While His Wife Watches - Malory Chambers - ebook

Anna is utterly humiliated when her cheating husband accuses her about being too vanilla during a loud confrontation in a bar.When a handsome older man approaches her and offers her a chance to prove her husband wrong then and there, she complies without thought. Will shy and 'too-vanilla' Anna be able to handle being used by both him and his wife while all the patrons watch? What happens when the dominant wife punishes Anna's cheating husband?

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While His Wife Watches

(Cuckquean/Cuckold Femdom)

By Malory Chambers

Copyright 2015 Malory Chambers

. . . . .

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Humiliated In The Bar

"Bathroom," he announced suddenly, putting his fork and spoon on the wooden table without another word.

"Okay," I mumbled. He had been busy texting on the phone the entire dinner, I didn't see the difference between eating alone and eating with him anyways.

I watched as he walked away from me, his back muscles rippling with each step he took. His tight pants left no doubt that he was still fully capable of fucking me senseless, something which he had not done for the past few months.

I wondered, briefly, if there was something wrong with me. I caught my reflection in the beer. Minimal makeup was all it took for me to be presentable, even sexy, in the eyes of anybody else.

However, our bedroom has not seen any activity beyond loud snoring for far too long. I had taken to getting myself a vibrating dildo online to get myself off every time he went on one of his late-night assignments. I wondered when we had started drifting apart and when he started losing interest in fucking me. We had only been married for two and a half years and already our bedroom is dead.

I rolled the fruit salad around my bowl, not really interested much in the chicken wings that the bar serves. We were one of the few people who came to the bar for the food and not for the drinks. This was where we first met and we promised each other to go on a 'date' once a month.

I looked around leisurely, noting that there were only three other occupied tables. A group of fraternity brothers who had stayed over the summer and were having a third round of drinks by the look of the empty bottles on their table, a couple of guys playing pool, and a another couple two tables away from us at the counter who were just casually enjoying their drinks while carrying on their own conversation.

I couldn't be sure, but it seemed as if the older man had his hand on her thigh. They were very well dressed for the bar and I wondered if, like us, they were here on a couple's date.

I crossed my own legs, wishing that my husband would look at me with as much desire as the man was looking at his lover.

He leaned towards her and whispered something in her ear. She smiled and put her own hand down the counter. I could see for sure that her hand was on his thigh, as far as she could go under the table.

I gulped and jumped when my phone started ringing. By instinct, I picked up the phone.

"What're you doing, sexy?" a distinctly female voice greeted, taking me by surprise. Before I could respond, she continued, "I'm touching myself right now and thinking about you. Two of my fingers are inside my wet pussy and I imagine I have your rock hard manhood in me instead," she crooned. "Mmm... that feels sooo good," she moaned loudly. "Are you touching yourself in the bathroom right now?"

I was unsure, torn between wanting to ask her if she has the wrong number and continuing to listen to her lewd description on what she is doing to herself.