For over 20 years, Dr Andrew Jenkinson has helped thousands of people to solve their weight problems. Looking at how we eat today, in this book he explores why modern nutrition has failed us. Why We Eat (Too Much) draws on the latest scientific research on appetite, anthropological insights from food habits around the world and personal stories of healthy and lasting weight loss - learn:

- how to avoid the negative effects of the food and pharma industries
- how diets actually work and how each food type nourishes you
- why your hormones can cause weight gain and diabetes
- how to lose weight for good, without counting calories
- the real impact of geography and major life events on your body

This book is your one-stop solution to eating well and feeling more energized with no complications to your lifestyle. Jenkinson offers an innovative model for why we all should - and can - enjoy the benefits of dieting without enduring its downsides.

Liczba stron: 352

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ISBN: 9780241400524

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