What the Were-Bear Wants: A Paranormal Shifter Romance - Elexis Avant - ebook

Jared Ursa has been hunted all his life, simply for being born a shifter, and like every male in his family, he can transform into a giant black bear at will. Hiding out in the woods, he crosses paths with Diana, a huntress dedicated to bringing him in. Sexy, sultry, and definitely dangerous, Diana makes a formidable foe. But their face-to-face encounter changes the nature of their relationship: from hunter and hunted to sexy, steamy lovers. She’s entranced by his passionate, predatory nature tempered by a natural gentility; he can’t stop thinking about how she’s the first woman not to be afraid of him...and his size... An incredibly hot were-bear shifter romance with plenty of steam and roar. You’ll have to beg, borrow or steal to find a hotter shifter story!

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What the Were-Bear Wants

A Paranormal Shifter Romance

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Also by Elexis Avant



What The Were-Bear Wants

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What The Were-Bear Wants

“He’s there, just there,” I whispered into the walkie talkie, crouching down and peering through my binoculars. My rifle was pressed against my chest, resting between my cleavage. My camouflage jacket and pants wouldn’t normally count as being chic, but it’s not as if I can wear Louboutins and an Alexander McQueen tracksuit on the hunt, especially since this was the big one.

I had single-handedly found him, the were-bear. I’d been staking him out for years, hoping to take him down like our organization had with all the others. He wasn’t the last, but definitely the one who had eluded us the most, whether in capture or death. I had a grudging respect for him, although I knew he was a predator...an absolute animal...

He might look like a man, but I knew his heart was all beast.

“Close in if you can, but we can’t provide backup,” headquarters relayed back to me. Of course they couldn’t provide backup. Were-hunters were a small, underfunded outfit, managing mostly on passion and a genuine zeal for our mission: to rid the world of these monstrous freaks.

It wasn’t just propaganda to me. As a girl, I’d seen the sort of wreckage that were-bears and werewolves had caused, leaving behind dozens of casualties when they rampaged through cities.

Still, there was something to be said about this one I was hunting. He seemed like a reasonable...guy...