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A full length BDSM romance featuring hardcore sex and an intriguing storyline!CEO Justine Bates, software mogul Alex Warner, attorney Mark Phillips and fashion model Victoria Redding have a lot in common. They’re beautiful, wealthy, and powerful, each at the top of their profession. To the public they’re the people the everyday person loves to hate, but longs to be. What the public doesn’t see is as the Lady Scarlett, Orion the Hunter, Lovecraft and The Lady Felicia they’re also ranking members of a very powerful group.The Circle; A secret sect comprised of true alphas. To gain entry one must be dominant in every facet of life, especially sexually. Ruling the boardroom as well as the bedroom, the group exists for two purposes, the further advancement of all its members and bedroom games. In their case, sexual mastery is truly the tie that binds. For Justine life is sweet. In addition to her personal success, as Lady Scarlett the Mistress of the Circle, she is both feared and desired by every man around her. Better yet, The Circle is about to recruit a new member, advertising executive Allison Saunders. As dominate as she is seductive, Allison has total control over her young lovers. The question is can the naturally dominant Allison submit during her initiation at the hands of Mark, who as Lovecraft, is the Circle’s most sadistic member. As the initiation approaches, Justine begins to struggle with her feelings towards Mark. What started out as a Mistress rewarding a member with the privilege of her bed has become much more. For months Justine has tried to deny those feelings, but finds herself jealous of Allison. She must now decide where does Scarlett end and Justine begin?

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Tales of the Circle

Book One: Welcome to the Circle


L.L. Craft

* * * * *


Laura Lovecraft

Copyright © 2012 by Laura Lovecraft

Tales of the Circle Book one: Welcome to the Circle

Part one

Chapter one.

"There is an expression all men are created equal. This statement is a lie, no doubt created to help those who wallow in mediocrity feel better about themselves." The Lady Persephone, High Mistress of the Circle.

Sitting at the head of the conference table, Justine Bates struggled to pay attention. The fact Bill Reynolds, was saying the same thing the board member before him had, wasn’t helping. No, that wasn’t the problem. Most meetings were like this and normally she had no trouble focusing. The problem with this morning’s meeting was the timing. This was the first of three meetings today, and the other two promised to be far more entertaining than this one.

Justine wiped her forehead and looked at the sweat on her hand. Adding to the distractions of the morning was the air conditioning was on the fritz. It was over eighty degrees today and felt even warmer inside. The thermostat was off to her left, but she refused to look over. Knowing how hot it really was would just make things worse.

“So what are your thoughts, Justine?”

Coming out of her fog, she looked over at Bill. Only in his late thirties, he was already balding with at least fifty extra pounds on him, most of it hanging over his belt. How did people let themselves get like that? The entire office was full of them. Middle aged men, who took no care in their appearance, yet constantly judged the appearance of the women who worked there. Dogs, she thought disgustedly, worthless dogs. Locking her cold blue gaze onto his watery brown eyes, she spoke.

“My first thought is I don’t remember saying this was an informal meeting, so I think you should rephrase the question.”

Bill hesitated, returning her stare, trying to decide if she were kidding. He started to grin, but stopped as Justine widened her eyes, as if saying ‘oh really?’ Swallowing nervously, he answered.

“My apologies, Miss Bates. I was wondering what your thoughts were on my strategy for the upcoming quarter.”

“Well, Bill,” Justine began, “Your strategy seems to be that of Paul’s, which pretty much echoed what Roger said.” She paused, and without looking away from him addressed the table. “Please remove the smirks from your faces gentlemen, this isn’t high school.”

She sighed for effect.

“God knows if it was, I might be getting some original ideas.” She shrugged. “If nothing else, the view would be better.”

Justine took a moment to let her comment sink in. She normally wouldn’t make remarks like the last one, but she was also never forced to work on the one day a month she wanted off. One thing was for sure, she knew without looking around there would be no one smiling now.

“Now,” she continued having left the room in awkward silence long enough. “I’ll make this easy, and try to get us out of here early. Does anyone have anything to say that hasn’t already been said?”

She glanced around the table where no one would meet her gaze.

“Very well,” She nodded. “I’m glad to see coming in on my day off was justified. I’m sure Mr. Williams will be thrilled there’s nothing new to report except stagnant sales and stale ideas.”

Now all heads were lowered, except for her attorney, Mark, who was sitting back, enjoying the show.

“My meeting with Mr. Williams is on Friday. Before then each of you is to have a fresh, and I stress fresh proposal, on my desk by Wednesday.” She tapped the table with a long red fingernail. “Understood?”

There were a few murmurs and she raised her voice.

“Gentlemen, I’ll not allow my district to fall behind the others. If it does, heads will roll. Am I clear ?”

This time there were several solid affirmatives and she nodded. Looking towards the end of the table, she indicated Paul, the director of sales.

“Paul, if you’d please go over the numbers for the last quarter so everyone here can see why they aren’t getting the increases they think they deserve.”

“Of course.”

As Paul opened his laptop, everyone turned in their seats to watch the presentation appear on the far wall. With them facing away from her, Justine slumped back in her seat. She had been over these numbers a dozen times in the last week, and they weren’t bad, in fact they were decent. Decent however, wasn’t good enough. Listening to the numbers again wouldn’t change them, so she allowed her mind the rare treat of wandering.

Wiping again at her face, Justine thought of how the day should have gone. During the course of the week it was not unusual for her to put in sixty hours. That was usually followed up by at least a half a day on Saturday, and more often than not a couple of hours on Sunday from home. But not the first weekend of the month, that was her time. She generally started by sleeping in until ten o’clock. Justine then replaced her morning workout with a trip to the spa. Manicure, pedicure, and full body massage.

