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Weimaraner: The Weimaraner Bible is everything you need to know about Weimaraners from Weimaraner Puppies, Weirmaraner Breeders, Weimaraner Rescue, bringing your Weimaranerhome, Weimaraner Dogs as Adults, Weirmaraner Health, Weirmaraner Temperament, Weirmaraner Training and all the proven insider tips you’ll need to succeed with this incredible breed! The Weimaraner is an amazingly rewarding breed and will surprise you with its intelligence- if you have the tips to understand its unique personality! Everything is covered from Weimaraner breed history, finding the best Weimaraner Breeders, Weimaraner Puppies and how to pick the best, Weimaraner Care, Weimaraner Health, Weimaraner Training, Weimaraner Adolescence, Weimaraner Adulthood, through to Weimaraner Old Age. The author covers details on Weimaraner Vaccinations, Weimaraner Price Ranges, Size, Lifespan, and much, much more. Another informative and entertaining title from dog expert Susanne Saben.Whether you are considering a Weimaraner for the first time, or a seasoned Weimaraner owner, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove invaluable. This book is the must-have guide for anybody passionate about the Weimaraner breed. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight forward, no-nonsense fashion, Susanne Saben covers all aspects of deciding on, adopting or buying a Weimaraner, Care, Health, Weimaraner Food, Weimaraner stages of life, travelling with your Weimaraner and having fun with your Weimaraner- throughout its life!

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Table of Contents

Resource List

Chapter 1 - Introducing The Weimaraner

Chapter 2 – Weimaraner Dogs: The History of the Breed

The Development of the Dog Breed Weimaraner

Chapter 3 – Weimaraner Dog Types and Weimaraner Mix Dogs – The Long Haired Weimaraner and More!

Variations on the Weimaraner – Blue Weimaraner, Long Haired Weimaraner and Weimaraner Brown Dogs

Does the Toy Weimaraner Exist?

Weimaraner Lab Mix and Other Weimaraner Mix Breeds

Chapter 4 – Is The Weimaraner the Right Dog For Me? An Overview of Weimaraner Temperament, Weimaraner Training, and More

Weimaraner Space and Exercise Needs – Are They Easy to Keep?

Weimaraner Temperament – Are They Family Dogs?

Weimaraner Dogs and Other Pets – Do They Get Along?

What Should You Know About Training a Weimaraner?

Can You Handle a Weimaraner Dog?

Chapter 5 – Weimaraner Puppies For Sale—Should You Buy a Weimaraner Puppy or Adopt from a Weimaraner Rescue?

Weimaraner Puppies for Sale – Puppy or Adult Dog?





Should You Buy a Puppy Weimaraner for Sale or Adopt from a Weimaraner Rescue?

Buying Blue Weimaraner Puppies?

Chapter 6 – How to Avoid Buying Weimaraner Puppies Bred in Puppy Mills

Picture this:

Chapter 7 – Weimaraner Breeders – How Do You Find a Responsible Breeder With a Healthy Weimaraner for Sale?

Finding a Responsible Weimaraner Breeder

Phone Number:

Health Guarantee?

Puppies Available?

Deposit Required?

Picking Out Healthy Weimaraner Puppies for Sale

Chapter 8 – Your New Weimaraner Puppy—Puppy-Proofing, Toys, Supplies and More

What Supplies Does Your Weimaraner Puppy Need?

Puppy-Proofing – Keep Your Puppy Safe

Chapter 9 – Feeding the Dog Weimaraner — The Nutritional Needs of Weimaraners

What Nutrients Does Your Weimaraner Need?

Tips for Reading a Dog Food Label

Feeding Tips for Weimaraner Puppies and Adult Dogs

Dangerous Foods to Avoid

Chapter 10 – Everything You Need to Know About Weimaraner Health

Common Health Problems in Weimaraner Dogs

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy

Cervical Spondylomyelopathy

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Atrial Septal Defects

Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Eye Problems

Gastric Torsion

Autoimmune Disease


Recommended Vaccinations for Weimaraners

Vaccination Schedule for Dogs





Chapter 11 – Weimaraner Training – A Complete Guide to Dog Training for Weimaraners

The Dos and Don’ts of Weimaraner Dog Training

Crate Training Your Weimaraner Puppy

Positive Reinforcement/Clicker Training

Chapter 12 – Weimaraner Grooming: Tips for Keeping Your Weimaraner Dog Looking His Absolute Best

What is the Weimaraner’s Coat Like?

Brushing and Bathing Your Weimaraner

Other Grooming Tasks – Clipping and Trimming

Chapter 13- Weimaraner Life Expectancy and Caring for Older Weimaraner Dogs

Chapter 14 – Things to Think About Before Showing Your Weimaraner

Why Should You Consider Showing Your Weimaraner?

Simple Tips for Your First Dog Show

Chapter 15 – Breeding Weimaraners – Is it Really the Best Choice for Your Dog?

What Does it Take to Breed Dogs?

Understanding the Heat Cycle for Dogs

Chapter 16 – Conclusion

Useful Terms to Know

Resource List

This quality resource list will help you further maximize your experience with the Weimaraner breed. Enjoy!

