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Why You Can Go out Dressed Like That książka papierowa

Fogg Marnie


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Why did Paul Poiret design a dress that resembled a lampshade?
• Did Rudi Gernreich really think that both men and women would wear his topless monokini?
• What prompted Jeremy Scott to include a shimmering leopard-print niqab in his womenswear collection?

Many designers have pioneered cutting-edge garments throughout the evolution of fashion. Why You Can Go out Dressed Like That features 100 of the best, from the cerebral conceptions of Comme des Garçons, to the augmented anatomies of Thierry Mugler and the exaggerated physicality of Thom Browne’s broad-shouldered men. Readers can also discover how the subversive designs of Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Walter Van Beirendonck have each redefined ideas of volume, acceptability and identity.

All too often a lack of obvious fit or purpose has been mistaken for a lack of design sophistication. Why You Can Go out Dressed Like That explores the ways in which designers have confronted the idea of ‘fit’ and its relation to the form of the body, including the importance of Viktor & Rolf adopting the disciplines of topiary in order to envelop the figure in arbitrary shapes, and of Issey Miyake taking liberty with the silhouette using the active characteristics of innovative textiles.

Many original designs elicit the response: ‘You can’t go out dressed like that!’.
Marnie Fogg proves decisively that modern fashion is not as outrageous and unwearable as it may seem.

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