From the spa it was back home for the rare indulgence of a good long nap. That nap would always start off with a nice slow masturbation session. Justine would use her silver bullet vibrator, teasing herself with the speeds while she envisioned the evening to come. Depending on who was entertaining, it could determine how powerful her orgasm was. Some members were just more suited to her taste than others. Tonight was Victoria’s night, and as The Lady Felicia, she never failed to deliver.

After the nap, and a long hot shower, which occasionally involved more self pleasuring, Justine would dress to kill, have dinner with a group of amazing men and women, and then attend a meeting that was so much better than this one. Justine allowed herself a small smile as she thought of what after the meeting would bring. A night of fucking that the sorry excuses for men in front of her could never imagine. That night always led into an amazing Sunday morning and…

Justine was beginning to get warm for reasons other than the failed air conditioning. While Paul droned on, she looked about the room, shaking her head at the mediocrity around her. There was one other woman in the room, a sales rep named Evelyn. Evelyn was four years younger than Justine, but seemed much older. A decent looking woman who dressed and acted as if she were afraid to let people think she had ever had any fun in her life.

As for the men, it was as if they were all cast from the same mold. They were mostly early forties, married, out of shape, and completely undesirable. Yet most every man here had stepped out on his wife at some point. Hiring escorts, or dipping into the secretarial pool. Justine shook her head, the escorts she understood, they were being paid to make these wretches feel desired. The young office girls however? Pathetic, whoring themselves to slugs like these for what? A chance at a small raise?

The ironic thing was how upset these dogs got when they found out their wives were doing the same things. Going out and finding good looking men who would pay them some attention. Justine looked over at Bill and saw him quickly look away. He was always staring at her. She had once overheard him tell someone, she was damn hot for her age, but probably wouldn’t know what to do with it, if it hit her in the face.

The most amusing thing was Justine had no doubt that’s what they all thought. Strong professional women like her didn’t know what sex was like. Frigid, prude, those were the words used. Justine had no doubt every man at the table had jerked off thinking of her. Masturbating to the thought of ‘giving her what she needed’. Picturing her demure and desiring them, getting to her knees to go down on them like they paid women to do.

If they only knew how wrong they were. Few were the men Justine had gone to her knees for. Even then it was as a reward to those who had not only truly pleased her, but fully appreciated the gift she was bestowing upon them. Starting at her right, she let her eyes wander around the table. There was not a man here, who if given the chance, wouldn’t kiss her feet for even the slimmest chance to kiss more.

Not that she would want any of them. At forty-eight years old Justine could easily pass for a dozen years younger. Her deep blue eyes were set in a face with a fair complexion still unmarred by lines or wrinkles, and she had been asked many times if her full lips were the product of injections. They weren’t of course. Nothing about Justine, from her smooth features and auburn red hair, to her long tapered nails and still very firm breasts was fake. A strict diet, daily workouts and those monthly trips to the spa had kept Justine looking and feeling young.

Justine would be the first to admit she was narcissistic, but if you had it, why not flaunt it? She was a beautiful sensual woman, and wouldn’t be caught dead with anyone who was not equally as beautiful. Not that she flaunted it around the office. As the VP of sales of Speakeasy wireless, currently number two to only Verizon in sales throughout the US, she certainly couldn’t dress like a teenager.

Justine’s eyes wandered to her left, where they landed on Mark Phillips. Mark was her district’s corporate attorney, and generally didn’t attend the board meetings. Since however, he would be involved in the next two meetings of the day, she figured she may as well have him sit in. Mark was currently staring intently at the graphs on the monitor. Justine knew him well enough to know that didn’t necessarily mean he was paying attention, but it gave her an opportunity to observe him.

When looking at him, one word always came to Justine’s mind: perfection. Without a doubt Mark was the most beautiful man she knew. Currently Mark was playing the part of the professional. His thick black hair was gelled back and he was clean shaven, as opposed to the perpetual five o’clock shadow he sported when he was not attending court or meetings. Although Mark’s bad boy look never failed to make her sweat in a more pleasant way then she was now, there was something to be said for this look as well.

Mark’s skin had a slight olive tone, and his features were smooth and flawless, bordering on the point of being pretty. His beauty didn’t stop at his face. Like the other men in the room, Mark had removed his suit jacket, and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt. Aside from that, there was nothing the rest of the sad group had in common with him. The light blue Armani shirt Mark was wearing stretched across a pair of broad shoulders, and large biceps that were the product of an intense two hour a day workout regimen. His sleeves were currently rolled up to expose a pair of well tanned, muscular forearms.

Even better was what was not being shown. Underneath the two hundred dollar shirt was a heavily tattooed body, and a chiseled stomach that would make a twenty year old jealous. Sitting there between two forty something men who had let themselves go to hell, his beauty stood out even more. Mark was a practicing Satanist, who followed the teachings of Anton Levay and constantly spoke of the herd and lemmings. How some were born to simply be better than others.

As coarse as it sounded, Justine couldn’t agree more. People talk of modesty and down play their abilities. Why? It was not a crime to be smarter, more beautiful, and more successful than those around you. No, people like her and Mark were alphas in the true sense of the word, and the people around them proved that beyond a doubt. Justine was older than many of the men in the room, yet looked far better than any of them.

Sensing her staring at him, Mark turned his head to face her, giving Justine a look at his most startling feature, his eyes. They were not one color, but several. The most prominent color was a light shade of golden brown, but blended in was a deep green, along with small flecks of blue. Mark’s eyes also changed color. When angry, they darkened to the point they appeared black.

Mark was from Rhode Island where he worked for the largest firm in the state. At thirty-five he had made senior partner and had a reputation as one of the most cut throat attorneys to ever enter a court house. Mark had also been dubbed by the press as The Bad Boy Attorney. This nickname had been earned as much from his questionable tactics as his legendary nightlife, and checkered past. Mark had been quoted in the papers as saying that every woman wanted him and every man wanted to be him. Sitting here staring at him, it was hard to argue with either.

