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Unusual Sex ebook

Ria Ria



jatin and Nina meet in abus, he seduces her; she falls for him. he offers he a contract for nude photoshoot. later they love each other. he loses his interest in casual sex, becomes a fetishist due to his past experience...........

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Ria Ria

Unusual Sex

A fetish Love Story

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unusual sex


A fetish love story



I was returning from some place in a bus, I saw one girl getting into bus, I was so lucky to have seat beside me, she sat here touching her bare shoulders to mine, her blonde arms with green nerves could be clearly seen. A nicest perfume smell used to come whenever she raises her hand a little. I’m not a guy who just watches a girl’s boobs and stay quite or compliment in mind. I started to observe every parts of her body as much as I could. Don’t think me a just pervert, nope, I don’t see every girl in that manner, my eyes capture only beautiful things. She had worn a green sleeveless top. I started looking at her silently. My eyes started drawing imaginary outlines on her But the disaster happened- I was caught and her eyes stared flaming at me. I had to save myself; I took courage and I broke the ice. ‘Hi! I'm Jatin’, I took a gulp, she not seemed like interested, her eyes appeared like war prepared fighter jets. They were so intense. I added ' yes I stared at you, but it's my job'. ‘What? Staring at some girl is your job?' she was furious. 'I'm a nude photographer, means ......I take nude photos' I pulled out my camera and tried to convince her. She looked at my camera and face repeatedly and as I expected; she asked ' then show me some' now her face was grinning and she seemed like thrashing me in very next moment. I switched on my camera. Luckily I had some pictures of a slut whom I paid money for a hook and clicked her photos after she turned on. 'See here I showed her by covering my hands to the display; not to show others, she saw the pictures. Because of my taste on scanning bodies I had few nice pictures. After seeing those photos, she gave a pale smile and kept silence. Now I saw her thighs, they started rubbing each other slowly. And now i observed her lips, they were dry and she again and again liking them. By this I could easily conclude that those photos had made her go crazy and she got some sensations or might be a little wet! Now I started imagining her wet spots. I wanted to ask her!. She knew that I was staring at her but she was just smiling and never got a dare to stare at me. I continued ' if you ask me. You got an amazing body which that model had not' now she turned at me and giggled. I didn’t know girls turn on for some shitty black nude slut. ‘Are you interested too?' I asked. 'i don't go naked' but I can pose either'. 'Ok!' I wore a serious look, ‘you want to get into my contract?' I asked.

'What is it?’

‘You have to come to me, whenever I call you for a shoot and you have to wear cloths which I provide. If you go nude I pay better ' I finished in a breath.

'You think I'm capable of it?'

'Yes dear'.

'Ok! When should I come?'

‘You can come today also, or, if you want to stay in my studio; that is also ok'.

'See I stay in paying guest, I cannot come whenever I want, I have to inform the owner'.

'Ok, but before we start regularly I need your some pictures and usual i prefer sensual poses. ‘I told know I don't get naked' she burst. 'I didn't mean it, we have many hotspots baby I tell you if you want' I waited for her nod. ‘Hmm’ she uttered. 'Hotspots are armpits, breasts, butts etcetera... etetera...need to be sizzling not always naked' 'ok, I can't show anything here ' she declined. 'You can show armpits' I wmypered. And she started blushing and she folded her hands tightly. ‘You know one thing?. You don't need to show your face, just those parts’ I emphasized. She started to pose. One was like placing her hand straightly on seat top, one more placing her right hand behind the head.


Now I just moved toward her and kissed on her shoulder, and continued it. another hand was on her lap unknowingly. She didn't resist, i kissed her arm till her elbow. It was a pre booking bus so no need to afraid that new passengers would come. She started panting as she couldn't control her breath. I started sucking her fingers. And my right hand started to press her thighs. Now I was kissing her palm and my left hand was rubbing her back. Now suddenly grabbed her waist with my left hand and she fell on me. 'No' she wmypered. I had won. She didn't resist instead her eyes were saying like proceed. ‘I forgot to take photo’ i sat back on my seat. Now she held her palm behind her head and gave a sexy pose. I captured many photos and showed her my talent. She felt happy and kissed on my cheek, i showed my lips to kiss she hesitated. ‘It’s ok, leave it’, i made a sad face, and she suddenly grabbed my head and landed a kiss on my lips and sat back like nothing had happened. I rubbed my lips with a victorious smile.

I was at my home; sleeping naked. My phone started vibrating. 'Some fucker is phoning' I was irritated. But that was an unknown number. 'hello'. 'hi I'm Nina. you remembered from yesterday?' suddenly i remembered the previous day's incident.

'Oh yea I got, tell me what is the matter?’.

'I want to join you. Are you free today?’.

'Of course'.

'At what time I should come?'.

'Whenever you are free!’