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"The Vizsla has a rich history and is truly an INCREDIBLE breed; I have always loved them and I can tell the author does too- every page is full of passion for the Vizsla!" S. Sheridan, Minneapolis, MN."Very Vizsla breed specific - it's become my trusted VIzsla guide- thank you!"  Preston Tillbury, Annapolis, MD.“Vizslas are my life and I love this book- detailed, entertaining, informative, and very practical." Susan Lipari, Atlanta, GA.Vizsla Bible And The Vizsla is your definitive VIzsla Bible! Everything is covered: from Vizsla Puppies, Vizsla Breeders, Vizsla Dogs, Vizsla Training, Vizsla History, Vizsla Size, bringing your Vizsla home, Vizsla Dogs as Adults, Vizsla Health & Nutrition, Vizsla Toys, Wirehaired Vizslas, Vizsla Temperament, Living with your Vizsla- and all the proven INSIDER TIPS you’ll need to have the very best experience with your Vizsla!This one-stop resource will help you to care for, train, & build a successful partnership with your Vizsla, & makes a great gift!-Canine author Mark Manfield has produced the most in-depth & up-to-date book yet on the Vizsla. The 130 pages are easy to read & packed full of practical info & breeders' tips on everything you need to know about getting to know, caring for, & living with the magnificent Vizsla! Everything is Covered – including:Vizsla Puppies – You’ll Learn: How to prepare Your Home & Yard What to do when Your puppy first arrives Vizsla Sleeping Arrangements Exercise – how much and what type Crate training for your Vizsla Housetraining Socialization – what does it mean and how to do it right Training and ObedienceVizsla Bible And the Vizsla is full of tried-and-tested personalized advice on what to expect & all aspects of life with your Vizsla- from bringing home your puppy through adolescence and into a thriving adulthood!-For anyone who hasn’t chosen their Vizsla yet- there is: VIzsla variations  & color patterns. Vizsla hybrids & how to tell purebred from Vizsla Mixes Personality of the Vizsla vs Other Breeds Vizsla Breeders- What to look for (and to AVOID!). Where NOT to Buy a Vizsla How to Pick a Healthy Vizsla Puppy or Vizsla Adult Vizsla Temperament: Quickly understand the Temperament of the exact Vizsla You’re considering Vizsla Socialization & Preventing Anti-Social BehaviorLearn about Vizsla Food- What breeders recommend, Feeding Puppies, Raw Diets, Avoiding Food Allergies, Understanding Dog Food Labels, & Feeding Older Dogs.In Depth- Vizsla Health: - Ears, Skin, Allergies, Spaying, Neutering, Vaccinations, Preventing Fleas, Microchipping, Vizsla common illnesses- and how to avoid them!Renowned world expert advice on the Vizsla that will be useful for years to come-PS: This is not a run-of-the-mill book… it is for true Vizsla lovers- full of real world advice on how to make the most of your Vizsla’s life and journey together!-"The Vizsla has a rich history and is truly an INCREDIBLE breed; I have always loved them and I can tell the author does too- every page is full of passion for the Vizsla!" S. Sheridan, Minneapolis, MN."Very Vizsla breed specific - it's become my trusted VIzsla guide- thank you!"  Preston Tillbury, Annapolis, MD.“Vizslas are my life and I love this book-  detailed, entertaining, informative, and very practical." Susan Lipari, Atlanta, GA.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Where Did the Vizsla Come From?

Vizsla History and Background

Vizslas, The Hungarian Hunting Dogs

How Can A Vizsla Fit Into Your Life and Family?

Vizsla Competitions

Vizsla Dog Breed Standards and How to Identify a Purebred Vizsla

General Appearance

Size and Weight




Neck and Body





Chapter 2 – Knowing Your Vizsla

Vizsla Behavior

Vizsla Temperament

Vizsla Personality

The Versatile Vizsla

Vizsla Breed – Is This the Right One for You and Your Family?

Is the Vizsla Hypoallergenic? – Good News for Your Family

Allergy Triggers

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Vizslas As Hypoallergenic Dogs

Vizsla Life Expectancy and Stages

Chapter 3 – Vizsla Dog Training for Beginners

How to Train a Vizsla

What and How to Prepare When Training a Vizsla

Dominance and Obedience Training – How to Do This With Your Vizsla?





Vizsla Training in the Field – How Can You Start?

For Your Vizsla

For Owners

Essential Items

Vizsla Hunt Field Commands

Vizsla Hunting Training – What Do You and Your Dog Need to Achieve?