When he looked at her, Justine nodded her head towards the table, and shook her head, a slight smile on her lips. Knowing what she meant, Mark nodded and shrugged. He then let his eyes leave her face, and trail down towards her chest. Justine was wearing a blazer, which she’d unbuttoned due to the heat. Underneath she was wearing a tight black sleeveless shirt, cut low enough to show off the swells of her breasts. The lace trim allowed a view of her cleavage, which is where his gaze was focused. When he looked up, Justine raised her eyebrows at him and made to close the blazer.

Mark lowered his eyes and mouthed the word ‘please’. Justine smiled delightedly, even playing around, he knew his place. Of course it was the fact he did that gave him his place in her bed on these normally glorious Saturdays. Then again, Mark should know his place, seeing it was Justine herself who had broken him years ago. Mark was still watching her, and after glancing around the room, Justine leaned forward and pressed her arms together, pushing her tits further up through the top of the shirt.

Mark smiled in appreciation. Like the rest of him, his teeth were perfect, and the smile itself one that had gotten him his way with women of all ages. Mark looked towards the end of the table where Paul was wrapping up his presentation, then back to her. Reaching up to his shirt, he made a gesture as if removing it and winked at her. Getting his meaning, she shook her head. Whether she wanted to be here or not, work was work. Mark shrugged, and with an audible sigh of disappointment that was his way of mocking her, sat back in his chair.

Justine stared at him, noticing that as she did, he appeared to be trying hard not to smile. No, she would not be goaded. In this setting she was Justine Bates, a respected business woman, not The Lady Scarlet, who was not only respected, but feared as well. As Paul finished speaking he sat down and everyone else once again was facing her.

“Now that Paul has shown where we stand in sales, I’d like Robert to speak on what’s been going on in R&D, tell you about the new products you’ll be presenting to our customers.”

“Thank you, Miss Bates.” Robert said softly.

Opening a folder, Robert handed a stack of papers to Paul next to him to pass around the table. As with Paul’s presentation, Justine already knew about the new phone they were hoping to launch for the holiday season, and had no desire to hear Robert explain it. No, Justine’s attention was focused on other desires. As Robert began speaking, heads turned towards him. Justine smiled, knowing damn well Mark was still watching her.

There was a game brewing, and she wanted to give in and play. Removing a tissue from the purse on the floor next to her chair, Justine wiped at her brow. Glancing around the room she saw everyone was sweating, especially some of the heavier men. Looking over at Mark, she took in the sheen of sweat that covered his forearms. Justine was feeling mischievous; after all, this was supposed to be her day, why not have some fun? Turning to look at Mark, Justine mimicked his gesture with the shirt and mouthed, “You first.”

Mark hesitated, and with a shrug Justine closed her blazer. Rolling his eyes, he pushed his chair back, and began unbuttoning his shirt. Justine could see he was wearing a white shirt underneath and after waiting until he had gotten to the last button, said, “Excuse me, Mr. Phillips, what are you doing?”

Mark paused as all eyes in the room focused on him. With his hands still on his shirt he answered, “I’m sorry, Miss Bates, but it has to be ninety in here.”

“So you should undress as if this were a locker room?”

“My apologies,” Mark said softly. “I’m not sure what I was thinking.”

“You weren’t, obviously.” She told him coolly.

To say Mark was not well liked in the room would be like saying the sun was warm, and Justine could see the smirks starting. Well, she would take care of that.

“But it is ridiculous in here,” she went on. “I’ll tell you what, gentlemen, if you’d like to remove your shirts you can, providing you have something on underneath.”

“Thank you, Miss Bates,” Mark replied, keeping a straight face. “I know you’re big on professionalism, so this is greatly appreciated.”

Justine noticed three or four of the others beginning to unbutton their shirts. She saw Mark had also noticed and had slowed up, letting them get close to removing their shirts. Standing up, he un-tucked his shirt, but hesitated, once more letting the others catch up with him. Justine put her hand up to her face to cover her smile as she saw Bill staring to slide his shirt from his shoulders. Roger was right behind him.

Mark slipped his shirt from his shoulders, letting it drop to his chair behind him. Both Bill and Roger stopped and from her right, Justine heard Evelyn let out a sharp breath. Mark’s white tank top revealed enormous demonic tattoos that covered both arms to the elbows enormous demonic tattoos. The right, facing her, was an evil rendition of Pan, the Celtic devil, horns, hooves and red eyes glaring. The colors were so vivid Justine could imagine the eyes staring at her. On the left arm, Justine knew was a rendition of the Pale Rider from Revelation, a skeletal figure on a huge black war horse.

Even underneath the dark colors of the tattoos, Justine could make out the muscles rippling in Mark’s arms as he made a show of carefully hanging his shirt on the back of the chair. Turning back to face the table, Mark added the coup de grace to the others. Reaching down he pulled the bottom of his shirt from his pants. He then leaned over and wiped the sweat from his face with it, exposing his tanned six pack stomach. Justine risked a glance at Evelyn and was barely able to contain a laugh at the look on her face. The look told her that Evelyn was wet from something other than sweat, and she didn’t blame her.

Evelyn didn’t escape Mark’s attention and he flashed her a huge smile.

“It’s hot in here, isn’t it Miss Jacobs?” He gave her a playful wink.

“Umm…it certainly…is,” Evelyn stuttered.

“Then perhaps you should take that jacket off.”

Evelyn blushed, and saving her from embarrassing herself, Justine spoke up.

“Mr. Phillips, behave yourself, haven’t you had enough trouble down there in Providence?”

“I was only…”

“Of course you were,” Justine finished for him.

“Of course,” Mark repeated, putting on a sheepish grin. “I apologize.” Looking at her he said, “I’m sorry, Miss Jacobs.”

“Oh please, don’t be,” Evelyn said then catching herself, blushed even more.

“Damn, Mark,” Roger said. “That’s some ink.”

