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I never expected to see things from the other side... I was just and average college guy, but when I met up with a wannabe witch all that turned on its head.  I'd sat down for what I thought was just a silly fake spell, but after a little chanting we all discovered that it was all too real.  Her attempt to use magic to find out more about guys had turned me into a busty coed! Now, I only have forty eight hours to find a guy to show me what it's like to really be a woman or I'll end up stuck in my hot new body.  I can feel myself becoming more feminine by the minute, and I really can't wait to find out all the secrets about womanhood.  So hang on, it's going to be wild!  

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Unexpected Changes


Published by Farleven

Copyright 2018 Farleven

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Unexpected Changes

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Unexpected Changes

I always hated waking up. I suppose it was because I was a night owl forced to live in a world full of people that thought getting up at the crack of dawn was the best way to live. Eight o'clock classes always felt like some form of torture. First, the alarm clock would blast in my ear and I'd reluctantly pull off the covers and fumble through the next couple of hours until I finally managed to really feel like a human about lunch time.

At least that was on a normal day. Today, something was different. First, there was no alarm, but there was someone jostling my arm. I felt myself shifting in bed. That was weird enough on its own. I wasn't exactly the smallest guy around, but I was being pushed around far too easily. I wasn't used to that.

My senses came flooding back in a variety of ways. First, I noticed that my chest felt heavy, and even more oddly, I wasn't feeling the normal hardness of my cock rubbing into my shorts. As awkward as it was, I was pretty used to that in the morning. I also felt a tangled web of hair all over my face as well. This was all pretty strange, but my brain was having trouble piecing everything together as I tried pushing through the morning haze that usually filled my head.

"Hey, wake up. Are you okay?" I heard a girl asking anxiously as she jostled me. That reminded me that I'd been visiting a friend over in the girls dorm. Heck, we'd sat down for some kind of little fake ritual one of her more colorful friends wanted to do. It was supposed to be magical or something. I hadn't exactly been paying attention. I remembered sitting down, and then we all started chanting. It was all pretty silly, but then I felt something strange in the air, and my whole body started to tingle and there was a huge flash. That was the last thing I remembered until I was being woken up

"Take it easy, she's still breathing." I heard my friend Roni from my other side. I groaned. Everything still felt strange, but I realized I wasn't in my normal night wear, and when I opened my eyes, I wasn't staring at my ceiling either. This was someone else's room! I tossed my head around and realized that I was still in Roni's friend's room. I think her name was Tina, and they were both looking at me with rather wide eyes, like they were trying to hold in some kind of shock.

"But she shouldn't be a she!" Tina shot back. That managed to snap through my groggy mind. They were talking about me! All those strange disjointed sensations suddenly came together and I bolted upright. The way my chest suddenly bounced confirmed pretty much my worst fear.

I couldn't stop myself from looking down. The twin peaks jutting out of my shirt were all the confirmation I needed, but my hands had to jump up anyway. I screamed when I felt my hands sinking into two very generously sized breasts. The feeling was so weird all the way around, from the way my hands cupped those round globes to the squished feeling in my chest at from my own fingers.

"Quiet, sorry..." Tina shushed me and I managed to pull one hand away from my heaving chest as I struggled to fight down the panic that had suddenly welled up inside me.

"What happened... to my voice?" I squealed again as I sounded about two octaves higher than normal. I had to stop as I new wave of panic hit me. It wasn't so much that I didn't know what happened now. I just needed someone else to tell me what was going on.

"Well..." Tina blushed as she pulled back a little. The pixyish girl's eyes darted back and forth for a moment. I'd never met her before tonight. She was one of Roni's friends, one that was apparently into playing at being some kind of witch. After a few more moments of fidgeting she finally looked up and met my eyes.

"Sorry. I didn't realize that the spell would actually work this time." She fidgeted again. "The last time I tried it, we had three girls, I hadn't realized it would work differently with a guy."

"What do you mean?" I had managed to collect myself, at least as much as was possible when I felt two huge breasts on my chest and a noticeable void between my legs. I was doing my best. I didn't like to panic even if this was the perfect time to do so.

"Well... I just found this old magic book and it had this one spell that was supposed to help find out about the opposite sex. It needed three people, and I tried it a couple nights ago with a couple other girls, but nothing happened. I had kind of given up until Roni came by with you, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try again. I thought it would just give us some knowledge, not change guys into girls!" Tina rattled off. It was clear she was almost as flustered as I was and that was no small feat. I nodded and turned to Roni. She looked extra concerned as well. There was something more to this than just the fact that I was a girl now.

"Tell her the rest." Roni glared over to Tina. Tina fidgeted some more.

"Well, there's a little problem with the whole spell, you see not only did it make you a girl, but everyone remembers you as a girl. The other thing is that there is only one way to change back." Tina blushed again. "I am so sorry..."