We Played The Incest Game: Volume One (Extreme Taboo Case Study Erotica) - Max Edelman - ebook

This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the "Free Excerpt" below for all the sexy details!****Excerpt***NAME: JudyJudy was a thirty-four year old mother, and sitting before my desk, she looked at least ten years younger than her age. She had long, flowing, brown hair, large, saucer-like brown eyes, she was wearing no bra, and her breasts jutted majestically through the sweater she wore, with her nipples plainly in view. To complete her image, Judy wore short, short, hot-pants which revealed long, slender legs.*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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We Played The Incest Game: Volume One

Max Edelman

Copyright © 2017

Darque Taboo Press



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Disclaimer: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic, adult language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable which might include: multiple sexual practices, heavy and strong BDSM themes and elements, erotic elements and fetish play. This e-book is for sale to adults ONLY. All characters depicted at least eighteen years of age or older.

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NAME: Judy

Judy was a thirty-four year old mother, and sitting before my desk, she looked at least ten years younger than her age. She had long, flowing, brown hair, large, saucer-like brown eyes, she was wearing no bra, and her breasts jutted majestically through the sweater she wore, with her nipples plainly in view. To complete her image, Judy wore short, short, hot-pants which revealed long, slender legs.

"Judy, what exactly is your problem?" I queried her to begin our first interview.

Judy sat silently before me. She was nervously fidgeting with her purse, looking around the room, at the floor, the ceiling, and staring into her lap. To compound her nervousness she crossed, and uncrossed, her legs many times. Judy, as yet, had not responded to my original question, so I felt it was time to set her straight.

"Judy, nothing can ever be accomplished without your being totally open, honest, and complete in your relation of your experiences to me. It's much better to tell me everything and it also helps you to relax if you do." I further instructed Judy as to what I hoped our procedure would be.

"Alright, if you insist I'll tell you what you want to know." Judy reluctantly agreed to cooperate with me.

"O.K., fine. Then I'll ask you again. What is it that made you come to see me?" I reiterated the question to Judy.

"I am having an incestuous affair with my eighteen year old son, Randy," Judy said, her voice shaking.

"I see, Judy. Why don't you begin at the beginning," I said, wanting Judy to get started while she still had the courage.

"I can remember, it started one day when Randy's father was away on a long business trip ...

"Randy is an only child, his father and I had him when I was very young and we have never had another child. Randy's father is forty-two years old, eight years older than I, and he is away from home often on business trips. Randy and I are constantly being left home alone together.

"Randy is the type of young man that all the girls in school have a crush on. He is extremely tall, very dark complected, extremely handsome, and far more mature, physically and mentally than others his own age. I admired and loved my son like any mother would, but I knew deep down inside me that there was always something strange between us that I could not explain ...

"That strange, mysterious, physical attraction I had for Randy came to a head one day when his father was away on a trip, and I was just getting out of a long shower. Randy came upstairs after school, and barged into my bathroom wanting the keys to the car. Randy found me, standing before my dressing room mirror, combing my long, flowing hair. Otherwise, I was stark naked and dripping from the beads of water. I stood there, and looked at Randy for one long moment. What I saw was not a young boy, a son, but a man. There was an animal-like attraction for Randy in my crotch, which went far beyond motherhood and epitomized an extreme physical sensuality and awareness. I wanted Randy, and I wanted to make him aware of this as soon as possible. From the look in his eyes, unflinching at the sight of his mother naked before him, I felt that he may have been feeling the same things that I did. Now was the time to find out.

"Wouldn't you rather have me, than the car?' I asked Randy, as I heatedly approached his presence in the bathroom, and wrapped my arms around him.

"Mother ... I ... don't know ... what to say,' Randy replied, standing before me unaware of what he should do, or exactly what I wanted from him.

"I want you to make love to me, Randy. I want to have you fuck me, and eat me. I want to blow you, suck you, and lick you.' I told Randy exactly what I wanted from this new-found union.

"'Mom ... you're one hell of a motherfucker!' Randy said, breaking into a smile and wrapping his manly arms around me, drawing me as close to his chest as was humanly possible.

"My body was highly tuned to Randy's every touch, as his arms squeezed me tighter and I felt the passions welling up inside my crotch. My cunt was dampening immeasurably, and all I had on my mind was to strip Randy and make him naked as I was. I began to undo the buttons on his shirt, as he placed his moist, warm lips over mine, and mine parted in response as his tongue poured through them. My whole body surged with excitement and frenzy, as Randy's mouth, lips, and tongue separated mine further and his rough, hot breath poured into my mouth. I picked up the pace, and practically tore the shirt from his body, exposing his hard, muscular physique.

"I want you, mother ... mom ... I want you ... I want to fuck you ... suck you ... eat you ... ream you ... we'll have a great time!' Randy said excitedly, as my hands roamed over his body and he squeezed me even tighter.

