Watching Their Mommy: Taboo Erotica - Kimyay Dawson - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.************"Oh yes, that's it, Danny honey! Fuck me like that!"Danny Ferris was her mother's boss. He had been fucking her mother every Thursday night for almost three months. Thursday was the night his wife, JoAnn, spent with her mother. So Danny came over and fucked Gwen's mother."Higher... higher! Ohhhhh, Danny, you're so goood...."Her mother's words screamed in Gwen's ears: "Just remember, baby, do as I tell you to do, not as I do!"

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Watching Their Mommy

Kimyay Dawson

Copyright © 2017

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The house was old, the walls paper thin.

"Fuck me, Danny honey... pour your cock into me... Ohhhhhhh!"

Gwen McDonald lay on top of the covers in her own room, sweating, as she listened to the sounds come through the wall.

"Oh yes, that's it, Danny honey! Fuck me like that!"

Danny Ferris was her mother's boss. He had been fucking her mother every Thursday night for almost three months. Thursday was the night his wife, JoAnn, spent with her mother. So Danny came over and fucked Gwen's mother.

"Higher... higher! Ohhhhh, Danny, you're so goood...."

Her mother's words screamed in Gwen's ears: "Just remember, baby, do as I tell you to do, not as I do!"

The sounds were turning Gwen on. She hoped that her little brother, Phil, in the next room, couldn't hear it all. Gwen was ashamed of her mother for playing around with a married man; she didn't want it to affect Phil.

The sounds got louder. Gwen slid her hand under the shortie pajama top and across her belly.

"Oh shit, Danny, what a fucker you are... give me more... ALL OF IT!"

The hand went under her panties until the tips of her fingers crawled through the wiry mat of her pubic hair and found the already sopping wet slit of her cunt.

Should she do it again? Gwen thought. The previous Thursday evening, she had sneaked out on the balcony and climbed over the railing to the garage roof. From there she had a perfect view into her mother's bedroom. She had watched them fucking for nearly an hour. And she had masturbated her little clit to orgasm three times while she was watching them. Then, when they had finished and Danny had gone, Gwen crawled back into her bed and played with her tits and pussy until she had climaxed two more times.

She had never been so hot. Even in high school when she had gone steady with Bobby Harris. They had made love and she had enjoyed it, but it had never given her the thrill or the climaxes that came when she watched and listened to another couple doing it. Even if one of the two people was her mother. In fact, that even added some more spice to it.

"Ohhhhh, Danny, yessss... yes, let me do that for a while. God, what a beautiful cock you've got!"

Do what? Gwen thought. What were they doing to each other?

She could resist it no longer. Through the French doors to the balcony, across the railing, and up to the edge of the garage roof.

"Judas priest," Gwen gasped as the action in her mother's bedroom unfolded before her eyes.

Gwen hoped no one could see her up on the roof. She knew what she looked like. The thin, white garment hung loosely about her shoulders and clung sensuously to the curves of her lithe young body. The material was so sheer that her full body was tantalizingly visible, especially the full mounds of her young tits; the dark rings of the areolas were clearly revealed, as well as the tender buds of her nipples, which had already grown taut in anticipation.

Her mother was lying flat on her back on the bed, her feet toward the headboard and her head lolling slightly over the end.

Danny was standing, thighs spread wide above her head. He was massaging his big, blue-veined cock and lightly tapping the bulbous head against the woman's sucking lips and darting tongue.

"You wanna suck it, Marie?"

"You know I do... you know damn well I do!" Marie said, a spot of saliva drooling from the corner of her mouth.

Gwen started massaging her own ample tits with anticipation of what she was about to witness in the room's harsh light. Mom was going to suck him. She was going to take his cock into her mouth! Bobby Harris had wanted her to do that one night, but she wouldn't. She had been scared.

Gwen watched as his enormous cock swelled toward her mother's mouth. He squeezed it hard and a drop of cum oozed from the slit in the bulbous tip.

Marie speared it with her tongue and quickly swallowed it.

