What's Yours Is Mine - Ryan Andrews - ebook

Living out her dubious-consent fantasy, Jane enters a game world made of cubes where the inhabitants are fascinated by her generous curves. After she's used by an angular black figure and menaced by zombies, she lands in the sole pioneer's home. The dominant man uses her in every way he can, loving the contrast of his blocky body to her lush rounded attributes. He's got a taste for enslaving her, but can she escape…and does she want to?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~In the morning, Jane climbed out of bed and sorted Zack out for his day, waved him goodbye, then grabbed the special edition controller and switched the console on. First, she was going to have coffee, then put on her sexiest lingerie and then finally pay Damien another visit. After seeing him on screen the night before, she was more eager than ever to see him again.After a few exaggerated yawns, she knew coffee was in order. In the kitchen, she sat the controller down and as she reached for a coffee cup, it vibrated right off the counter. When it hit the floor, the battery door came off and she bent to pick it up, forgetting that it was now ready to transport her into the video game.As soon as she touched it, she felt like a jolt of electricity shot up her arm. In the other room, she heard the familiar voice listing the game warnings. Thinking this was important information she might need, it highly annoyed her when she was unable to move closer to make it out.‘I can’t hear you! Fine though, it's all good,’ she shouted, just as the floor vanished and she fell through a dark abyss. Jane's body vibrated with a weird energy as she plummeted, which made it hard to concentrate on the annoying voice. ‘Disclaimer: this game contains adult content, physically abusive creatures, dubious-consent, BDSM, and possible drowning. All injuries will be repaired upon exit. In the case of death…‘ The sentence was cut off as darkness faded and she landed on a spongy surface in a strange world that clearly wasn’t Damien’s.‘Oh, shit! Did you just say death and drowning?" Jane yelled up at the sky, as she squinted in an attempt to adjust her vision.Looking down, it seemed she'd landed in a bush. Her lips parted in confusion as she viewed a bizarrely foreign expanse of land. Blinking repeatedly, Jane felt like she'd dropped acid but knew there was no hallucinogen in her system…unless she’d accidentally added something extra to her morning coffee.She rubbed her head in disbelief. Hadn’t Zack been playing Damien’s game the night before? Even though she was frustrated, she wasn’t too worried, not after her last video game. After everything she went through on Olfim’s spaceship, she could handle anything, and she even enjoyed the occasional adrenaline rush of fear.‘Okay, this is weird. Where the heck am I?’Everything was oddly pixelated as far as the eye could see. Even the trees and clouds were built of squares. Much to her disappointment, there was no sign of Damien amidst the straight edges. "This is seriously pissing me off," Jane growled, suddenly finding the cuboids obnoxious and unwelcoming.It looked like it was late in the day and she headed toward a nearby tree. It was a little difficult to adjust to walking on the uneven squares of grassy earth and she repeatedly caught her toe on the spongy edges.A tall dark figure blinked into existence behind her, gazing down at her lush curves in bemusement. She didn’t have any sharp edges at all. He realized that with all those curves, she was a rare find. This was definitely something new in his world and he focused briefly, tearing her clothes from her as he blinked away again.Jane was incredibly confused. The air had changed around her and the next thing she knew, her clothes were ripped from her body. Now there wasn’t a sign of them.Back in his den, the dark creature examined Jane's clothes rapidly before setting them aside and teleporting back to the woman.

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What’s Yours Is Mine

Casual (sex) Gamer Series, Book 3

Third Edition

By Ryan Andrews & Randi Holiday

Cover art by Randi Holiday

© 2016, Ryan Andrews & Randi Holiday

~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~


Jane Holden's unusual cravings and desires of rough sex and being hunted stayed in her fantasies until the day she discovered how to go into video games. As it turned out, most of the game characters were sadistic as hell, and satisfyingly brutal enough to quench her lusty desires. It was exactly what she'd always craved, and no matter how rough things got in the gaming world, she was always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and physically unharmed....until her next craving hit.

Chapter 1

Jane woke up and stretched, feeling energized. The day before, she finally lived out her fantasy of being chased, hunted, and taken captive. When she traveled into a video game in search of a sexy smuggler she'd seen on the game case, the big guy turned out to be sadistic as hell, right along with his hairy alien co-pilot. Even though the sex with Olfim was at times frightening and vicious, it was also something she craved and wanted. However, the shit really hit the fan when she mentioned their smuggling, and they wanted to know where she got the information, which prompted a rough interrogation.

