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Accomplish your dream to study at your favorite university, win a scholarship or get that promotion at the office with an optimal score on the TOEFL iBT® exam!Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT® is written by a seasoned English exam preparer and instructor familiar with the key competencies essential for success in obtaining the highest score possible on the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections of the test.Get Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT® for mastering the language skills and test-taking strategies needed to develop the confidence and winning attitude on the big exam day.Plus, download the free Additional Resources file with links to material across the web neatly arranged to enhance your intense exam preparation - saving you lots of time!Learn the inside tricks to build fluency across the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - plus grammar and vocabulary as well.Improve your language knowledge (grammar accuracy, range of vocabulary and clarity of pronunciation) while engaging in effective study skills and exam techniques specially designed for the test.Get Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT® today to begin preparing for both success on the exam and in your long career afterwards.

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Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT®

H.E. Colby

Published by H.E. Colby, 2015.

While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.


First edition. June 2, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 H.E. Colby.

ISBN: 978-1513080147

Written by H.E. Colby.

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Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page


TOEFL iBT® is a registered trademark of ETS, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.















About the Author


to Noel, Alex, Heather, Melissa, and Winn for all their cheerful love and support.

TOEFL iBT® is a registered trademark of ETS, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.


Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT® is dedicated to preparing you to achieve an optimal score on the TOEFL iBT exam. The Guide including the Additional Resources originated with student frustration in preparation for the TOEFL®. Too many ESL professors are not able to help their students get the highest score possible on one of the most important exams in their lives. Stop!

The Guide’s single purpose is to help more English-language students to reach their fullest potential and assist the fulfillment of their professional and personal goals. The Guide including the free downloadable Additional Resources prepares you with the hidden skills and knowledge, plus the tactics, and strategies to outwit the exam authorities so you can attend your favorite university, get scholarship money to help you with expenses, or obtain that job promotion you want.

Get the knowledge and tools needed to get the highest score possible on the TOEFL iBT® exam. Your investment of time and money is important, but knowing how to take the exam is actually just as important as your level of English. The Guide including the Additional Resources is grounded in actual classroom experience of preparing students, careful research of the most useful tactics and strategies that are proven to work.

The result is a practical and hard-nosed preparation for your Super Bowl, World Series, and World Cup of English language learning! After all the sweat, toil, and tears of learning and perfecting English over the years, the time finally arrives for you to demonstrate to the world your proficiency. Make the best of your opportunity – and get the score you need on the TOEFL iBT® exam!


THE TOEFL iBT® CAUSES PANIC and fear for many. Don’t worry. You have the Guide!

Upon completing this Guide and consulting the free downloadable Additional Resources, you will have the skills, knowledge, tactics and strategies plus practice to beat the TOEFL iBT® and get the highest score possible on one of the most difficult standardized tests in the world. You are driven to succeed and confident about your future. Get ready to maximize your score by accepting the challenge presented by the TOEFL iBT® and to prepare yourself for success on the exam!

The Challenge

FOUR MAIN CHALLENGES await you on the TOEFL iBT®. The exam half tests your English abilities and half tests your exam taking abilities! The exam is a mere snapshot of your abilities at a juncture of time. However, it is the standardized exam of record for US universities and thousands of institutions around the world.

Challenge 1: Academic English

First, the exam challenges your ability to successfully manage and manipulate the four basic language skills in an academic setting: 1) reading, 2) listening, 3) speaking, and 4) writing. Thus, your English needs to be proficient enough to be understood and used in a US college classroom. Well, is it? If not, the Guide with its unparalleled Additional Resources is a wise investment! Plus, though not explicitly tested, you need great grammar and a solid vocabulary to round out your exam success.

Academic English is the English for study at universities, mainly expressed in written form. Use academic English to: 1) describe an object or situation, 2) describe a process or how something functions, or 3) explain something. Good academic writers aim to be as clear, precise and simple as possible when describing ideas or concepts.

The main features of written academic English are:

  usually formal in tone and impersonal in style - so you should avoid colloquial words and expressions.

  without contractions or shortened forms of verbs, such as won't, doesn't or it's.

  no linking word such as 'and' or 'but' at the beginning of a sentence.

  no personal pronouns such as I, me, you, your.

  may use the passive form of verbs more often.

  no phrasal verbs such as hold up, put up with, or get off.

  varied and rich vocabulary, shorter texts, and more grammatical complexity.

Remember these traits of academic English while you practice for the TOEFL!

Challenge 2: Integrated Tasks

Second, a unique feature of the TOEFL is the task related to “combined skills” or so-called “integrated tasks.” Just as the phrase suggests, you integrate two or more language abilities to answer a question. There are three possible “integrated task” combinations: 1) read an academic text or campus announcement, listen to a conversation of students or others, and then speak a response; 2) listen to a lecture from a professor or a talk from a guidance counselor or other college official, and then speak a response; and 3) read a passage or announcement, listen to a discussion of students, and write a response.

Be sure to sharpen your supplemental skills (see Chapter 7) to assist you on the integrated tasks. From note taking to synthesizing different pieces of information, you will need to use these additional skills for success on the TOEFL iBT®.

Challenge 3: Exam Format

Third, the exam challenges you to conquer the TOEFL iBT® format. The four-hour long exam tests your stamina and staying power both mentally and physically. Since the exam is delivered by Internet, you sit at a cubicle station with a keyboard to type in your responses, a monitor, and a headset for the Speaking Section. At least the questions are not computer adaptive (changing depending how you answer previous questions).  In sum, you need to be decent typist (not hunt-and-peck), and comfortable speaking into a headset, not a live person.

Review 7 Habits for Maximizing TOEFL Success at the end of this book for more suggestions.

Challenge 4: Time

Lastly, it must be stated – the number one enemy during the exam is time. On your computer monitor, you can see the clock wind down for each section! Some students do not react well to this fact. Therefore it is doubly important to practice your tasks while being timed to prepare you for exam conditions.

Whether you want to study at a university abroad, compete for a fellowship, or just plainly curious about your level of English proficiency, the TOEFL haunts and torments students and professionals. You are beginning a journey to learn and practice strategies and tactics to get the best possible score on the TOEFL iBT®. Thankfully you invested in the Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT®!

Fundamentals of TOEFL iBT® Success

Well, you already have the Guide.

Do you have the discipline, passion, and motivation to follow and complete the Study Game Plan? You will read about the Study Game Plan below.