Back Course

Bird Finding Ability

Gun Response

Other Good Behaviors That You Can Train Your Vizsla To Perform

Crate Training

Housebreaking Training

Bladder and bowel control

How to Become a Vizsla Savvy Owner

Look Out for Training Opportunities

Use Visual Commands

Get the Right Tools

Grow with Your Vizsla

Chapter 4 – Vizsla Puppy or Adult; Male or Female: What and How to Choose for Your Family

Vizsla Puppy or Adult – Which Should You Choose?



Vizsla Male or Female – What’s the Best One for You?



Vizsla Purebred or Mixed Breed – Which Should You Choose?

Purebred Vizslas

Mixed Breed Vizslas

Chapter 5 – Buying vs. Adopting a Vizsla- Which is Right For You?

Buying a Vizsla vs. Adopting– Which Should You Choose?



Vizsla For Sale: What You Should Watch Out for When Buying a Vizsla

Vizsla Rescue- Vizsla Puppies Rescue

What is Vizsla Rescue?

How Can I Adopt a Rescue Vizsla?

How do I surrender my Vizsla to rescue?

How much does a rescued Vizsla cost?

Vizsla Adoption

Vizsla Puppies for Adoption

Adopting from an Animal Shelter

Adult Vizsla as an Instant Friend

What is a Pre-purchase/Adoption Test and How to Conduct It

Ask Questions

Assess the Dogs

Walk up to the door of the kennel

Take the dog to a quiet room or yard

Is it okay with a gentle pat?

Do a gut check

Chapter 6 – Essential Items for Your Vizsla

Dog Food for Vizslas – Different Kinds and What Is the Best for Your Vizsla

Vizsla Dog Beds – Which Are the Best Types?

Vizsla Collar – How to Choose One?

Step 1 – Measuring Your Dog’s Head and Neck

Step 2 – Choosing the Right-Sized Collar

Vizsla Harnesses – What You Need to Look for When Buying One

Harnesses Can Keep Your Dog Healthy

Vizsla Muzzle – Does Your Dog Need One?

When Is a Dog Muzzle Needed?

What Should I Not Use a Muzzle For?

Vizsla Toys

Vizsla Chew Toys

Other Toys for Vizslas

Chapter 7 – Vizslas And Your Home

How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Dog

Vizslas and Space – How Much Does the Dog Need?

How Can You Introduce Your Vizsla to Its New Home?

Make Gentle Introductions

Meeting the Family

How Should You House Train Your Vizsla?

What are the Possible Hazards in Your House That Can Harm Your Vizsla?

Ways to Keep Your House Vizsla-safe

How Should You Introduce Your Vizsla to Other Pets?

How Can You Spend Time With Your Vizsla?

Chapter 8 – How to Groom Your Vizsla

The Vizsla Coat – What Do You Need to Know About It?

Vizsla Shedding – Is It a Concern?

Vizsla Shampoo – How to Choose the Best One

Vizsla Brush

What Are the Different Types of Vizsla Brushes?

What Is the Best Brush for Your Vizsla?

How to Take Care of Your Vizsla’s Nails

How to Clean Your Vizsla’s Ears

Chapter 9 – Healthcare and Maintenance for Your Vizsla

Vizsla Health: Things You Need to Know About

What Are Common Vizsla Health Problems?

Preventing health problems

Vizsla Weight- How to Maintain Your Dog’s Healthy Weight Range?

Which Vizsla Vaccinations Are Recommended?

What Are the Vizsla’s Nutritional Requirements?

How Can You Prevent or Control Your Vizsla’s Internal Parasites, Fleas and Ticks?

How to Prevent Ticks and Fleas

Treatments to Keep Your Dog Tick-free

When It’s Time to See a Vet

How Can You Properly Exercise Your Vizsla?

How Can You Take Care of Your Vizsla When It Gets Older?

Chapter 10 – Vizsla Breeding

Different Vizsla Breeders

Wirehaired Vizsla Breeders

Good Vizsla Breeders – How to Find and Recognize One

Bad Vizsla Breeders – The Telltale Signs

How to Avoid Bad Dog Breeders

Questions to Ask the Dog Breeder

Bad Breeder Warning Signs

Puppy Mills

What is the Best Time to Have Your Vizsla Mate for Breeding?






Frequency of Season

Signs your female is in heat

Knowing the right time for mating

What Are Other Hungarian Dog Breeds You Can Pair With Your Vizsla?

The Pregnant Vizsla: How Should You Take Care of Her?

Proper Nutrition

Workout Routine

Vet Visits: Having an Ally

How Can You Assist Your Vizsla When It Is Giving Birth?