“So your nickname is well earned,” Justine added. “Now are you going to sit down, or do you plan on posing for the rest of the meeting?”

Again Mark came up with a properly abashed expression as he sat back down in his seat. He did however, make it a point to lean forward and fold his arms on the table. Justine looked to see that although Roger and a couple of others had removed their shirts, Bill had kept his on. Looking over at Mark, she saw he was staring directly at Evelyn, watching her try to avoid looking at him. Justine rolled her eyes. He was supposed to be watching her. He had gone from one game to another.

“Well,” she began as she stood up. “I admit to being selfish with my decision, as I myself am far too overdressed in this stifling temperature.”

Justine slowly removed her blazer, making a point to push her chest out a little more than she had to. She kept her head down, feigning interest in folding the jacket and giving the dogs at the table a chance to take in sight of the tight top straining against her full chest. Dropping the blazer to the floor next to her purse, she glanced up quickly, and caught them all trying to look away. She looked at Mark who was not looking at her, but was watching the others. Justine wasn’t offended in the least; the game was watching the lemmings get hot and bothered. Besides, it wasn’t like Mark hadn’t seen everything she had to offer.

Acting like she didn’t notice them looking, she causally raised her arms behind her head. Fumbling with the clip in her hair, she noticed Bill and a couple of others had given up pretense of not looking. At the moment their eyes were focused on where her shirt had ridden up to expose the ruby pendent hanging from her navel. Let them think she was a prude now. Undoing the clip, Justine let her long auburn hair fall down past her shoulders. Tossing her head back, she made a show of shaking her hair out. Closing her eyes briefly, she allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of her thick soft hair falling across her bare shoulders and back.

Lowering her arms, she looked down as if just realizing her shirt had come untucked, and slipped it back into her skirt.

“I’m sorry, gentlemen,” she said quietly.

Right on cue Mark said, “Oh please don’t be.”

There were a couple of snickers that were quickly silenced as Justine shot him a convincing dirty look. Mark looked down, fighting to keep himself from laughing. Shaking her head in mock disgust, Justine decided to really play it up. Stepping away from the table, she walked towards the bar along the far wall. As she made her away across the room, Justine could feel the eyes on her. Although the skirt she was wearing was not improper, it was a couple of inches above the knee. Taking into consideration she rarely wore skirts to work, this was much more of her legs then most of them had seen.

Legs were something Justine had in spades, standing five nine, they were long, well shaped from exercise, and were well displayed, in the three heels she was wearing. Justine reached the bar, and took her time pouring herself a glass of Coke. Turning, she sauntered back to her seat. She hadn’t offered anyone else a drink, and it didn’t seem as if anyone cared. When she reached her seat, she imitated Mark by folding her arms on the table. Leaning forward, she looked at Roger. He was staring straight down her shirt

“You may proceed, Roger.”

“I…” He looked up quickly. “I’m sorry I was just…”

“Roger?” Justine asked.

“Yes, Miss Bates?”

Pointing at her face, she said, “My eyes are up here.”

As Roger started to stammer something, Justine sighed, picked up her drink and sat back in her chair. Men were so pathetic.

Chapter Two

Justine entered her office with Mark behind her, and once he closed the door slipped her blazer back off and tossed it onto the small couch along the wall. Continuing over to her large cherry wood desk, Justine sat down in the large leather chair behind it. Mark went over to the small bar to make her a martini and pour himself some Jack Daniels.

The rest of the meeting went by much faster. Although there were several more topics being discussed, Justine found the game of watching them all stare at her made the time pass more quickly. That and watching Mark flirt with Evelyn from across the table. Evelyn was married, with a couple of kids, but Justine knew she wasn’t happy with her husband. Justine wondered if, given the opportunity, she would fuck Mark. Although she was rather plain, Mark had commented he enjoyed a good pity fuck now and then, making the remark average women tried harder.

Justine was brought back to reality by Mark speaking. One of the men had brought up a possible lawsuit Verizon was trying to file against them, saying Speakeasy had stolen their technology. Mark spoke for a few minutes on why the suit was frivolous, and was a rumor started as a slander campaign. He finished by adding he had contacted one of Verizon’s countless attorneys about a defamation suit if they went further. At one point while speaking, Mark spread his arms out and Justine smiled at the way the muscles flexed. Yes, today was only going to get better and better from here.

When Mark finished, Justine stood, giving the dogs around her one more chance to take in her tits and thanked them all for coming in on a Saturday. Again, she resisted the urge to smile as they all remarked it was no problem and they were glad to come in and do their part. They also all vowed to a man, to come up with something new for her, thanking her for the second chance. Even though her game had been to show how pathetic they were, they were now more motivated than when they had come in. All over getting to see some cleavage, and her pierced naval. As Paul, who was one of the last to go, wished her a good weekend, Justine wondered what the hell they would do if she showed them proof she was a true redhead

Mark came over and after handing her the martini put his glass down on the edge of her desk. He stood looking around the large office, His eyes lingering on the small couch, before drifting to down at her well organized desk. Intuitively knowing what he was thinking, she asked, “Couch or desk?”

Mark didn’t hesitate. “Desk.”

“Go ahead then.”

Justine sipped at her Martini, which was perfect as always. Mark had bartended his way through school and hadn’t lost the touch. Sliding her heels off, she sighed and settled further back into the chair. Things would be getting pretty wild soon enough and she was enjoying the anticipation. While she sat there, savoring the thought of what was to come, she watched Mark clear off most of her desk.

Removing her laptop, he placed it on the floor next to the desk along with the pictures of Justine’s sister Debra and her two teenage nieces. Can’t have the girls seeing this, she thought with a grin. Ten minutes out of the meeting and she was feeling much more like herself. That was because this was now going to become the day it should be. When Mark had pushed the remaining few items off to one side of the desk, he removed his shirt again, and sat down in the small chair opposite her.

