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Venus Intervention has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards 2014 (superior achievement in Poetry Collection) and for the Elgin Award 2015. The poem "The Man Who Saw the World" has been nominated for the Rhysling Award 2015.A gothic and disturbing poems collection, an exciting journey into the nightmare that will leave you breathless. Words to be read more than once, to hear again the sound of the emotions that rotate inside the magical kaleidoscope imagined by the authors. You will never be the same again, after being caught by that Venus, in all her forms.Una raccolta di poesie gotiche e inquietanti, altamente emozionali, per un viaggio da incubo che vi lascerà senza fiato, costringendovi alla rilettura e a seguire le continue rotazioni di un magico caleidoscopio (in lingua inglese).Author's Profile:Corrine De Winter is a Bram Stoker Award winning poet and author who has won numerous awards for her writing from the New York Quarterly, Triton College of Arts and Sciences, and The Rhysling Science Fiction Award. Her work has been applauded by such luminaries as William Peter Blatty (“The Excorcist” author) Tom Monteleone, Thomas Ligotti, Nick Cave, Stanley Wiater, James Sclavunos, Heather Graham, Harry O. Morris, and others. William Packard, former editor of the New York Quarterly, was a mentor, publishing De Winter’s work early on and inviting her to write “The Present State of American Poetry,” a regular feature in the journal. At Packard’s invitation she read her poetry at the New School and continued a rapport with Packard until his passing . Packard was a big supporter of Charles Bukowski and De Winter was published with him several times in his last years. De Winter won the Bram Stoker Award in 2005 for her collection “The Women At The Funeral.” Five of her collections have been Stoker Nominated. Among her publications, the poems collections: "A Dark Ride", "The End of Desire", The Women at the Funeral", "Touching the Wind", "Valentines for the Dead", "Virgin of the Apocalypse". A naturalist, philanthropist, paranormal expert, artist, and the founder of “Small World Fund For Children ,” De Winter lives between this world and the next.Alessandro Manzetti is a horror, science fiction, weird fiction, and dark poetry writer. His published work in Italian includes novels, long stories, short story and dark poem collections, as well as many short stories published in anthologies. English publications include The Shaman and Other Shadows, Venus Intervention with Corrine De Winter as co-author, Dark Gates with Paolo Di Orazio as co-author and stories and poems which appeared in both print and online USA and UK magazines and anthologies. His works has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards 2014, the Rhysling Award 2015 and the Elgin Award 2015.

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VersiGuasti n. 1

Publication of poetry.

ISBN: 978-88-98953-05-9

copyright (c) 2014, Kipple Officina Libraria

I edition epub/mobipocket: 1.0 luglio 2014

This edition: 1.6 february 2017

Cover and internal illustrations by Daniele Serra

Intro and editing by Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Kipple Officina Libraria

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Corrine De Winter & Alessandro Manzetti

Venus Intervention


by Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Reader, you are about to go on a nightmare journey that will leave you breathless and rereading these poems again and again, for contained within this collection are all manners of darkness and light and the gradient shadows in between. Two poets could not have been better paired. Corrine De Winter and Alessandro Manzetti have strikingly similar voices and yet their poems stand apart in just the slightest ways to make them unique. De Winter pens some haunting, enduring imagery and masters the chilling effect of unresolved fear and pain like no other you will encounter. You can feel the cadence of her heart in every line of every piece, and yet she closes the door in such a way to leave you saddened or shocked at not unlocking the mystery there. It is worth nothing that not every poem of hers, however, is so subtle. Some of them, such as “WHAT LOVE STORY DOESN’T END IN HELL OR IN A WHOREHOUSE?” by title and by emotive convention are regular sledgehammers to the gut. And with a collection of poems both dazzling and ruthless with emotion in their own right, Manzetti complements De Winter’s section. His poems are infused with more anger and malevolence, but are also awe-inspiring with commentary on life and relationships. “WAITING” in particular finds an emotional core and hollows it out in an astonishingly effective way. There is something menacing beneath all of his work, something rising to the surface and one cannot help feeling vulnerable as to whether this unknown may be salvation or damnation. So prepare yourself, reader, for VENUS INTERVENTION. It will color your mood in kaleidoscopic tones and you will never be the same again.


by Corrine De Winter

When you come

At the mouth of an angel,

It is the holy dove.

The sound of wings,

Alto singing,

lucent clouds

which hang above.

When you come

At the mouth of an angel

Your Light in Me

by Corrine De Winter

I am not as pale and smooth

As the moon.

Still, kneel down

And find your light in me.

I have taken

You into my heart

Like a bullet.

You sink further each day,

A foreign thing.

How will you exist

In the realm of blood and muscle,

How will you maneuver

Past the deadly?

Venus Intervention

by Corrine De Winter

I, the ragged muse

Dragged like a doll

From room to room.

Do I make you write ethereal music,

Passages from beyond this world?

I was once a girl who worshipped,

And became a woman

Who wanted to be worshipped.

I stained my mouth red,

My eyes charcoal, like Cleo.

I rubbed myrrh and sandalwood

Into my limbs,

As any muse would do

To intoxicate, to cloud reason,

To appear like a dream.

The curls in my hair reached further each day,

Until at last you were bound

By a soft design

That was killing you.


by Corrine De Winter

I could make anything out of you.

I have called you Scarecrow,

And Jesus and sometimes


But tonight I call you to my side

That you be not afraid

Of my touch

Though to you it feels

Like standing within reach

Of an Autumn bonfire

Where leaves disintegrate

Like stars skyward.


by Corrine De Winter

How you have come

to take the borrowed rooms

of childhood from me,

to extract all color from dreams