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DESCRIPTION: Wanda Vaughn never realized just how close her safe horizons were until a chance encounter over lunch led her to test those boundaries. When she learns the truth, when her eyes are opened to the true world around her, first by her sister-in-law, and then her son, Wanda discovers that the horizons she once lived within could be expanded, and with her son as a guide, she allows her once safe and comfortable life to be changed forever. EXCERPT: “We can’t Luke,” she sighed quietly. “It’s not right. We just can’t.” Wanda couldn’t understand why her resolve was failing her so quickly. What was her son doing to her, she wondered? “I won’t force you, Wanda,” Luke smiled. “We won’t do anything that you’re uncomfortable with. I’m here for you, and to give you whatever pleasures you desire. Your needs come first with me, always.” Luke leaned forward then and lightly kissed his mother on the mouth. Wanda didn’t respond. Not right away. Still trying to maintain some control, Wanda asked, “Is this how you seduce your lovers, Luke? Making them believe that it’s all their idea? That they are in control of the situation?” Luke sat back and looked up into his mother’s face. He shrugged and smiled. “You can leave any time you want,” he said. “I’m not going to stop you, Wanda.” Wanda was still unsure how she felt about having her son call her by her given name. Normally, children referred to their parents as “Mom” or “Dad” or “Mother and Father”, not by their given names. Yet Wanda felt that it was just that. Normal. Luke was a twenty-three-year-old man now, a young adult, yes, but an adult man, who evidently enjoys a healthy sex life, even if it is with women upwards of twice his own age. Given that she hadn’t made a move to leave, Luke took his mother’s response as one of acceptance, at least for the moment. Not wanting to miss any opportunity, something Carrie had warned him about just a few hours earlier, Luke rose up once again. Slowly, Luke reached out and draped his arms across his mother’s shoulders. “I’m going to kiss you now, Wanda,” he said, drawing her closer. Wanda shook her head once, but when her son’s lips touched hers, she closed her eyes and accepted her fate. In that instant, she realized that she’d lost any resistance she might have had initially. She realized that the only reason she had come to see her son, and not driven straight home, was the fact that she did feel desired by him, and it was a feeling that she’d not felt in years. Not from her husband, and not from the men her age she interacted with on a daily basis. Only Luke had shown a desire for her, and what she had felt the day before had been so wonderful that she had to experience it again. Their lips parted and Wanda opened her eyes to find Luke just inches away, smiling warmly. As confused as she was, Luke had a look in his face she'd not seen in ages, one that had been on his father's face so long ago and yet seldom seen of late. It was a look that made her belly warm and her nipples tingled in her bra. Wanda knew that they would be perked up and poking obscenely outward, so prominent. As Luke, her son, leaned forward and kissed her again, she wondered why she suddenly felt as she did. Why was she feeling her nipples tingle and her vagina dampen? Why was she feeling so damned horny all of a sudden? Wanda let out a sigh of capitulation. She was his now.

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by K.W. Steiner

The Matrons of Regal Bay

Published by K.W. Steiner at Lot’s Cave

The Matrons of Regal Bay

Wanda's Tale, © 2018, K.W. Steiner

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel



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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1

The shock of hearing the two women in the next booth talking so blatantly sexual about her son caused Wanda to pause. She had been reading one of her beloved Agatha Christie novels, And Then There Were None, over lunch at Riviera Maya when she first her Luke’s name brought up and even thought she tried hard to ignore their conversation, when it had turned so graphic she couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

“I told you. He’s working out at the casino as a bartender,” the one nearest Wanda, her back to her, was explaining. “That’s where I met him. I was having a drink while Steve played blackjack. We started chatting and the next thing I knew he was passing me a card with his name and phone number on it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I know.”

“He’s a gigolo!” her friend laughed in response. “A male prostitute! I can’t believe it, Amanda. Not in this fish-stinking town.”

“I’m serious, Amy. He’s hot and really knows what a girl our age enjoys in bed.”

“I still can’t believe you cheated on Steve. I never thought of you that way.”