Justine pushed her chair back enough to swing her long legs up onto the desk. Mark had a foot fetish, and no sooner had her bare feet rested on the edge of the desk, his hand reached for them. His fingers had almost reached the sole of her right foot, when he stopped. Justine playfully wiggled her toes at him, and whispered, “Good boy.”

“May I?” he asked, his fingers reaching again.

“No,” Justine said simply. “You get away with enough as it is. Can’t have you getting too cocky can we?”

“No, My Lady,” Mark said softly, while still looking longingly at her toes with their blood red nail polish.

“My Lady?” She raised her eyebrows.

“My Mistress.”

“That’s better.” Justine finished her drink in one long swallow and sighed. “Instead, my dear Lovecraft, perhaps you can explain to me why we’re doing this here rather than in front of the others.”

Sitting back in his chair, and taking a sip of his own drink, Mark said, “I don’t feel it necessary to demean a sister in front of the group. I…”

“Anastasia broke the rules Lovecraft, and if I’m not mistaken it’s my enforcer’s job to show her the error of her ways.”

“And I shall.”

“Privately?” Justine asked, cocking her head at him.

There were rumors throughout some of the groups that her legendary enforcer had a tendency to go soft on some of the ladies of their group. Justine knew there was nothing soft about Mark. He always did what he needed to, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t egg him on.

“No,” he replied calmly. “In front of her Mistress, so you know it was properly dealt with.”

“And why exactly are we cutting our newest sister a break?”

“Because I think it would be embarrassing to her to…”

“Of course it would be!” Justine put her hands out. “Isn’t that the point?”

“With all due respect, Justine I think …”

Swinging her legs from the desk, she leaned forward.

“First of all, we’re discussing the Circle, and you’ll refer to me by my proper title. I’m not Justine to you right now, Lovecraft.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Scarlet, but…”

“And as for humiliating?” She pointed at her chest. “Humiliating is having the master of the Las Angeles Circle call to tell me his brother was sorely disappointed with the gift I bestowed upon him.”


“No, you let me finish,” Justine said heatedly.

She had not thought much on the reason they were here today until now. Their newest member, The Lady Anastasia, had made her look bad. The Lady Scarlet would allow no one to do that to her.

“Our brother, Alexander, traveled here for business. His days in the group are numbered and Master Ramses asked if I’d provide him with entertainment.” Justine spread her arms. “I figured what better gift than being pleasured by the newest member of my group? Alexander gets a special evening and Anastasia learns how to defer to an older member.”

“She was probably not the best choice,” Mark replied.

“Are you questioning my judgment, Lovecraft?” she asked, her voice rising. “Don’t think for a second you’re above being punished.”

Mark looked away, but not before Justine notice his eyes darken slightly. When he spoke however, his voice was still calm.

“Alexander has a reputation as being very demeaning. Many Masters and Mistresses do not allow him with their ladies, unless they enjoy that treatment.”

“Again, you’re questioning me?”

In the beginning of the conversation, Justine had been teasing him, but now he was starting to piss her off.

“The Lady Anastasia is new, and still quite proud. Sydney comes from money, she’s a fucking debutante. She’ll learn proper behavior, but having her first time out being with someone like Alexander was a mistake.”

“Proper behavior is to be taught during an initiation,” Justine countered softly, refusing to show him that he was getting under her skin. “At the moment of breaking, all pride is forgotten.” She smirked. “Isn’t that right, Lovecraft?”

Mark’s eyes darkened further, and his jaw clenched. Justine smiled pleasantly at him.


“None whatsoever,” he replied in a tone that said everything but. “But you make my point. When a member is truly taught humility these issues don’t arise.”

“So you fault her initiator?” Justine asked. “You think Orion was soft on her?”

“I know he was.” Mark shrugged, and leaned forward. “But, then again we all know that some initiations are softer than others. Based on the pledge’s personality and how bad we want them.”

“You’re correct.” Justine nodded. “I knew she wouldn’t respond to an all out assault.” She grinned. “That’s why I didn’t give her to you. Orion has a different approach.”

“A soft initiation creates lack of proper respect.” Mark paused, and looking her straight in the eye finished. “Now I’m questioning your judgment.”

“How dare…”

“This problem was created by her not being taught correctly; hence your embarrassment is of your own doing.”

Justine frowned as she considered his words. Mark was right. When her high Lady Felicia had come to her about Sydney Stone, she had decided then and there she had wanted her for the group. Stone was a successful erotica author, having penned some of the most brutal femdom stories she’d ever read. Felicia had learned Sydney’s stories were written from a wealth of firsthand experience. The woman was as hardcore as they came, and had somehow managed to keep her bedroom activities secret. But Felicia had suspicions and there was no information the Circle was not privy to.

Justine had Mercedes send one of the young doms from her club for a ‘chance’ encounter with Sydney, to see if she could handle him. She had broken him so badly he had lost confidence and Mercedes was currently retraining him. Sydney was beautiful, wealthy, talented and vicious, exactly what she needed to fill the empty seat at her table. The drawback was Sydney came from an affluent family. Couple that with her supreme dominance in the bedroom, and it was a problem.

Many members of the Circle joined for the chance at professional advancement as much as they did for the endless sex games. Most had tasted success, but not to the level the Circle could create for them. Sydney had that already and the initiation was not an easy sell to her. There was nothing in her that would submit. After all, what could the group offer she did not already have?

Justine and Felicia had pushed the game aspect, the fellowship. A place of equals where she could share her exploits in an outlet other than her stories. Sydney had agreed to an initiation and although it was Mark’s turn, Justine knew he would be too hard on her. Sydney was from old money; Mark a poor foster child who had made good. He would have enjoyed breaking her for more than just the good of the group. Yet now here it was not six months later, and he was going to get his chance anyway.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, she nodded.

“Your point is proven. But it still doesn’t answer my question of why we’re not doing this before the group. It’s one of the most important rules.”

