Voluptuous Mommy Has No Panties - Emily Boyle - ebook

This full length erotic novel is so sexy we can't even tell you the preview…

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Voluptuous Mommy Has No Panties

Emily Boyle

Copyright © 2017

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Looking around to make sure she was alone, she turned Robbie's shorts inside out, pressing the crotch against her lips, breathing deeply the scent of his cock and balls on them. As the throb along the slit of her cunt became more pronounced, she parted her lips and sucked gently at the shorts, imagining she could taste his balls. Lifting her dress, she pulled the elastic waist of her panties from her body, and ran the shorts into them, pressing the crotch against her swollen clit.With them bulging in her panties, she returned to her room and lay down on her bed, one arm over her eyes, remembering the first time she had done anything like this.She had been very young when she lost her mother, but she had tried to take over the household chores, and managed quite well for her age. However, the loneliness of her father was something she could not handle. She knew he missed her mother in a special way that she could not help him with.She first discovered just how much he missed her mother one evening just as it was getting dark. She caught her father jacking off on the back porch of the house. He had been standing at the edge of the porch, his cock in his hand, sliding his fist up and down it. Karen had peered around the corner of the house, watching him. His cock had seemed enormous to her young and still innocent eyes, and she had become fascinated with it. She became even more so when she saw him gush a thick juice from it.That very night, late, she had slipped into his bedroom, and removed her gown, climbing under the sheets with her father, squirming her hot little body tightly against his, her small hand sliding down his stomach to clutch his cock. Her father had came awake, startled, and sat up, but Karen had such a grip on his cock that he fell back and groaned as her hot little hand began to slide up and down. Her fingers had hardly fit around the thick prick, but she accomplished what she set out to do.Pressing her slender nakedness against his body, she wrapped one leg over his, pressing and rubbing her hairless cunt at his hip, stroking his throbbing hard-on eagerly. The thick, hot hardness had excited her more than she had expected. She was thrilled to have it in her hand, feel it pulse, feel the wetness that seeped from the little hole at the tip. Although innocent, Karen knew the wetness was not piss. She didn't know exactly what it was, except it was slippery and felt good on her fingers. She cupped the head of her father's cock in her palm, smearing the wetness around. Then as her excitement grew, she sat up in the darkness, puffing the sheet from her moaning father and, barely seeing him the shadows, took his heavy balls in one band, and his cock in the other, and jacked him with firm, eager hands.Her father came in great gushes of hot creamy juice that spewed up from the head of his cock, so high some of it splashed against Karen's face. She had squealed with pleasure and pounded on his cock vigorously until he stopped squirting, and then held his cock as it became limp, his balls empty.That was the only time she had touched her father's cock.The next night when she sneaked into his bed, reaching for his cock, her father had become angry and made her leave his bed under threat of a spanking. Karen, hurt, had not understood his rejection at the time.Knowing he was still jacking off, though, she tried to catch him, wanting to see. But her father never let her catch him. Karen, though, had found a strong desire for that long, thick cock.Karen began to make sure he could look up her dress, see her panties. Although her father did peek, he did so in ways that were not obvious. She sat with her legs spread, bold and unashamed, and watched him. After a few weeks, her father began gazing up her dress openly.Karen went one step farther.She removed her panties, and that evening after dinner, she sat on the couch with one foot drawn up, her heel hooked on the edge of the cushion, her dress sliding up. She saw her father's eyes widen when he realized she was naked under her dress. With hot, bold eyes, Karen pushed her uplifted knee to one side, and her father gasped loudly, gazing at the succulent slit of her naked cunt. It was pink and smooth, totally hairless, with the tip of her small clit pushing outward.Neither of them said a word, but her father's heavy breathing was loud in the room. Karen watched his cock swell inside his pants. When all her father did was sit there across from her and stare hotly at her exquisite cunt, Karen pulled her other foot to the couch and scooted her adorable little ass forward and opened her knees wide. Her father was moaning and leaning forward, his burning eyes on her sugary cunt, one hand pressing at his throbbing hard-on. Karen made little purring sounds, her sweet little ass writhing on the cushions.Still her father did nothing but look at her for a long time.Then, overcome by the delicious beauty of Karen's pussy, he opened his pants and grasped his cock, pulling it out. Karen made a whimpering sound as she stared hotly at it. It was all she could do to keep from running to her father and taking his cock in her own hand.Her hope faded when her father leaned back his eyes staring at her cunt, and began to stroke his fist up and down. Karen knew he would not let her jack him off then.Karen sat with her pussy showing, watching her father jacking his cock, her young emotions boiling with a powerful hunger that she did not quite understand yet loved feeling, the tingling sensations flowing through her nubile body, causing some very strange but delicious reactions around the lips of her cunt, and her tiny clit felt painfully hard.Her father began to make grunting sounds, his fist flying up and down his cock faster and faster. Karen watched in fascination as the head of his cock seemed to swell more than ever. There was juice seeping from his widening piss hole. Her little cunt felt on fire, and it was vibrating with a heat she had not felt before. With a squeal, she darted her hand to her pussy and began to rub it with the tips of her fingers, her little ass twitching. Her eyes became slitted, smoldering, as she watched her father and rubbed almost furiously at her cunt. She flung her knees very wide, arching her ass up, making grinding motions, unable to be still.Her father suddenly came, spurting heavy gushes of came juice from his cock almost halfway across the room. His fist pounded up and down until he finished, and then, bashfully, he returned his cock to his pants, trying to take his eyes from his daughter now that the edge of his passion was over.Despite the searing heat between her thighs, Karen removed her hand and, disappointed, dropped her feet to the floor and pulled her dress to her knees, her father's glistening