“I don’t look at it as cheating. Luke started out with a wonderful massage, and we talked for some time. I was very comfortable and relaxed with him. Next thing I knew, well, we’d moved things along.”

“Yeah! Right along into his bed!” Both women laughed for a moment before the second continued. “I still say you cheated, whether you paid for it or not. If Steve had done the same thing with a hooker out at the truck stop, you’d call it cheating.”

“Steve does do it with hookers out at the truck stop,” she first groaned. “He doesn’t know I know it, but I have a friend who has seen him out there on more than one occasion. The guys out there don’t just go to chit-chat with the lot lizards. So don’t try and tell me he isn’t fucking them.”

“So what if he is cheating on you? You told me that you’ve been thinking about getting a divorce. If he finds out you’re cheating on him, he can file first and take you to the bank.”

“Nope. Steve would never do that. He loves me. Besides, it might make him crave me again if he knew that I’d been getting it elsewhere. I told you about that time he tried to talk me into a three-way. That was the first time I suspected he was fucking around.”

Wanda recognized that the women had moved on from talking about her son and turned her attention back to the novel on the table before her. Try as she did, however, she couldn’t get her mind back into the story. She slipped the book back into her carry-all and retrieved the check that sat at the table’s edge. Leaving the booth, Wanda gave the two women in the next booth a casual glance. Much to her surprise, both were her age, or maybe just a bit younger. The idea that her son would be selling himself to women the age of his own mother was ridiculous to her. She had to be mistaken. The Luke they had been talking so openly about had to be another Luke. A different Luke that tended bar at the casino. Her son couldn’t be the only Luke working down there, she figured.

However, the thought remained in her head as Wanda made her way through the afternoon crowd that moved back and forth in the Regal Bay Mall back towards the music, movie, and video game store she managed. She pulled up outside of Value Media, the store she managed and which her husband owned, and pulled her cell phone from her purse. Hesitantly, she typed in a text and then sent it to her son. She didn’t expect a reply any time soon, so she dropped the phone back into her purse and went on in to relieve Molly behind the counter so that the part-time college student could get to class. It would be another hour before Hannah would be out of school and in for her shift that evening. Until then, Wanda turned her attention to the work at hand; helping customers find what they were looking for.


Once it was all said and done, Wanda Vaughn realized that the only reason that her son had returned her text that fateful day was to have her. In hind-sight, it had not bothered her at all. In fact, it had opened up a new and exciting world for the both of them. It did bother her in that she had hoped that Luke had called her, asking she stop by his apartment, and that they could have had a normal mother-son relationship. Theirs had been a strained one for many years, and they seldom talked since he had entered high school, even when he still lived at home. After he had moved out, she saw him even less. Her husband and son got along well, though even they had talked little over the past years.

Once Luke had graduated from high school, he had found work around Regal Bay, going from job to job over the course of three years before finally landing the job as a bartender at the casino just a week after turning twenty-one. It paid him well enough to get his own place, an apartment east of downtown near the canal. After he had moved out, Wanda saw even less of her only son. Sometimes, just to see how he was doing, she would go out to the casino while he was at work and have a drink. Getting an actual call from him, with an invitation to stop by his apartment that evening, caught her off-guard to the point where she knew after that she was indeed vulnerable. And he had not only knew that she would be, but took advantage of it well. What had happened next, in the confines of her son's apartment, she realized was out of her control from the beginning.

Maybe Wanda should have turned and walked out the moment she realized that this was not going to be your typical mother/son visit. Luke’s apartment was in a three-story building, part of a complex that catered to the college student crowd. In the first floors of the buildings, fronting the Venetian-styled canal, were small shops and restaurants. A wide flag-stone walkway followed the winding canal along its nearly three-mile trek that started at the Founders Fountain and flowed into the Majestic River just east of its confluence with the Regal. The apartments were on the high-end for Regal Bay, but were within walking distance of downtown, the boardwalk and beach, as well as the marina at North Bay. On any given weekend through the summer season, the canal would be lined with street performers and artists, most students looking to make a few dollars. Although Luke had never entertained thoughts of going to college, he didn’t mind living around those who did. After all, they were his peers.