"Good?" Danny asked.

"Delicious... now gimme the rest of it!"

Danny bared his teeth and licked his lips crudely as he listed the hard meat of his cock and leered down at Marie's supine body.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Gwen moved one hand down between her thighs as she watched the head of Danny's cock being rubbed back and forth over her mother's parted lips. She slid the hand into her panties and found her own cunt wet and warm to the touch. With a low moan, she slid two fingers as far as she could up into her cunt-hole.

"Good... feels good," she whispered, gazing at the window.

"Kiss it first," Danny moaned, his voice husky with lust. "Kiss the head of it and run your hand up and down the shaft!"

With smiling deliberation, Marie raised her head slightly and kissed the wet head of his prick. Then her tongue came out, wet and pink, to lick along the massive shaft.

"Yeah... oh yeah, Marie honey. Jesus, that feels so fucking good!"

As if she were urged on by his words, Marie took first one, then the other, then both of his hairy balls into her mouth. She rolled them like marbles from one cheek to the other, sucking and playing with them.

"Oh, easy... easy, honey. Shit, you'll make me shoot all over your tits!"

"Then gimme your cock!"

Gwen sighed as she watched Danny's big sac of balls slip out of her mother's sucking mouth. She twisted her body a little and slid a third finger into her cunt. She used the heel of her hand to bring pressure against her throbbing clitoris.

'God,' she thought, 'I'm going to have my first come before they do!'

"Now," Danny said, winding the ringers of one hand in Marie's hair and pulling her face up to his prick. "Now we'll suck!"

He pulled back the velvety foreskin to reveal even more of his purplish, throbbing cock-head.

"Suck it, Marie... suck it good, just like you did in the lab this morning."

"Yessssss...." Marie moaned. "Yesssss, I will...."

Still gripping her hair, Danny stood above her, legs spread obscenely, a cruel sneer on his face.

"C'mon, baby... SUCK MY DICK!"

Harshly, he shoved her face over his naked cock. It seemed as if he would choke her. She gagged, but more and more of the rigid prick disappeared between her lips.

"Suck... suck... suck," he chanted, as he gripped her hair mercilessly and pressed her widely-ovaled mouth over his lust-engorged cock.

Marie's lips closed wantonly around the thick cock-head. She started slowly, and then her head was working faster and faster as she sucked on the swollen knob of flesh.

Danny moaned as her soft, wet lips wrapped around his straining meat. It was obvious that he loved to have his prick sucked off.


"Don't talk. You don't have to say anything. Just suck!"

Waves of passion surged through his body and he thrust his hips forward, holding her by the head. He began to push his thick prick deeper into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth.

"Harder!" he snarled, tightening his grip. "Suck it harder!"

Responding to his command, Marie began to suck on his mammoth, blood-engorged prick as he moved slowly back and forth, swinging his hips lewdly, each thrust burying his cock farther and farther into her oral cavity.

Suddenly he shoved his rock-hard cock deeply into her throat, gagging her. This new thrust made her pull away instinctively, but he had such a tight grip on her head that she was forced to take his hugely throbbing prick to the back of her throat. Then, gradually, she was able to relax the muscles of her throat completely, and then she began to eagerly suck and lave the enormous shaft.

Her voluptuous body was beginning to show the strain of her intensive cock-sucking. Perspiration popped from her pores and glowed like a second wet layer of skin. The sheet beneath her clung to her body as she writhed and wriggled, trying to get more and more of her lover's meat into her mouth.

Her lips brushed along the thick bluish veins that stood out on his prick, and she nearly choked as he continued to drive the steel-like rod of flesh far into her throat. But soon her lips started to suck at die huge rod in rhythm to his savage thrusts.

As Gwen watched from her roof-top, she could almost taste the drops of pre-cum that must, at that very moment, be oozing from Danny's cockhead into her mother's mouth. Her eyes were wide, staring, her blood pounded as she stroked her fingers harder and harder in and out of her cunt-hole.

