Walking With Jesus Christ is a short devotional ebook by Yuna Angell. Inside is written her promise to walk with Jesus and work as a Christian devotional book author. When she meditated on the Word, the Holy Spirit came through and told her Jesus wanted her to be a "life-saving individual"! And so Yuna thought while writing this ebook that becoming a Christian devotional book author would be the perfect first step to being a "life-saving individual". There are some powerful prayers inside this short ebook that will make you feel closer to the Lord.

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Yuna Angell

Walking With Jesus Christ

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My promise to the Lord and the Holy Trinity of Christianity

 “My Lord and Saviour and King, Jesus Christ! The Holy Spirit and Abba Father Lord God Almighty! The Holy Trinity of Christianity, in Jesus’ name I pray to you.”


Along the way, I started using this for the start of every prayer.