Watching My Wife Get Reamed By My Childhood Bully - Isabella Tropez - ebook

The Ultimate Humiliation...When Alex agrees to be cuckolded by his wife to fulfil his ultimate fantasies, he has no idea what to expect. So when he gets a text message asking him to meet her at a hotel on the edge of town, he's as nervous as he is excited. Nothing can prepare him for what he sees when he walks in - his old highschool bully, Brad, and his naked wife about to become Brad's willing slut.Brad's mean, he's more successful than Alex, and to make matters worse he's hung like a horse while Alex is barely able to please his own wife. Can Alex handle the ultimate humiliation?

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Watching My Wife Get Reamed By My Childhood Bully | Isabella Tropez

Watching My Wife Get Reamed By My Childhood Bully

Isabella Tropez

Alex received a text from his wife. It was 1AM and he had been eagerly awaiting this. He was in his pajamas and ready in bed. He opened the message and saw the image – it was his wife riding a big cock, the picture taken from above. He could see the glistening juices on the matted pubes of her lover for the night. He couldn't really see how big this one was, but assumed quite rightly that his wife would have chosen someone with no less than 7 inches. Another beep indicated he'd just gotten another message. He quickly opened it. This one was of his wife being taken from behind, the camera in her lover's hand. His wife's shapely ass was high up in the air, and the cock was all the way inside her, right to the hilt. She looked behind at the camera, with a sexy smile on her face, her long hair tousled.

Alex took his own erect member out and began to masturbate. He always looked forward to these nights, where his wife would go hunting for a man with a big cock to fuck. She would send him pictures of herself in various positions, while he would jerk off to the thought of his wife being fucked thoroughly by these random men. It was a recent development, when they decided to spice up their sex life after 5 years of marriage. Sarah, his wife, was not too happy with his average sized cock, having been used too much bigger ones from before their marriage. When she noticed the undeleted porn sites on their shared computer's browser history, she decided to bring up the idea.

“So, I saw something on the computer last night...”

“What did you see?” he asked, puzzled.

“Petite beauty gets fucked by massive dong, big titted Latina gangbang with big black cocks, raven haired Amazon sucks and fucks -”

“Stop, stop, stop! I'm so sorry, darling. I didn't mean to hurt you. It doesn't mean anything.”

Sarah chuckled. “You're so silly, my dear. Why would I be hurt? In fact, I have a proposition for you.”