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With her upcoming wedding, Sarah was feeling extremely happy, imaging the bridal night with her fiance. But right before the event she receives an unexpected visit from the bridegroom. A present of an old ring, and she finds herself betrayed. Left alone with a man with unknown powers, thrown into a storm of pleasure, giving herself to a man who wasn't her intended.Trapped for over a millennia, the ruler wizard is finally set free from his ring prison. Now he has his sights set on the modern era, but first some business with the female responsible for his freedom.

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Trina Page


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THE NEXT DAY WOULD BE her wedding, one of those treasured moments in a life. Or at least she thought so.

Humming a happy tune, Sarah swiped the key card in the lock of her hotel room door. With a flick the light changed to green and she eagerly pushed the portal open. Inside was dark as she fumbled for a moment for the light switch.

The sudden glare from the lights momentarily blinded her. Stepping softly into the room, she gently closed the door behind her.

There was a small hallway that opened up to where a single large bed occupied the majority of the room. To one side was the door for the bathroom. With a content sigh she stripped off her coat, slinging it over a nearby chair.

Feeling giddy with anticipation, she flopped on her stomach on the welcoming bed. She stretched her stiff limbs, practically purring as her tense muscles loosened and she sagged farther into the mattress. The young woman rolled onto her back, staring happily at the ceiling. Tomorrow she would be married to the nicest and cutest guy she could ever hope for...

A picture of John appeared in her mind. Blonde hair and blue eyes, with a smile that was charming and endearing at the same time. And starting tomorrow he would be hers, and vice versa. Sarah giggled to herself, a blush staining her cheeks.

Tomorrow would most certainly be more exciting than her bachelorette party was. For some reason the man had been absolutely adamant that she stay out no later than eight o’clock. That, and his rules for what was acceptable entertainment had frustrated her friends to no end.

There were to be no male strippers, or any males, actually. Bars, unless they were in a private room, were also verboten. She felt a little embarrassed over his possessive attitude, but at the same time flattered that he would go so far to keep her to himself. Sarah supposed it had something to do with his rather strict thoughts on how a couple should and should not behave.

Truth be told, he was the most prudish man she knew. He was even worse than her! Not once during their time together had he kissed her, at least not on the lips. Chaste kisses on the forehead and cheek were more his style. Curious, she even went so far as to question him about his strange habits.

“I just want to save everything for that special night,” he had replied

In a way that was fine with her. It would have been her first kiss, the truth of which she had divulged early in their relationship. She felt very self conscious about the entire idea. Doubts like, would she be a bad kisser, and what if she just didn’t do it right, flitted through her mind. His self-imposed rules helped put those worries on the back burner, at least for awhile.

Suddenly there came a rap on the door that broke through her thoughts. Confused as to who it could be, she lifted herself off the bed. Walking up to the door, she took a peak through the peephole. She was surprised to find the object of her thoughts standing on other side.

With no hesitation she opened the portal. Her fiance smiled when she appeared. His facial expression seemed to relax slightly as well, like he was worried she wouldn’t be there. “Hello, hon. Just wondering if we could have a talk for a moment?”

Confused, but not willing to deny him anything, she stepped aside to allow him to enter. Feeling superstitious, Sarah tried to remember if it was bad luck for a groom to see the bride the night before the wedding. Or maybe that was the morning of?

Her face flushed with embarrassment as he walked up to the bed and sat down. Naturally her thoughts led her to what they would be doing together on their wedding night. He came right to the point of his visit. “There’s something I want to give you.” Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a small, felt-covered box.

Intensely curious, she stepped forward as he opened the lid. She already had an engagement ring, so she didn’t have a clue what this could be.

“This has been in my family for several generations,” John commented as he turned the box so she could get a good view of the contents.

Nestled in the soft inner padding lay one of the most beautiful rings she had ever seen. The band was obviously solid gold, the smaller jewels on the outside gleaming green and red. But it was what was set in the middle of the ring that caught and held her attention. The gem was as golden as the sun, shining brilliantly even in the weak light of the room. It was in the shape of a square and sat snugly in its casing.

Sarah found herself speechless with awe. He took the item out of its case and stood, beckoning her closer. She obeyed, letting him slip the gorgeous band effortlessly over her finger. Much to her surprise it was a perfect fit. He must have had the ring altered for her size.

Face glowing with happiness, she shyly looked him in the eye. The young man looked pleased with himself. “I knew this old ring would fit you perfectly,”