were both so high only an earth-shattering fuck would calm their nerves.

He had seen a girl bare-assed only once before, last year when seven junior boys had taken Nancy Oliver up into the hay mow on Ralph Casper's farm. She had been fat, and dumpy, though. Looking at Mary's body was a far cry from the rolls of fat and pimples he remembered from that day on the farm. Besides, with all those guys watching, he had not been able to get hard that w day.

Now, with Mary, he was pounding and throbbing between his legs, and he felt so much lust charging through his body that he thought he could ride her all weekend, and still not have enough.

"You've got a helluva body, Mary, you know that?"

"Thanks, Chuck, you're built pretty nice yourself."

He reached over and ran his hand over her bra, squeezing her soft tits gently, and skimmed it along the soft, smooth skin of her belly. It was flat and luscious, and he bent down and tongued it softly, leaving little trails of saliva on her warm flesh.

She moaned quietly, and gasped. Her eyes were closed and she lay back on the pillow and let him do as he wished. His fingers roamed down between her legs and massaged her panties between her legs, feeling the soft muff of hair underneath. He could see the tiny hairs, all curly and light, through the filmy, light-pink panties.

Mary felt a lightness in her head, an aching, pounding urge in her pussy, and a chilling, highly-charged desire all over her body as she felt Chuck's hands on her skin. It was like a light, teasing feather sweeping against her, raising her temperature and igniting all the passion and need that she had been storing up since she had begun to get hair on her pussy nearly five years before.

"Take my bra off, Chuck," she moaned, her voice low and far off. Her eyes were still closed, and she lay there, not daring to open them, wanting instead to visualize what he was doing.

He reached under her, and she rolled to one side to make it easier for him to unhook the clasp. He found it, and fumbled with it a minute, then let the bra fall away. It came off her shoulders, and down onto her belly, and her tits rolled loose-soft and radiant and beautiful.

Big, round, pink areolas shone sweetly at the points of her tits, and her nipples were erect and hard and excited. They were flattened a little while she lay on her back, but when she rolled to one side even a bit, they lolled and rolled with her and made Chuck almost drool at the sight.

"My God, they're beautiful," he murmured, and let his lips fall over one of the nipples, sucking it softly and letting his spit drool down over the luscious mound. His tongue rolled around and around the chewy little pink nub, and Mary felt pangs of exquisite pleasure roll through her breasts and down into that churning area between her belly button and her ass. It was like a mass of rippling Jello, all shimmering and shaky and ready to explode.

"Ooohhhhh, Chuck!" she cried. "Oooohhh, that's wonderful! Oh, I feel so hot and so funny inside. You're making me so excited I don't know what to do! I've never had a feeling like this in my life!"

"I know," he said breathlessly. "Me either." He was panting, and had that harried expression on his face like a guy who's just been given saltpeter and let loose in a girl's dorm.

His tongue licked down over her belly and her loins, right along the band of her panties, and she squirmed and squealed and stretched her soft young body, twisting to escape the torment of his hot tongue. She was so hot she was already drooling cunt juice from her pussy, wetting down her hair and the crotch of her panties, and a thin stream of the sticky fluid ran down her thigh.

Chuck slowly pulled her panties down, little by little, licking back and forth across her loins, as he gradually relieved her of her last bit of clothing. She was whining and shifting her ass and crying softly ... the quiet cry of a blossoming young woman torn between desire and the overwhelming torture of virginal flesh being teased without relief.

His tongue reached the upper limits of her soft pussy and began to lick and wet down the curly blonde hairs. They tickled his tongue, and he loved it. He burrowed farther and farther down, sliding the panties over her round ass cheeks, and marvelous thighs, then completely off of her shapely, bare legs.

She spread her legs far apart, savoring the luxurious feeling of the crisp sheets, and the freedom to fuck her brother without the worry of anyone walking in on them. It was a marvelous feeling, and she felt like the world was hers tonight.

Chuck was making her so deliriously happy she wanted to remember every wonderful moment of this first fucking. She knew it was an important night in her life, and she wanted to savor every bit of it, but she was having a hard time holding on to reality.