In the room, Danny was groaning louder and louder, savoring the tingling sensations made by Marie's teeth as they lightly grazed against the sensitive underside of his swollen prick. Gazing down at Marie gave him a tremendous sense of dominance and power.

"SUCK MY COCK, YOU BITCH!" he shouted in obscene triumph.

With brutal force, he shoved his mammoth prick into her mouth, fucking furiously.

Then Gwen saw her mother almost swoon with delight on the end of Danny's prick. Thrills of pleasure seemed to ripple through her body, and she began to suck with renewed eagerness.

Gwen found it hard to believe, but her holier-than-thou mother was actually enjoying it. She loved to suck cock!

Marie's face was indeed a mask of ecstasy. She looked sexy and wildly provocative, overwhelmed with her new-found identity. She slavered over Danny's hot prick with wet, smacking lips. What had been enjoyable to her only moments ago now began to take hold of her with demonic force; her body was palpitating wildly, like a savage, jungle drum. She was no longer Marie McDonald, a lab technician in the local hospital. She was no longer the loving, upright, uptight mother of two teen-age children.

She was a whore who was loving the smell, the taste and the feel of a big cock in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as she licked and sucked furiously. "MMMNNNNNNN!"

Danny lustily shoved his hips back and forth, faster and faster, his body trembling with lewd passion. She sucked greedily on his pulsing prick, then she slid her mouth down over his pulsing cock, then down over his hugely throbbing balls, while her hands continued to massage his cock. The hairy balls fined her mouth and her lips worked hungrily over every inch of them. She was so lost in the burning pleasure of it now that she couldn't get enough. With a deep groan, she abandoned herself totally to the obscene act.

By now Gwen was going crazy on the rooftop with her own lust and desire. She had all of her hand shoved up her cunt. She looked down and groaned with delight as she could see only her wrist.

The fingers were deeply imbedded in her pussy. While she watched Danny's cock smash against her mother's face, she shoved them in and out of her wet, trembling cunt with rising urgency.

She could tell that the other two were nearing their climax, and she roughly drove her fist deeply in and out of her pussy, matching their frenzy of excitement.

"Oh, suck his cock, you bitch," Gwen moaned quietly as her body quivered with delight and her cuntal walls expanded and contracted against her smooth hand. "Suck his cock good!"

In the bedroom, Marie was trembling with ecstasy; she was lost now, completely beyond the reach of reason. She was a sucking, slavering madwoman, a slave-captive anxious to please her muscular, domineering master.

As Danny's cruel strokes became faster and faster, so did her sucking become more hungry and devouring. All she wanted to do was suck his cock. It felt so good; so very good.

Danny felt a surging heat gush through his throbbing balls. He was going to come soon. He redoubled his torrid fucking, brutally slamming his cock into her eager mouth.

"Suck it! SUCK IT!" he cried.

At the same time, Marie's cuntal sheath began to vibrate with excitement, sweet warmth began to pour like honey from her cuntal walls as she sucked wetly on his lust-crazed prick.

"UUUUUUNNNGGGHHHH!" Marie groaned happily as her climax mounted with shattering force. "UUUUNNNNNMMMMMM!"

Unseen by the two lovers, Gwen watched as Danny's body began to jerk and twitch with his mounting orgasm. She loved to watch him come, and her pussy exploded with delight. She was coming, too.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, shoving her fist deeply into her sex-hungry cunt until it crashed harshly against her tender cervix, sending spasms of pain and pleasure through her. "OOOO-HHHHHHH!"

Danny was near the point of explosion now, and he straightened up, throwing his head back in heat-tensed excitement. He shrieked with joy as his white, thick cum suddenly burst forth from his wildly convulsing prick and rushed forward into Marie's frantically clutching mouth.


As the viscous white cum poured into her mouth from his jerking prick, Marie nearly gagged, but within seconds she instinctively began to drink his essence with relish, sucking hard at his cock while he continued to yell out his pleasure.