Breeders USA (in alphabetical order):

• Barrett Weimaranershttp://www.barrettweimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Southern California

• Blue Ridge Weimaranershttp://www.blueridgeweimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Missouri, Family Business Great Story on Website.

• BTW Kennels http://www.btwkennels.com - USA Breeder, Based in Pennsylvania

• Camelot Weimaranershttp://www.camelotweimaraner.com - USA Breeder, Based in Rhode Island, 30+ Years of Experience

• Drehbar Weimaranershttp://www.drehbarweims.com - USA Breeder, Based in Michigan, AKC and UKC Registered.

• Driftwood Weimaranershttp://driftwoodweimaraners.com USA Breeder, Based in North Carolina. Multiple Show Champions.

• Foxfire Weimaranershttp://www.foxfireweims.com USA Breeder, Based in Colorado, Over 20 Years of Experience, AKC Breeder of Merit

• HiBourne Weimaranershttp://www.hibourne.com - USA Breeder, Based in New York, Champion Versatile Weimaraners Since 1984.

• Indaba Weimaraners http://www.indabaweimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Maine, Family Business for Over 50 years.

• Miller’s Kennel http://www.millerskennel.com - USA Breeder, Illinois Based Over 20 Years Experience with 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

• Palm Coast Weimaraners http://www.palmcoastweims.com - USA Breeder, Based in Florida

• Regen Weimaraners http://www.regen-weimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Washington State, Multiple Top Champions in the Line.

• Schwartz Family Weimaranershttp://schwartzfamilyweimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Pennsylvania, Puppy and Stud Service, Many Details on Website.

• Silverpoint Weimaranershttp://www.silverpointweimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Kansas, Many Champions in the Line.

• Silvershot Weimaraners http://www.silvershotweimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Michigan, Many Champions in the Line

• Silversmith Farmhttp://www.silversmithfarm.com - USA Breeder, Based in South Carolina, Many Champions in the Line.

• Vega Weimaraners http://www.vegaweim.com - USA Breeder, Based in Florida, Member of ASPB.

• Willow Ridge Weimaraners http://www.willowridgeweimaraners.com - USA Breeder, Based in Kentucky, Many Positive Testimonials on Site.

• Wire Grass Weimaraners http://www.wiregrassweimaranerstoo.com - USA Breeder, Florida Based.

• Wyheestar Weimaranershttp://www.owyheestar.com - USA Breeder, Oregon based, Family Based Business


• Bartland Weimaranershttp://www.bartlandweimaraners.com - Canada Breeder, based in British Columbia, Over 20 Years Experience, Multiple Champions in Line.

• Prairie Shadow Weimaraners http://www.prairieshadowdogs.com - Canada Breeder, Based in Alberta, Many Details on Website


• Minstergate Weimaranershttp://www.minstergate-weimaraners.org.uk - UK Breeders, Based in York, Over 25 Years of Experience.

• Kalimor Weimaranershttp://kalimorweimaraners.co.uk - UK Breeders, Hertfordshire, Kennel Club Assured Breeder.


“Breed Standard.” - The Kennel Club. http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/services/public/breed/standard.aspx?id=2058

“Brief History of the Weimaraner Breed.” - Weimaraner Club of America. http://weimaranerclubofamerica.org

“Chewy.com” – http://www.chewy.com USA Site, Great selection of extremely tough chew toys, search “Kong” brand for your Weimaraner on the site.

“JeffersPet.com” – http://www.jefferspet.com Extensive Tough Toys and other Supplies, look for Kong brand.

“Most Popular Dog Breeds in America & Weimaraner Breed Standards” - http://www.akc.org/ American Kennel Club.

“Weimaraner Breed Standard.” - Weimaraner Club of America. http://weimaranerclubofamerica.org

“The Weimaraner Breed. - Weimaraner Club of Great Britain.”http://www.weimaraner.me.uk/index.php/the-breed

“Westpawdesign.com” – http://www.westpaw.com - Check out the extremely tough “Tux” toys for your Weimaraner.


Introducing The Weimaraner

W hen you see a Weimaraner dog there is no way to confuse it for another breed. Sometimes nicknamed “the Gray Ghost,” these dogs have an unmistakable silver-gray coat that sometimes exhibits a bluish sheen. In addition to their coat color, Weimaraners are also easy to identify by their long legs, lithe bodies, and large floppy ears. From the very first time you see a Weimaraner, this is not a breed you will soon forget!

I distinctly remember the first time I saw a Weimaraner. I was hiking through the woods at a park near my house, enjoying the cool weather as summer transitioned into fall. I was coming around a bend in the trail when I saw a mystical grey creature come bursting through the brush, running right toward me. I stopped in my tracks, mesmerized by the beauty of the thing and was still in a bit of shock when the creature came right up to me and I realized that I was being greeted by one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen.

As the dog nuzzled my hands and sniffed me over, his owner came around the bend, apologizing for his dog being so forward. I dismissed the apology and immediately began peppering him with questions about his beautiful dog. What breed was he? Where did he come from? How could I find one for myself!

The Weimaraner is a skilled hunting dog with versatile applications for pointing, tracking, and more.