His was a small three-room place, with a kitchenette attached to the living area, a bathroom, and separate bedroom towards the back with a view of the canal. His living room furnishings were hap-hazard, consisting of a futon sofa and a used recliner facing a cheap television stand where the family’s old television sat. A low coffee table sat between the futon and television, covered in empty soda and beer cans, as well as an empty pizza box from the night before. Two smaller tables flanked the futon, covered in similar debris as well as an over-flowing ash tray. Wanda could still make out the sweat scent of the only-recently legalized herb her son enjoyed.

“Thanks for coming over, Mom,” Luke said as she looked around her son’s place.

“I was kind of surprised by the invitation,” she admitted. “It’s the first time I’ve been here since you moved in.”

“I guess I could have picked up a little,” he said as he picked up the empty cans and laid them inside the open pizza box. “Sorry. I had a couple guys over last night. We watched a couple of movies,” he added as he stepped around the short counter that separated the living area from the kitchenette. It was likewise covered with various bits of debris and dishes. “I only just got home from work.”

“It’s alright. What should a mother expect from her son, living on his own.” Wanda stood in the middle of the living area, wondering if she should take a seat and realizing that she’d end up having to move clothing, either dirty or clean, where ever she chose. “Maybe I should take some of this laundry home with me. Get you caught up.”

“Oh, okay, I guess,” Luke replied. “Would you like something to drink? I’ve got Cokes and Sprites.”

“A Sprite would be nice,” she accepted, and chose to take a seat on the edge of the futon to wait for her son. He returned from the tiny kitchen with a pair of glasses in hand. She took the offered one and drank deeply.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Luke began with an apology.

“About what, Luke?” she asked.

Luke settled beside his mom on the edge of the futon. “Well, I know I’ve pretty much been a dick to you for a while. I’ve not been the greatest kid you could have had. I’ve been selfish and took you and dad for granted most of my life. For that, and a whole lot of other things, I’m sorry.”

Wanda reached out and rubbed her son’s shoulder as she replied. “There’s nothing for you to be sorry about, Luke. You’ve been nothing but a wonderful son. I love you and always will, even though I don’t often get the chance to. I only wish you’d take the time to visit. I’d like to see you more than once every two or three weeks.”

Luke faced his mother then and offered, “Maybe there’s something we could do about that, Mom. I’d like to spend more time with you.” Luke took her by the shoulders and hugged her, and as Wanda mewed in her son's arms, he took her head in his hands and kissed her. Full on the lips and with a growing passion. Wanda was startled, but her belly warmed and she accepted the sudden outpouring of love her son was showing her. She accepted that he might not understand how best to show a forgotten love to his mother. Yet she wondered why his tongue was suddenly slipping between her lips, and why she was so accepting of it into her mouth. Their kiss broke off after another moment.

“Well, okay. That was strange,” Wanda chuckled. “Not exactly how a son should be kissing his mother.” She found herself looking deep into her son's brown eyes. He returned the gaze. She suddenly recalled the exchange she’d overheard at lunch.

“I need to ask you something,” Wanda said. “I want you to be honest with me, okay?”

“Sure, Mom. Anything.”

Wanda took a moment. “I overheard a couple of women at lunch today. They were talking about having sex with a bartender named Luke. Were they talking about you?”

Luke hesitated before answering. “How should I know?” replied Luke with a shrug. “What were their names?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I ever heard one.” She thought for a moment. “Have you been seeing older women? Women more or less my age?”

“Mom, I really don’t ask a woman her age,” Luke chuckled. “That’s not a gentlemanly thing to do, now is it?”

“I understand that, and you’re right not to,” she agreed. “But you have been seeing women, making love to women, here that are older than you?”

Luke shrugged, and then nodded. “Sure, I have. I like older women. I like mature women, ones who know what they want out of me, and are willing to give me what I want as well. Women without hang-ups or boundaries, I guess.”