Every flick of Chuck's agile tongue sent her into a tailspin, unable to focus on anything but the animal lust dwelling within her hot, young body.

He was moving closer and closer to her clit with each lap. His tongue danced and circled and teased, and moved across her belly, and down into that fuzzy blonde nest between her legs. He parted her soft pussy hair, and uncovered her pink, proud pussy lips.

Then he touched her clit, right at its most sensitive peak, with the tip of his wet tongue.

"Eeeeiiiiyyyyy!" she shrieked. She cried out, and set her jaw, and clenched her eyes. Her hips came right up off the bed. She was so hot, and so jumpy that only a little touch was enough to blow her mind.

Chuck, even though he had not had that much experience, was playing her beautifully. A lot of young, eager guys just bored right in, pressing hard, and using unthinking, hard, continuous agitation of the clit. But Chuck teased her lightly, then moved away, and came back, each time softly massaging it with his soft, warm tongue, and easing off. The alternating playfulness and attentive manipulation was what drove girls out of their minds, and Chuck had enough sense to use it wisely. No one had taught him. He did it instinctively, and very, very well.

After he had flicked over and back and forth and around Mary's clit a few times, and she had moaned louder and louder, and had squirmed about, he moved in for a concentrated effort at getting her off.

He took her clit into his mouth. She began to twist and turn again, but he slid his hands under her ass and held on tight. Then he started sucking softly, but insistently, on that sweet, explosive little pink finger of hot flesh.

She thought it would explode. It ached and sent hot spasms of erotic pleasure coursing through her loins. Chuck's warm, wet lips and his maddeningly good tongue flicked and sucked and made her feel like her stomach would turn inside out.

Mary thought she could never get away from it, no matter how hard she tried, and yet didn't want to. It was driving her mad, yet she loved it. The delicious, thrilling stabs of pleasure jangled every nerve in her body, and made her jump and buck, and wet, warm cunt juice made her feel like she was drowning inside.

Chuck just let his stiff tongue circle that little wet, pink clit in a tight circle, gently nudging its tender head, but that's all it took to make Mary go wild. She felt a delicious, all-consuming ache shoot up through her pussy each time he touched it.

"Oh, my God, Chuck, you're driving me crazy," she cried. "What are you doing! Uuugg-ghhh!"

"I'm just licking your clit, baby," he mumbled. "It's your hot spot, where all your sex nerves are."

"Ohhhh, whatever it is, I love it!" she whined. "Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Then he really began to give her the business. He sucked and licked that charged-up clit, lapping and teasing and giving it soft, careful little scrapes with his teeth, and letting his saliva drool over it.

He paid no attention to Mary's wails and protestations, and the constantly churning body he had to contend with as he tongued her. She literally flew about the bed, bucking and jouncing and straining to escape his hot tongue.

His hands were locked tight on her hips, holding her crotch steady enough for him to keep his mouth on her hot spot, his nose buried in her pussy hair. But it took all his strength to hold her. The lust that possessed her was incredible. She felt like an animal was inside her pussy, crawling under her skin and turning her into an insane, sex-hungry cunt.

She had never come before, but she had felt great waves of warm, itchy, crawly temptation when she had seen Chuck in a bathing suit, or at times, just sitting across the room from her. She had just known instinctively that some day she would make love with him, and the desire had been building in her for months. Now, it was about to culminate. In seconds, she would discover what a come was like. She wondered whether she would live to make the discovery. The incredible passion that was flowing from her loins at this moment was enough to choke her to death or make her heart stop from sheer exhaustion, she thought.

Chuck clamped his arms under her thighs, then up around them, pressing his fingers into the soft, smooth flesh of the front of her leg. He hung on for dear life, as she churned and twisted and cried out for mercy from his flirting, uncompromising tongue.

"Uuuggghhh, Chuck! Oh, Chuck! I can't stand it! You're making me so hot! Sooooo ho ... hooo ... eeeeiiiiyyyy!"