While My Husband Watches: Knocked Up By The Thugs - Isabella Tropez - ebook

Locked in the closet, all he could do was watch with sweaty palms as his wife bit the pillow and moaned...When Sarah discovers her husbands secret fantasies, she knows it's time to finally do what she's wanted to for years. Not only is she going to make him watch as she is taken by two dangerous thugs - but she's doing it without protection and isn't going to stop until they've filled her up multiple times each and she's knocked up with another man's child.

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While My Husband Watches | Isabella Tropez

While My Husband Watches

Isabella Tropez

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She gasped for breath when Jacob finally did move away, but her relief only lasted as long as it took for the men to switch places. Her mouth was filled again when Carter took his turn and he seemed intent of making her take every last inch of his erect length. Each of his thrusts was accompanied by a loud grunt of effort as he drove his cock down her throat and her eyes watered to make her mascara run.

When Carter finally backed off she saw the streaks of red lipstick on his thick black cock. She tried to catch her breath, but the onslaught on her mouth continued as the men continually changed places to have their fun. When they finally moved away completely she dropped forward to her hands and knees.

“I think our bitch wants it like that.” Jacob said.

Sarah let out a yelp as Carter’s hand cracked on her naked butt. The imprint showed in red on her skin and the flare of pain made her muscles tighten. She closed her eyes as she waited for it to pass.

“Show us those pretty holes...” Jacob ordered her.

Sarah dropped her head to the floor then grabbed her butt cheeks to spread them apart. She groaned as rough touches stroked on her puckered skin. Sean watched as the two men played with his wife and he saw her squirm and cry out as their fingers probed at her asshole and pussy. He moved forward to press his face right on the slats and wondered just how they were going to take her. It didn’t take long for him to find out.

“I want her tight ass.” Jacob said.

“So..., get her wet cunt on my cock then,” Carter told his friend.

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Sarah’s brow creased as she rounded the corner and approached her home. She pretty much always got there first every evening and having managed to escape work almost an hour before finishing time that day, she expected to be there long before her husband, Sean. The sight of his car in the driveway showed that wasn’t the case and she wondered why he was home so early.

Not that she was complaining about it. The fact that they both usually worked long hours meant they didn’t get a lot of alone time. An early finish would change that and the idea of getting naked with Sean came in Sarah’s mind straight away when she walked up the driveway to the front door of the house. It brought a smile to her face and she decided to keep her arrival quiet so she could surprise him.

When she got inside she closed the door and listened. The place appeared silent and there was no sign of Sean when she looked in the downstairs rooms. She guessed he must be in the bedroom changing his clothes or the bathroom having a shower and made her way to the stairs. It was only as she neared the top of them that the faint sound came to her and her brow creased again.

“What the hell,” she let out quietly as she strained to hear.