come juice shining on the floor between them.Her father never said anything to her about what happened, and he never tried to make her keep her dress down, and although he had jacked off many more times with her watching, staring at her sugary cunt, he never allowed her to touch him.As she grew, Karen had provided her father with visual stimulation for his jerking off, but never did she get to hold his cock again. She exposed herself to him constantly through her teenaged years. It stopped only when he was killed in a car crash.Karen had been sure that if he had not been killed, she would have eventually fucked her father. She had convinced herself he had been waiting until she was old enough. But Karen had felt old enough from that first day. Still, despite the wild heat of her rounding body, she went to her marriage a virgin, much to the surprise of her husband.Virginity did not lower the temperature of her body, however. She had been dreaming of the day she could allow herself to let go, to be free, to enjoy the many erotic hungers she had yearned for. Her husband had been amazed, but very pleased, with her total abandonment in bed.Karen was inventive and eager to try everything with their bodies, and in the beginning, so was he. They fucked in every room, in every position imaginable, and Karen never tired of the feel of his cock inside her mouth, the hot hardness making her lips burn, and she would gulp down his come juice with a passion that pleased him very much. It was Karen that came up with the idea of taking his cock into her asshole, and once had been fucked there, it became a welcome addition to their erotic ecstasies.Now her husband was always too busy to enjoy what they had in the earlier years of their marriage. He was always tired, always sleeping when he wasn't in the office. Karen felt lucky if she got fucked once a month. Most times she had to gratify her boiling hungers with her fingers, but her orgasms were not at all satisfying. She had considered cheating on Hal, finding a man that would appreciate her steaming body. But cheating on her husband was not in her makeup. She simply could not do it.She often wondered if her son and daughter were anything like her at that age. Robbie, nineteen, certainly was at the age where he should be noticing all the pretty girls. And Judy was about the age she had been when she saw her father jacking off on the porch.Pulling her son's shorts from her panties, she pressed the moist crotch to her lips and kissed them, the scent of her cunt now on it along with the scent of his balls. She licked the wetness, twisting her ass on the bed, her dress riding up her long, slim thighs.As she pushed the wet crotch of Robbie's shorts into her mouth, sucking in pleasure, she moved her hand into her panties and began to slowly agitate her inflamed clit. Moaning with her son's shorts stuffed into her mouth, she arched her hips up, her legs spread wide, thrusting a middle finger into her cunt and making juicy sounds. She was thrashing about and whimpering so much that she did not hear the bedroom door open.She did, though, hear the startled gasp.Her son stood there in the doorway, his eyes wide, mouth gaping. He was staring up between his mother's spread thighs, watching her panties stretch as her finger plunged in and out of her cunt.For a long, breathless moment, both were frozen in position. Robbie was in the doorway, his teenaged eyes wide and, although surprised to see what his mother was doing, fascinated. Karen, with her knees drawn up, her feet wide, her crotch arched high, his shorts in her mouth, was almost senseless with hunger.A shudder went through her body. With a cry, she began to stab her finger frantically into her cunt as her son stood staring. She lifted her ass high, twisting it, moaning past his shorts, her eyes burning on the front of his pants. Her fist inside her panties stretched the nylon crotch, exposing the soft hairs along the puffy slit. The wet sounds came, faster as Karen began to approach orgasm, her hips twirling."Ahhhhhh!" she squealed as her cunt grabbed her buried finger in orgasm.She pressed her finger deep, her knuckles smashing the soft lips of her pussy. She trembled hard as she came, her eyes closing.When she opened her eyes again, her son was gone.Removing his shorts from her mouth, she sat up, still weak from one of the strongest orgasms she had experienced in a long time. She adjusted her panties over her cunt and smoothed her dress down, wondering why she had continued finger-fucking herself with her son watching. A lewd giggle burst from her as she felt history repeating itself, only now it was she and her son, not she and her father.She tried to recall the expression on her son's face, but couldn't. She did not know if it had been shock, surprise, delight. She did, however, recall his cock bulging in his pants as he watched her. She wondered if Robbie had become excited enough to be in his room, pumping his cock now.He was supposed to be at football practice, not home. He was not due home for another couple of hours. Judy would not be home until dinner time. She was alone in the house with her son, and he had caught her with her finger up her cunt, and he had to be in his room now, pounding on his cock. A boy his age, seeing what he had seen, had to be excited.With a feeling of excitement and a little apprehension, she walked to his room and found his door open. She stood there and looked in at her son. He had his pants off, wearing only his T-shirt, and his cock was hard. It was very, very hard, sticking up from the curly bush of dark hairs. His head was on his pillow, but he was not touching himself."Robbie..." she said, her voice shaking, her eyes devouring her son's throbbing cock."You do it for me, Mom," he said, his voice husky.Karen began to tremble, moving into his room on shaking legs, her eyes burning on his cock. She stopped at the side of his bed, looking down at him, her eyes moist with heat.Karen leaned over and closed her fist about her son's cock, squeezing it, watching the smooth head bulge, his piss hole flare and drip. She pulled upward on his cock, making her son moan in pleasure. With a little gasp, Karen began to jack his cock, her fist moving up and down swiftly, from the base to the swollen head. She made hot, hissing sounds as she stroked him. Robbie lifted his hips from the bed, pushing his cock into his mother's hot, tight fist, fucking up and down.She felt her son's hand move along her arm, then under it. Her breath caught as he cupped her covered tit, feeling it, squeezing it. She began to pant heavily as she jacked his cock, her tits swelling into his hands. Her fist pounded furiously, her pussy swelling and vibrating inside her panties. Her son's cock dripped heavily, his juices making the shaft of his cock very slippery for her fist. She did not say anything when he released her tit and pushed his hand down her side, over her hip, to fondle the cheeks of her ass. She just kept jerking on his hard cock, her eyes glassy, her breath hot and gasping.