On the roof, Gwen's pussy was pumping juice over her hand as if it were her first come. She was nearly insane with the passion that ripped through her body with terrifying force, coming with volcanic release, drenching her hand with her steaming female secretions, while in the room, Marie mewled with obscene joy as she sucked Danny's prick dry.

Gradually, the last of the sticky male fluid drained from Danny's softening rod, and he slowly withdrew his moist shaft from her mouth. As he did, Marie slumped down on the bed, completely exhausted, yet satisfied and happy. She looked up at him like a little girl, licking the last of his cum from her lips as if it were golden nectar.

"Thank you," she whispered gratefully. "Thank you so much."

"Oh shit... oh shit... oh shit," Gwen chanted to herself as she made her way back to her bedroom so she could close her eyes, see it all over again, and climax some more.


Gwen's introduction to sex had been like many other girls'. She had been eighteen, nearly eighteen, when it had happened with Bobby Harris. He was older, almost twenty, and in college.

They met at a picnic on a summer afternoon. Bobby didn't remember Gwen, but she remembered him; she had idolized him. So when he asked her out that night, she jumped at the chance to be with him.

Her mother's reaction had been the usual frown.

"Isn't he a little old for you?"

"Oh, Mother."

"Well, boys that age usually go out with girls your age for only one thing...."

Angrily, Gwen had stomped up the stairs.

"I'm going to go do my hair. He'll be here pretty soon."

"Well, don't wear anything tight," Marie had called after her.

At that time Gwen had thought her mother was a square and a prude. But she did know what the older woman meant about wearing something tight. During her eighteenth year her figure had blossomed. She had turned from a thin, spindly-legged young girl into a voluptuous desirable young woman. Older boys had suddenly started paying a lot of attention to her.

She hadn't returned any of their interest until Bobby Harris had come along. He was different.

"A lot different," she said, and whirled around in front of the mirror on her bedroom wall.

God, she looked like her mother. Her face had the same perfect features, the high cheekbones, the generous mouth, the pert tilt to the tiny nose, that her mother had. And her figure was as perfect as the older woman's, too. Her ripe young breasts were smaller, but just as round, just as firm. Her hips and thighs were full, too, but somewhat firmer and slimmer than Marie's, her waist even more wasp-like.

Gwen raced to the bathroom, stripped off her clothes, and stepped beneath the warm spray of the shower. She soaped her smooth, white shoulders, the firm, full mounds of her wide-set breasts. Then she devoted her attention to the little triangle of hair at the base of her belly, the fleshy lips of her cunt, the narrow crevice between her buttocks. She began to sing as she rinsed the suds from her body, then she stepped from the shower to towel herself dry. She looked again at herself in the mirror, at her tiny waist, the lush ripe tits, her flaring hips and full thighs.

And then she once again thought of Bobby Harris and what her mother had said. She wondered if he would try anything with her.

She'd dreamed of dating a boy like Bobby, someone who was sophisticated, who'd been around. Not that she would ever let any boy, no matter how sophisticated, do anything to her that wasn't right. No one... no one... except her own husband was ever going to do that sort of thing to her.

But there had been times, lying in bed at night, before she'd drifted off to sleep, when she had wondered what it would be like to be with a boy that way. She had even imagined letting a boy do the things to her that some of the other girls let them do. like taking her clothes off, and then running their hands up and down her smooth, young body, making it tingle with delight. Or letting them cup her tits in their strong hands, even teasing and tweaking her nipples until they stood upright in taut, quivering buds.

She had tried to brush such thoughts from her mind, knowing that she would never actually let any boy do that do her. She had even wondered what it would be like to lie back on a bed or a couch somewhere... or even in a car, parked in some dark spot near the lake, perhaps... to he there, her body slack and unresisting, while lie spread her legs and ran his hand up and down the soft, sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. And what if his hand actually reached the tiny triangle of her pussy and burrowed into the soft hair that covered it? What if his fingers reached and stroked the pink, fleshy lips of her cunt?