“You said Ramses told no one else of this and instructed Alexander to do the same right?”

Chapter Three

Justine opened her eyes and squinted at the alarm clock, wondering if she were seeing it correctly. According to the red numbers that slowly came into focus, it was eleven a.m. How long had it been since she had slept this late? College? Speaking of college, Justine couldn’t help but grin at the mostly empty bottle of Southern Comfort on the nightstand. Last night had been a wild one! She wasn’t sure exactly what time her and Mark had finally fallen asleep, or more accurately passed out, but she had seen the clock hit four a.m.

She was lying on her back and turning her head to the left, found herself face to face with the evil looking goat tattooed on Mark’s back. The eyes were level with hers and she wondered if hers were as red at the moment. As surprised as she was to have just woken up, Justine was shocked to find Mark was not awake. Normally he arose by six a.m., even on the weekends. She turned her head to stare at the ceiling and allowed herself a satisfied smile; it was quite an accomplishment to wear out the normally insatiable bad boy attorney.

Lifting her arms over her head, Justine arched her back and stretched. Her entire body ached, but it was a pleasant pain, like the kind after a good hard work out. That would pretty much describe yesterday’s festivities. After the session with Anastasia, Justine had greatly enjoyed having Mark wash her in the shower before turning him loose and letting him fuck the shit out of her against the wall. All that had done was leave her hungry for more and Mark had made damn sure she had gotten her fill.

The meeting itself had, as always, been amazing. Loki had started things off by telling a hot story about a couple he had been taping as part of his job as a high end private investigator. The couple was mid-forties professionals who went around seducing young girls of barely legal age and tearing them apart. Loki had shown a half hour clip of their latest victim that was so incredible, Mephisto had pointed out that if they weren’t married, either the wife or husband could be Circle material. The main entertainment, as always, had been exquisite; A sixty minute video featuring The Lady Felicia dominating and humiliating a cocky young bartender, who by the end was thanking her for the privilege of jerking off on her feet.

When the meeting adjourned at midnight, Justine had prepared to go up to her room to wait for Mark. Justine lived only blocks away from the crown royal hotel where they’d had the meeting, but knew she was going to drink quite a bit at dinner and rented a suite. She also didn’t want Loki or the Lady Lexi, who also lived in Boston, to go by her place and see Mark’s car there. Justine had been dripping all night while staring at him, then at Anastasia who smiled every time their eyes met. The entire night, her mind kept replaying that scene in her office, picturing Anastasia screaming between her thighs as Mark fucked her ass. Yes, she had been more than ready to go when the meeting ended.

To her surprise, Mark suggested going out to a club. At first she refused. She’d spent the last few hours worked up, had a nice buzz, and wanted to fuck. Mark managed to talk her into it and they went down the street to a club where Justine figured she would humor him, and stay for a drink or two. They ended up staying until the two a.m. last call and Justine had an amazing time. They’d played pool, drank round after round, and then Mark dragged her out onto the dance floor with him.

Initially she’d protested, but when he wrapped his powerful arms around her waist from behind and started grinding on her, she couldn’t hold back and the two of them had put on quite a show. Justine was still wearing the short tight black dress she’d chosen for the meeting and was reveling in looks she was getting from the young men around her. Mark was getting more than his share of looks as well from the pretty little coeds from BU that were there. At one point he talked her into dancing with a couple of the guys and as she ground her ass into their hard cocks she thought she was going to gush right there on the floor.

Mark had decided to show off with a couple of the girls and Justine loved watching them melt for him. Although not nearly as much as she enjoyed being the center of attention of a roomful of boys half her age. When the club closed they returned to the hotel where Mark talked the bartender at the restaurant, which was closed, into letting them sit and have a couple more drinks. When they had finally gotten back to her room, he had produced the bottle of from under his jacket and they did a couple of quick shots before tearing into each other.

Justine sighed contentedly. Mark always seemed to know what she needed and last night had been a perfect example. She had been working hard even by her standards lately and hadn’t been playing much at all. She hadn’t had a night like last night in longer than she cared to remember. It wasn’t just the sex; she could always get that. Last night was about fun; Justine had felt like a young girl again. A great dinner, even better company, pool, dancing, amazing sex, it was the perfect night.

That night had now turned into a perfect morning. She had slept late, and was lying naked in a comfortable bed next to a gorgeous man a dozen years younger than her. Justine took a deep breath, closed her eyes and released a satisfied purr, the room smelled like sex. That smell caused her to slide her hand down her stomach and into the cleft of her pussy. She rolled her eyes as her pubic hair was damp to the touch and the soft folds of her flesh still moist from last night. Justine exhaled as her fingers rubbed across her clit which was sore, yet ready at the same.

Bringing her fingers back to her face, she inhaled deeply, taking in her own musky scent. Although it was in vogue to have a shaved pussy, Justine let hers grow in, and had never heard any complaints. If anything, men and women alike loved the patch of fiery red hair between her legs. The hair also served to cause her pussy to smell stronger, and the scent drove her wild. Sucking her fingers into her mouth she felt her nipples stiffening against the sheets and began to think about something else stiffening.

She glanced over at Mark’s muscular back and the sight of the long red scratches that were visible even through his tattoos made up her mind. It was time to make it an even better morning. Justine rolled onto her side, slipping her arm around Mark’s waist and sliding close to him. Her hard nipples pressed into his back and, nuzzling her face into his neck, she placed a kiss just below his ear. Mark made a soft little sound in his throat and burrowed his head into the pillow. Justine smiled; who would ever think anything about Mark could be cute?

She repeated the kiss and let her hand slide down his chest to linger on his hard flat stomach. Mark sighed, but still didn’t appear to be waking up. Justine decided to be patient for once and, laying her head on the pillow next to his, relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of being close to him. She lay there feeling the rise and fall of his breathing against her hand and for a moment could understand why most women yearned to marry and have this every morning. The ironic thing was that most married people lost this closeness over the years and strayed into the arms of others. Justine had realized at a very young age, she had no desire to ever commit to one man.