"I was so highly sensitized to Randy's every touch, that I began to ravage his body as my fingers slid between the waistband of his pants and his abdomen and began to tear away at his belt to remove all encumbrances so his cock could shoot out free and erect. As Randy tried to hold me close, I continued my assault on his flesh. I unzipped his zipper in a frenzy, and pulled his pants down, and off, over his legs. Shooting out rock hard from beneath his underpants, was Randy's golden dong. I placed both of my hands spreading my fingers wide under his crotch, and his vast expanse began to harden at my touch.

"Uh huh ... oh God ... yes ... oh, mother, cop my joint ... rub my cock ... oh yes, that's it ... rub it ... squeeze it ... rub my balls ... Cop my, joint, mother, cop my joint!' Randy moaned with pleasure, as my hands roamed over his joint.

"Just having emerged from a scalding hot shower, my flesh was ready for sexual activity. I grabbed Randy's cock, underpants and all, and led him toward the shower, where I hoped we would become united once again as mother and son. I wanted Randy back inside my body, to remind me of those days that I carried him around prior to birth. Our relationship as mother and son did not matter to me now. It was just animal instincts, and a desire for his cock in my body and whatever pleasures we could bring .each other that drove me on. The twitching in my twat was growing to a crescendo as I tore Randy's underpants from him and dragged him cock first into our large stall shower. I shut the door behind us and turned on the shower head which spurted out hot, rapid, and tantalizing beads of water.

"I have had my shower, Randy ... now I'm going to give you yours. I'm going to wash your balls, your cock, your stomach, and all over your flesh, so you can feel as alive as I do. Then we're going to fuck, suck, ream and cream,' I told Randy, as I dragged the soapy washcloth from its holder and began to massage his body with it.

"I placed Randy against the shower wall, and I watched him purr as I took the soapy washcloth and ran it over his abdomen, his chest, and his arms. He was getting into the swing of things, now, as the hot water began to penetrate his senses, and his animal instincts towards me began to rise with the heat of the water, I noticed his cock beginning to come erect and firm at my touch, as I lowered my right hand so I could start to massage its pulsating expanse. My left hand continued to work the soapy washcloth over all the fibres of his body, watching his flesh come alive with each touch.

"Clean my cock ... clean my balls ... clean my scrotum ... clean all of me so I can penetrate your beautiful loins, mother, and fuck the ever-loving shit out of you ... !' Randy said, going into a euphoric state, as my washcloth roamed over his body and my hands massaged his penis and cock head.

"Yes, Randy ... I want to clean your cock and balls and shaft so that your driving dong can rivet and rotate in my cunt, and return to the place where you arose from,' I said, getting anxious at the thought of having my own son pulverize my pussy.

"My heart was beating so wildly within my chest, I thought it was going to pour right through the skin. I could feel my tits becoming hard, pink, and firm. The nipples were becoming erect, and the beads of shower water were making my whole flesh tingle with excitement. As I continued to wash down Randy's body, his large, strong hands cupped my breasts and began to massage them back and forth in beautiful motions. As Randy's hands roamed over the expanse of my flesh, my cunt began to lubricate with a dampened love juice. I could feel my love button, the clitoris, hardening rapidly under my hair lined gash, and I anticipated with glee what was going to proceed between Randy and I.

"Yes, Randy, rub it ... rub my bush ... get the mound ... put your fingers in my cunt ... spread my pussy lips apart ... oh ... ah ... uh-huh ... yes, that's it ... oh shove your fingers in there ... oh, rub my crevice, go on Randy, rub my crevice!' I urged Randy to continue his ministerings as his sex-crazed fingers began to furrow deep into my mound, caressing the natal lips which were in the orifice of my cunt.

"I dropped to my knees excitedly, as each and every touch of Randy's flesh brought more passion into my loins. I took his hardening tool between my long, slender fingers and began to massage up and down along his cockshaft. Randy fell back against the shower wall, spreading his legs to give me easier access to the massagings of his organs. Randy's whole pelvis region began to beat and sway with a lustful motion, as my ministerings picked up. Randy had a giant-sized cock, for a man his age. Only eighteen, yet he had a cannon that could do battle inside the loins of any cunt in town. I was proud of my son, my Randy. I wanted to be one of the first, I hoped, to experience the pleasure that he could give. I grabbed onto his gobs of male meat even further, and made a loop with my fingers over the shaft, as my pinkie tickled his balls, and my forefinger began to massage his bulbous crown, my hands slid up and down his cockshaft. I was on my knees now, on the shower floor, going wild on Randy's balls, as my left hand, the one with the washcloth, decided to clean off that area before I put my lips on it. With gentle, loving strokes the soapy washcloth went over the expanse of Randy's cock, scrotum, and cockhead, and washed off each and every drop of flesh. Above me, Randy was moaning and groaning with excitement, as the washcloth and my fingers paid attention to his sexual regions. His wiry pubes became soapy. His cock began to soften with the touch of the hot soapy washcloth and then, as my fingers massaged under it, it began to harden once again.

"Wash it ... yes, go on wash it ... oh ... ahh ... uh huh ... rub it, mother, rub it ... rub it ... rub it massage it ... get the shaft ... Massage the fucking shaft ... get the head ... go on wash the head, and make it clean.' Randy moaned and groaned at the attentions of my washcloth and hands.