After all of that excitement, Jane needed something calmer, and decided to visit Damien again. The man with the cyborg-enhanced body had charmed the clothes right off of her, and a replay of that video game sounded perfect. She'd had fallen hard for him on that first visit that was unfortunately brief.

Deciding to go for it, she headed to the living room, only to discover that the entire console was missing, right along with the special controller that transported her into the games. Her stomach lurched at the possibility that it was stolen, and she ran through the house searching. When it didn't turn up, Jane sent her son, Zack, an urgent text.

Jane: The game console is gone!

She paced the kitchen, hoping it wasn’t stolen. After a half hour of waiting, Jane sent another text.

Jane: Do you have the game console and the new controller?

Zack: WTF, mom. Two texts in Algebra about video games? Thx 2 U, I'm on Mr. Kendall’s shit list. I told you I was staying at dad’s house this weekend.

Jane looked at the calendar. Goodness, was it Friday already? She hadn’t even found a damn job yet, and wondered where the week went to. Still, she was glad that the game system hadn’t been stolen. It was true that he’d always taken the system with him, but now things were different and she didn’t want to wait until Sunday night to use it again. She chewed her nail as she considered telling him to bring it back.

Jane: Okay, sweetie. You have fun at your dad’s house...and don’t say WTF, dammit. That’s swearing.

Now that she knew it was Friday, she got dressed in her second best job hunting outfit. Unfortunately, her first choice was in shreds in the cargo bay on a spaceship far, far, away. She really needed a job now that she was a single mom, and had applied all over town. It looked like she’d be forced to go back to the library and her lecherous ex-boss if something didn’t turn up soon.


That evening, Jane came home to a dark and quiet house, feeling tired and disappointed that she couldn’t enjoy her new hobby again. Instead, she got into her silky red nightie, grabbed a glass of wine and headed to bed with her tablet that just happened to be stocked full of dirty erotic stories.

Her dreams seemed so real lately, and she looked forward to them because they were always full of sex. The longer she went without getting laid in the real world, the more intense they became. She thought it would help that she was finding some relief in the video games, but apparently that didn’t count when it came to her dreams.

After reading for about an hour, she eagerly flipped off the light, curling up with a pillow and wishing it were Damien. It would be nice to sleep with him, and do lots of other things, too.

A few hours later, Jane woke up and rubbed her eyes, wondering about the red fog floating in her bedroom. However, she quickly shrugged it off and decided to visit Zack's algebra teacher. She got out of bed, grabbed her keys, and headed out the front door into the dead of night, eager to explain about those text messages.

The cold dewy grass felt nice under her bare feet and she was glad it was also growing in her car as she drove away, leaving the front door of her house hanging wide open. She really needed to smooth things over with Mr. Kendall, and doing it wearing a nightie certainly couldn’t hurt.

The parking lot was deserted, but the school's windows showed red smoke drifting through the halls. That was just fine with her, and she parked and headed toward the entrance. On the way, she paused to study the large raven perched upon the rail that blinked as she patted its head.

Inside, there wasn’t a soul in sight, but she thought it would be easy to find the algebra room. The hall sloped downward and was covered in packed earth that was rough under her bare feet. Everything looked normal to her, even the principal's door with a bear trap mounted over the knob.

At the end of the hall, she found the source of the red haze filling the halls. It drifted out from between the bars of the algebra room's cell door. Jane turned the old fashioned key, and pushed the barred door open, then entered the empty room. Inside, a red bulb dangled down and swayed as hot steam drifted through the air.

It seemed to her that Mr. Kendall was likely a nice fellow as she glanced around the cozy room. The word DISCIPLINE was scrawled across a chalkboard that covered the entire wall behind his desk, and she wondered where he was. A table in the corner was buried in pencils, rulers, whips and chains, and she headed over to get a closer look.

Behind her, a tall, slim man opened a doorway in the chalk-board that vanished as it closed again. He was dressed, although the details were hazy, and had a face of some description, although stern was the only word that came to mind. “Mrs Holden,” he greeted her, “