For the first time since the meeting with Sydney, Justine’s thoughts turned serious. What exactly was she doing with Mark? The answer, from the standpoint of Mistress Scarlet, was abusing her position in the Circle. Granted time was not common amongst members. It was reserved for mostly rewards, or to provide entertainment for high ranking members who were traveling. The rules could be bent by Masters and Mistresses; there was nothing wrong with using the power of the position to enjoy the charms of one of their Circle.

Yet repeated encounters with favorites, Circle Pets as they were referred to, were frowned upon. It not only established a feeling of superiority in the member, but weakened the authority of the Master. That is not to say it did not go on. Justine herself had been a favorite of the prior leader of the group, Lazarus, in the last year before he had to step down. That had only been several times and most of those nights after sex, they would sit and Lazarus would teach her the ins and outs of the Circle he was grooming her to run.

Mark was a different story. Justine had first let him share her bed as a way of making up for what she had done to him at his initiation. Several months later, on the night she had ascended to Mistress, Justine had taken him for her celebration. After that she found she greatly enjoyed his company and not just in the bedroom. Mark was one of the most intriguing men she had ever met. On one hand arrogant, ruthless, even dangerous, yet on other occasions he could be quite charming and sweet. There were times she, amongst many others, wondered if he were bipolar.

As Justine got older and she moved up the corporate later, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find men to toy with. That was a double standard in the Circle and in life itself. The men could show up with women half their age and all their indiscretions were met with shrugs and “boys will be boys.” But if it was discovered a woman in Justine’s position enjoyed not only fucking men of all ages, but totally dominating them, all hell would break loose. The Lady Mercedes owned a BDSM club in New York and would send subs to Justine as well as other members of the Circle all over the country.

These men and women were not only trained to please, but to keep their mouths shut, under pain of severe punishment by Mercedes herself. Even then some members, like Victoria Redding, who as a successful model had a lot to lose, would still either blindfold them or herself wear a mask. Justine had been getting weary of the game, and on a whim a couple of years ago invited Mark back to her place after a meeting. She had been in a bit of a funk and the game that night was that there was no game. They were just two attractive professionals going at it like the animals they really were. After the initial tearing into each other, the next time was slower and playful.

Justine had enjoyed everything about that night and since then Mark had more and more often spent the nights of the meetings with her, either at hotels or his place when the meeting was in Providence. Many nights Justine would tell herself she wouldn’t the next month, but always caved. Things then took another turn three months ago when Justine had been feeling particularly horny and called him on a Friday, after which he had ended up spending the weekend. That was the first time she noticed how much she enjoyed his company beyond sex.

There was no love involved, of that she was certain, neither of them were conditioned that way, but there was affection. The best way to describe it at this point would be friends with benefits which would be fine if it were not for the group. As it was, Alex suspected them, constantly fishing during meeting nights, asking Mark what he was up to afterwards, even inviting him out to go hunting as they put it. Alex had also tried playing twenty questions with her. Justine knew he didn’t care in the sense she was abusing her position, as much as his arrogant ass couldn’t fathom why she didn’t want him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Mark moving, rolling over against her so that he was lying on his back. His head turned to her and she saw his eyes were barely open and what she could see of them was as red as her hair. Mark put his arm out and closed his eyes again. Justine moved back next to him, putting her hand on his chest, and resting her head on his shoulder. Mark brought his arm up so it was around her shoulders and she thought, yes this was getting to be a problem. She could stop it easily. Never once had Mark asked it was all her doing.

In the end, she always came down to why should she care. The Circle was about doing and taking whatever you want. She had been in the group for over seventeen years, starting at a time when the ladies were treated as nothing more than glorified whores. There were nights she had been bent over the table and taken by the Master himself or whatever member he was rewarding in front of the entire group. She had complained once and been whipped bloody by the sham of an enforcer they’d had. Justine had wanted to quit, but Lazarus, who was the diplomat then, had taken her and the other ladies aside and said that he was going to force a vote. In exchange for their votes, he promised change. The ladies would be revered and respected as they should be.

Justine and the others had trusted him and not only had Lazarus changed their Circle, but others had noticed the difference and followed suit. The Lady Persephone from the Chicago Circle, who was now High Mistress, had changed the nature of the Enforcer position to be a protector as well as a rule keeper. The new enforcers defended their sisters and dealt out fierce justice against any male member who misused a lady. But it had not happened overnight and Justine had paid her dues. She deserved to get whatever she wanted from the group. Right now what Justine wanted was laying next her, and she had waited long enough.

Using her fingernails, Justine lightly traced her way down the middle of his chest, to his stomach. Mark sighed softly as, flattening her hand; she began caressing the inside of his thigh. Justine flicked her tongue out, swirling it around his nipple. Mark’s breathing picked up and his hips twitched when the edge of her hand rubbed along his semi hard cock.

“Hmm, good morning,” he whispered.

Lifting her head from his chest, Justine kissed him.

“You smell like my pussy,” Kissing him again, she opened her mouth, letting her tongue play lightly across his lips.

“You taste like me too.”

Mark’s answer turned into a moan as her hand left his thigh, wrapped around his thick cock, and gave it a squeeze.

“Now this is a good morning!” Justine laughed.

Mark smiled at her and his now completely open eyes showed the amazing green gold of his irises.

“You really are beautiful, Justine,” he said quietly.

“You have to say that,” she told him. “I’m playing with your cock.” She gave him another squeeze. “But it still sounds damn good.”

Mark kissed her again, but this time it wasn’t quick, but slow and sensual. Justine closed her eyes and slowly stroked him as their lips parted and their tongues darted across each other. His arm tightened around her shoulders, pulling her closer against him. Justine could feel her nipples pushing into his side and began rocking, causing them to slide across him. Still pumping his cock, she slid her lips from his and began to trail her lips down his chest.