Wanda wasn’t at all shocked. He son was always rather blunt when discussing just about any subject, even sex, with his parents. “And how many are married?”

“I don’t know. I don’t ask and unless they volunteer it, I really don’t care, either. It’s none of my business.”

Wanda couldn’t think of a response. She had thought that Luke would deny most of what she had to ask him, and the subject would be dropped. Instead, their conversation had taken a turn down a path she was blind to. Luke broke the uncomfortable pause with, “Can I now ask you a question, Mom?”

“Sure, honey. Anything,” she replied.

“Can I kiss you again?”

Wanda felt her brow wrinkle. Of all the things he could have asked, this was the last thing she’d have imagined. She shook her head, but only slightly. “I don’t know how to answer that,” she admitted.

Luke took hold of her shoulders and said, “Say yes.”

Wanda was speechless, and yet said, “Yes.” Luke’s mouth came to hers and their lips met, and she closed her eyes, delighting in the taste of her son’s lips on hers. They were parted, and his tongue slipped into her mouth. She touched it with her own, and moaned.

When their mouths parted, she sighed, “Why did you do that?”

“Did you like it?” he asked in a soft, soothing voice.

Wanda again shook her head, but answered, “Yes, I did. That doesn’t mean it’s right, however.”

“Why not?” Luke asked. “You’re my mother. I love you. It’s how I wanted to show you that, even though I’ve really not told you in so many words these last few years, I really do love you.”

“I love you, too, Luke,” Wanda replied. “But I’m your mother. We shouldn’t be kissing like that…”

“Like what?” Luke interrupted. “Like lovers?”

“Well…yes, I guess…like lovers.”

“Why not? Is it because I’m so much younger than you are? Or maybe it’s because you’re a married woman,” he suggested.

“It’s only because you’re my son, and that’s all the reason I need.”

“Oh! If I wasn’t your son, you’d have no issue with kissing me like that, would you? You would probably be getting hot and bothered right now, wouldn’t you? Seated beside a guy half your age, in his apartment, having just French-kissed on the sofa.” Luke chuckled then. “You’re probably feeling the same things the others do right now, after I’ve kissed them for the first time. I’ll ask you what I’ve never asked any of them, however. What do you think your husband would think if he knew?”

“Do you mean, what would your father think if he knew that you had just kissed your mother like that?” Wanda retorted.

He shook his head. “I don’t really care what my father would think,” Luke replied. “I want to know what my mother would think, right now, if I told her that I wanted to make love to her.”

“What?” Wanda gasped. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. It couldn’t have been what Luke had actually meant to say. She was stunned into silence, unable to think straight. He was so close, still holding her upper arms, his eyes boring into her own. She could see a spark in his eyes, something she’d never seen before, at least not in Luke’s eyes. Only in Frank’s eyes. It was a spark of desire. And yet, there was absolutely no way in hell she could be sparking desire within her son. Not Luke. Not her handsome son, Luke. And in that moment, Wanda realized that the conversation she had overheard that afternoon had indeed been about her son. Luke had indeed seduced at least one of those women, a woman who was her age, his mother’s age. Was he now trying to seduce me, she feared?

Wanda stood up and turned away from her son. “What are you trying to say to me, Luke? I don’t understand.”

Luke came up behind her and again took hold of her upper arms. He leaned close and whispered, “I want to make love to you, Wanda.”

She turned to face him. “I’m your mother, Luke.”

His smile was warm and comforting. “In my apartment, you are only Wanda. A woman who very much needs to be made love to, if I’m not mistaken.”

Wanda shook her head vigorously. “I can’t do this,” she moaned, and turned away from him again. “I just can’t do this.”

She made for the front door, with Luke trailing behind. At the door, he didn’t try to stop her from leaving. Instead, he said, “Give me a call, later, Mom. After you let all of this sink in.”

Wanda wanted to argue with him, to insist that there would be no discussion on the matter, and nothing to let sink in. Instead, she left his apartment as quickly as she could. Once she’d locked herself into her car, she began to tremble. Her hands were shaking on the stirring wheel. She felt as if she’d just escaped from the pit. Tears began to well up in her eyes, and continued to drip down her cheeks on the drive home.