Possible Whelping Complications

Vizsla Puppies: How Do You Take Care of Newborn Puppies?

Newborn Puppy Nutrition

Newborn Puppy Temperature Control

Feeding the Nursing Dog

Newborn Puppy Health Problems

The Vizsla Mom and Her Puppies

Watch for Warning Signs of Sickness

Vizsla Mix Puppies

Wirehaired Vizsla Puppies

Vizsla Lab Mix Puppies

Vizsla Lab Mix Health

Vizsla Lab Mix Care

Chapter 11 – Vizsla Breed Mixes

Different Types of Vizsla:

Wirehaired Vizsla

Longhaired Vizsla

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Different Vizsla Coats

Grey Vizsla

Black Vizsla

Vizsla Breed Mixes

Vizsla Weimaraner Mix

Vizsla German Shepherd Mix

Vizsla Pitbull mix

Vizsla – Chocolate/Black/Yellow Lab Mix

Looking for a Healthy Lab



Coat Color and Grooming

Vizsla Golden Retriever Mix

Chapter 12 – Conclusion

List of Additional Vizsla Resources


Do you have a checklist of the qualities that you are looking for in a dog? Maybe one of these qualities is being a low-maintenance dog that you don’t need to bring to the pet groomer every week. Or, do you want a dog that can keep up with you as you trail tough terrains, and at the same time can rest on your lap and get cozy with you at home? If these are some qualities that you are looking for in a dog, then you definitely need to know more about the Vizsla.

The Vizsla is a well-built working dog with defined muscles that need ample space to run.

Vizslas are gaining popularity as the athletic and loyal breed of choice for aspiring dog owners.

If you are the type of person who leads an active outdoor lifestyle and wants a dog who can keep up with your pace while giving you its loving devotion, then you might want to consider choosing a Vizsla. The Vizsla is a well-built working dog with defined muscles that needs ample space to run. It is very energetic, and you would need to channel that energy by allowing it to exercise for at least 60 minutes per day.

This regal breed hailed from Hungary and was used by the nobles as pointer dogs when hunting. Their excellent sense of smell was highly prized as their owners hunted for fowl and upland game. This breed was intended to work in the field, water, or forest. You will be amazed when you see a Vizsla in its natural environment when it moves in powerful strides in different terrains and exhibits its natural hunting instincts.

Vizslas are intelligent, gentle, and affectionate. They will not hold back in showering you with their affection. They are eager to please their owners while being fearless and protective. When they are not out running with you, they will be by your side or on your lap and enjoy your company. They are excellent companion dogs that would fit perfectly in your family.

This breed also requires low maintenance, thanks to its short coat that is easy to clean. They are also generally strong and healthy but are also susceptible to health issues like hip dysplasia, and eye disease.

This book will introduce you to the beautiful breed that is the Vizsla. It will help you explore its fascinating history and characteristics, and know what it needs to live happily with you. The information in this book will help you determine if this is the right dog for you and if you are the type of owner that a Vizsla needs. If you do choose the Vizsla, then this book can be your reference guide for your journey with your Vizsla, along the way.


Where Did the Vizsla Come From?

The Vizsla has a regal history and background. The breed originated in Hungary and became a loyal companion to kings, warlords, and nobles. They have been around for almost a thousand years, and their ancestors go back as far as the 10th century. The breed was preserved and maintained for hundreds of years by the nobles. The dogs were held in high regard by their owners and were known as the “Gift of Kings” as they were chosen to be presented to foreign royalty.

The Vizsla has a regal history and background. The breed originated in Hungary and became a loyal companion to kings, warlords, and nobles.

Vizsla History and Background

The Vizsla is mentioned in the earliest times of Hungarian history. The Vizsla’s ancestors were the trusted hunting dogs of the Magyar tribe, who served as their right-hand, during hunts. The Magyar tribe thrived in the Carpathian Basin in the Eighth Century; primitive stone etchings more than a thousand years old present the Magyar hunter, his falcon, and a dog- presumed to be Vizsla.

The ‘Illustrated Vienna Chronicle’ of 1357 holds the first written record of the Vizsla, which was known during this time as the Hungarian Pointer. In the 1600s, documents found in archives depicted people living in mansions, breeding Vizslas. This information concluded that Vizslas were bred to hunt small game.

Before the 18th century, wealthy European hunters owned an extensive collection of dogs that included pointers to locate game; setters to retrieve, and hounds to trail quarry over long distances. These wealthy landowners would hunt on their property, and bring these dogs with them. The Vizsla became even more essential when firearms proliferated in the 18th century.