Lifting his leg, Mark kicked the covers off, and Justine felt her pussy begin to flow at the sight of his huge throbbing cock in her hand. He pulled at her shoulder, trying to roll her over, but she resisted, whispering, “Just lie back, and let me show my appreciation for an amazing evening.”

“As my Mistress commands,” he replied.

“No mistress,” Justine said softly in between kissing his chiseled stomach. “Just you and me having fun.”

Even as she said it, her mind went back to this being a problem, but with her mouth inches from the swollen dripping head of his cock, she quickly pushed it aside. Drawing her legs up, Justine rolled over onto her knees next to him. This way he could watch as her tongue darted out and playfully ran along the head of his cock. Mark moaned softly and his hips twitched as, ducking her head, she swirled her tongue around his balls, while giving his cock a hard squeeze. Her hair had fallen across her face and, taking it in her hand, she offered it to him.

Mark took her hair and, wrapping his fingers into it, placed it on the back of her head. Positioning his cock so that it was standing straight, Justine took just the spongy head in her mouth. Angling her head so that her blue eyes were staring straight into his, Justine slowly caressed his hard flesh with her tongue. He closed his eyes and sighed as she sped her tongue up. His eyes opened and he gasped when she gave his cock a hard suck. Justine moaned in her throat as she was rewarded with a squirt of his precum in her mouth.

Deciding she wanted to give him an even better show, Justine sat up and, rolling over on top of him, quickly slid down between his legs. She released a soft moan as her nipples slid down his chest and his hard cock rubbed along her thigh. When she was lying directly between his legs, she propped herself up on her elbows and, taking his cock between her lip’s winked at him before taking the entire length of it down her throat.

“Oh goddamn,” Mark moaned.

“Hmmm,” Justine groaned around his cock, loving the sensation of having her mouth and throat stuffed with his hard flesh. She could feel his sticky precum dripping down her throat and her eyes rolled in pleasure. She loved how much he was enjoying it, even in the Circle; few were the women who could deep throat him at all, never mind so easily. Giving him an extra thrill, she forced her mouth open wider, slid her tongue out along the base of his shaft, and licked his balls.

Sliding him from her mouth, she smiled, “Better than The Lady Anastasia?”

“Oh hell yeah,” he answered. “Better view too.”

“Aren’t you sweet.” She kissed the tip of his cock. “Well you know what they say flattery will get you.”

Justine again took him down to the base of his shaft. She paused for a moment, again reveling in the sensation of having her mouth full. She shook her head back and forth; causing him to moan then began bobbing her head in a slow steady rhythm. Justine removed her hands from his shaft and placed them on his thighs, now using only her mouth to pleasure him. She picked up the pace slightly, showing off how easily she could handle him. She began sliding him all the way to the very tip before going halfway down then back up before going down to his balls.

Mark worked his hands down between them and started playing with her nipples. Justine closed her eyes and moaned softly around his cock. They were tender from last night’s marathon, but his touch was soft, his fingers teasing lightly across her swollen flesh. She slowed up on her sucking, taking her time and savoring every sensation. In addition to the delightful feeling of his cock sliding between her soft full lips, Justine could taste herself on him. More than that, when she had him all the way down and her face was buried between his legs, she could smell her pussy. Even his thighs smelled like her.

His fingers stopped their light teasing and, taking her nipples between them, started twisting them back and forth. They were sensitive and the hint of discomfort heightened the overall feeling of pleasure. Justine started sucking faster, and sliding her hands up, returned the favor, caressing his nipples with her finger nails. They both sighed at the same time, and she would have smiled had she not had his cock buried in her throat. For as much as she loved the games and the control, Justine was now enjoying these slow playful encounters more and more.

She opened her eyes to see Mark watching her, taking in the show of her working his amazing cock. Knowing how much he liked it, Justine bent her legs up so that he could see the bottoms of her feet and started kicking them back and forth. His gaze went to them and she bent them far enough so he could see her red toenails. Mark smiled and, slipping his hand from her tit, placed it on the back of her head, wrapping it into her long red hair. He started to push and pull to match her rhythm. He was not forcing her, but guiding her and again the softer touch made her desire him even more. Justine began sucking hard and fast, fully showing off her oral skills as she took him deep again and again.

Mark’s breathing became heavier and his hips began to rock back and forth matching the movements of her mouth. Justine became aware of her own hips rocking, grinding her dripping pussy into the soft sheets. Still sucking him, she slid her knees up underneath of her and, grabbing her tits wrapped them around his cock. Mark’s hand tightened in her hair and his hips began to thrust harder, fucking her full breasts as she tongued the sensitive tip of his dripping prick.

Justine sucked hard on the head, causing him to gasp, and sending another spurt of his salty fluid down her throat. She released his cock as she was still sucking, causing a wet popping sound and eliciting another groan from him. Putting her hands down on the bed, Justine began to crawl back up the length of his body. Her eyes locked onto his, enjoying the look of desire in them as he watched her make her way up to him. She was holding herself low enough so that her large heavy tits were dragging across his stomach and chest, her hard nipples teasing themselves against his equally hard flesh.

When her hands were on the bed over his shoulders and she was over him, she pushed up and swung her tits back and forth in front of his face. They were just out of the reach of his tongue and he tried to sit up.

She shook her head. “Hmm-mm.”

Mark put his head back on the pillow and remained still as she lowered her tits and started teasing him with her nipples. He opened his mouth and she leaned over, allowing him to take her swollen nub between his lips. Justine let him suck on it for a moment before switching off and offering him the other tit. Mark’s hands were sliding up and down her back and ass, and she could feel his hard cock pressing against the back of her thigh, inches from her pussy. Lowering herself onto her elbows, she nuzzled her face into his neck.