“Carrie? It’s Wanda.” Wanda had found her home empty when she pulled her Malibu into the garage. Frank’s Cadillac wasn’t in its slot. He would be at work, she assumed. It was still early in the evening. She’d already played back the entire conversation with Luke in her head numerous times before she picked up the phone and dialed her sister-in-law’s number.

“Hey! Good to hear from you,” Carrie greeted. “What can I do for you, Wanda?”

With that, Wanda told Carrie about her day. From the overheard conversation right up to her confrontation with her son after they had kissed a second time. Before she had finished, Wanda was again shivering. “What should I do?” she pleaded.

Carrie didn’t reply immediately. “Would you like to get together and talk about this? I think we should. It might be better, face-to-face.”

Wanda agreed. “I’d like that.”

“I can be over in twenty minutes,” Carrie said. “We could stay there, or if Frank comes home, we could go somewhere else. How about we just play it by ear?”

Wanda agreed, and when Carrie pulled up, Wanda had her purse in hand, waiting in the door. She joined her sister-in-law in Carrie’s Mitsubishi sports car and they headed for town. Their conversation was light and limited to work, the weather, and the up-coming Labor Day weekend. Carrie parked and they walked along the boardwalk with the crowd until they came to a small bistro. It was crowded but after ordering they found an empty corner table and settled in. Carrie already had heard the basics of Wanda’s tale, and now pressed her for more details.

“There really isn’t much more to add,” Wanda explained. “Luke kissed me like no son ever should kiss his mother, that was for sure. I don’t know why he would do that. I mean, I’m his mother, and it’s not like I’m a fashion model or movie star. After he kissed me again, I was lost. I had no idea what to do or even think. I only know that he thought it would be okay to ask me to go to bed with him. Can you believe it? I don’t know what he was thinking. Did he actually think I’d agree to that? Committing incest with my son?”

Carrie had her hands resting on Wanda’s while listening. She replied with a question of her own. “How is your marriage, Wanda? How are you and Frank doing?”

Wanda was confused, and showed it. “What would that have to do with Luke?”

“Well, Luke might be picking up that you’re unhappy. That maybe you’re feeling unwanted, or unloved, or even undesired. Might he have been reacting to this? Might he have been wanting to make you feel better, by making you feel loved and desired? I know he loves you, but maybe that is the only way he knows to show you.”

Wanda shook her head. “There are better ways to make me feel better than asking me to go to bed with him!” she insisted. “That’s just absurd! Where would he have picked up such a wicked idea in the first place?”

Carrie replied, “How absurd is it, really? It’s not unheard of, you know. Mothers have taken their sons into their beds for centuries for comfort and companionship. Sons have taken their mothers into their beds to show love and loyalty. Once the taboo of it all is put aside, it really is a very special bonding between mother and son. Even these days, it’s not unheard of, despite the social taboos.”

“I don’t expect you to understand how wrong it is,” Wanda admitted. “You’re not a mother.”

“But I am Luke’s aunt,” Carrie replied. When Wanda looked up from her coffee, she saw a sly smile on Carrie’s face. In that moment, she knew.

“Oh, my god!” Wanda gasped. “You’re sleeping with Luke, aren’t you? I can’t believe this!” Carrie only nodded as a reply, confirming Wanda’s fears.

“Wanda, darling. There is so much about Luke you can learn if only you opened yourself up to him. This is how your son connects with people, well, women.” Carrie let that sink in. “He desires older women, and that includes you, his own mother.”

“When did all of this start? Tell me,” Wanda demanded, “when did you start sleeping with my son?”

Carrie then related her own story to Wanda. She had been approached by Luke years before, when he was still a teen-ager. He had asked her for advice on girls, something he felt too embarrassed to ask his mother about. Over the next few months, Luke and Carrie had bonded, and eventually that bonding led into her bed. After, she and Luke would continue their affair. And when Luke had moved out on his own, he had discovered that he enjoyed the company of all older women, not just his aunt.