Underhanded Incest Issue: Taboo Erotica - Brooklyn Michaels - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.**********"I'm a big girl now.""I know."She giggled. "They say if a girl's big enough she's old enough.' "You're a hot-assed little bitch, aren't you?"She giggled again, her hand dropping down to his chest, her fingers playing with his chest hair. She ran her hand over his belly and down to the bulge in his crotch. He wore only swim trunks and his cock stood straight up at attention.She smiled, wondering what his prick would feel like between her lips. She knew his cock was very big. She'd caught glimpses of it when he didn't know she was looking."Get down there and give me some head!" he grunted. "And remember, it was your idea. Don't tell your mother."

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Underhanded Incest Issue

Brooklyn Michaels

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents












Twenty-two and still bringing myself off, she thought.

It was exactly two months ago today that Bob had jilted her. They'd been going together since high school, but he told her he'd met someone else. The someone else, he said, was incredible in bed, and he'd fallen in love.

The pretty brunette had been crushed. She had gone around moping now for weeks. The only thing she had to look forward to was a vacation at her Uncle Brad's, and that didn't promise much excitement. She hadn't seen her uncle and his wife in years, not since she was a child, and staying with them and their two teenage children for a month would probably be boring.

She thought about the vacation as she probed her pussy through the crotch of her panties. If she didn't have a good time, if her aunt and uncle proved to be dull and stodgy, she would just leave early.

She concentrated on her cunt now, gushing cuntjuice through the thin nylon of her panties. She could smell herself, and it turned her on. Bob had told her she was too inhibited about sex, and maybe he was right. She hadn't had all the much experience, and she was shy about trying new things. Ever since Bob had told her that, she had decided to change her life. The trouble was, she didn't know how to do it.

She knew she was pretty and sexy looking. She got a lot of attention when she walked down the street. Men always ogled her big tits and long shapely legs. It always thrilled her when they looked her up and down and whistled. She knew some women didn't like it, the women's libbers especially, but she considered it a compliment.

She dressed to play up her figure. She wore high heels and sheer stockings to work, and usually something tight or low cut to emphasize her tits. She was determined that she would be different with the next man she met. More adventurous in bed. She didn't know how she'd become less inhibited, but she'd think of something. Maybe booze!

She slipped two fingers inside her panties and drilled them into her slimy cunthole. She needed a man badly. She'd had regular fucking for years, even if it wasn't as exotic as Bob would have liked. She missed it.

She ran her thumb over her clit where she finger-fucked herself with the two fingers. She closed her thighs around her hand, squeezing her cuntmeat together. She moved her other hand up to her tits and began fondling her big boobs through her sweater.

She thought about Bob's thick cock and the way it felt slamming into her pussy and she shivered with excitement. The memory of his jism-filled balls slapping against her ass made her quiver with lust.

She began fingering herself in a frenzy now. Her breath rasping, her heart pounding, she frigged her cunt. Her fingers flew in and out of her cunthole as her thumb rubbed her clit. She began climbing toward an orgasm, rocking back and forth with the first sensations, when she heard the noise in the hall.

Quickly pulling her fingers out of her cunthole, she arranged her clothes and sat down at her desk, pretending to be working. She just made it. The door opened and her boss walked inside.

Jeremy Todd was a good-looking bachelor with a roving eye and a ready smile. "Haven't you had lunch yet, Miss Gregory?" he said, sitting down at his desk and going over his mail.

"I was going to go now," she said, pulling her shoulders back and hoping he would notice her tits instead of just her typing.

She had heard from the other secretaries that he didn't date girls in the office. He didn't think it was a good idea to mix business with pleasure. He flirted a lot, but that was all. She knew he didn't have a steady girlfriend, and she was determined to pique his interest.

He asked her if she would take some dictation before she went to lunch, and she told him she'd be happy to.

There were advantages to sharing an office with her good-looking boss. She grabbed her steno book and moved over to his desk, carefully crossing her legs and letting her skirt crawl up to show him some thigh.

He began dictating, his eyes on her legs as she crossed and uncrossed her long shapely limbs.

She felt the wetness between her thighs, and she blushed, wondering if he could smell her aroma. He rose up and began pacing up and down the office as he dictated the same bullshit in the same language to the same people.

He finished one particularly long letter and stood up. He walked around to her chair and put his hand over her shoulder.

"I've made it a practice not to date girls in the office," he said.


"You're an incredibly pretty girl," he said. "I just might have to break my rule for you."

She shivered, feeling her pussy-lips quiver. He was certainly conceited, that was for sure. He assumed she was interested in him. Well, he was right, and she didn't care if it showed.

He fluttered his fingers over her neck, picking up her long dark ponytail and moving it out of the way. He caressed the back of her neck, finally moving his hand down her shoulder and then to her tit.

Pushing his inside her sweater, his fingers soon cupped her big jug through her bra. Lisa moaned softly when he flicked her nipple through the lacy half-bra.

He squeezed and caressed one tit and then moved to the other one. Finally he moved his hand inside her bra, and the brunette groaned with lust.

"Let's get comfortable," he said, pulling her up and moving her over to the leather sofa.

She couldn't have resisted if she'd wanted to. The touch of his hands on her body had totally turned her on. Still horny from masturbating and not climaxing, she would have done anything he asked.

Once seated, he placed her hand over his crotch. His cock was hard and she rubbed it gently through his pants. Before she knew it, he had her on the sofa with her dress bunched up at her wrist and his hands moving over her body.

She instinctively raised her ass so he could peel her bikini panties off. He gazed down at her open crotch, at the thick bush of dark cunt hair, wet with cunt-slime.

"Jesus, what a hot cunt!" he hissed, rubbing his hand over her pussy-meat and flicking her clit. "What a hot baby!"

He pushed two fingers deep inside her steaming cunthole. She came almost at once, lurching up and bucking her hips as she spasmed on his hand. He continued fingering her cunthole, and she climaxed again. Her lips were open in a grimace of lust. When he slid his cock into her mouth she automatically sucked it in. "Suck, baby, suck!" he croaked, pumping his prick in and out of her throat.

She lay on her back and he fucked her face with piston-like strokes of his throbbing prick. She took him in balls-deep, her lips tight around his prick-root. He grunted and blasted a thick glob of jism down her throat.

She swallowed down the musky spunk, eager not to lose a drop. She sucked Jeremy Todd the way she'd never sucked Bob. If that's what made men happy, she'd learn to give them what they wanted.

He finally had to pull his prick out of her mouth, slumping down on the sofa beside her. "Jesus, you could kill a man with that mouth!"

Lisa smiled. It wasn't going to be hard at all. She was determined to be as good a fuck as a woman can be, and it wouldn't be hard at all. It would be fun!

* * *

Later that evening she was soaking in a hot tub and thinking about Jeremy Todd. After the session in the office, he had avoided her for the rest of the day. He hadn't been unfriendly, just preoccupied. Well, even if nothing came of it, she wasn't going to be upset. She had teased him, after all. It was as much her fault as his. Besides there was no harm done.

She leaned back in the hot sudsy water, thinking about the vacation she would be going on soon, and wondering if her Uncle Brad would introduce her to any eligible men.

She moved her hands over her titflesh, gently stroking her stiffening nipples. Fingering her thick nipples, she groaned. She needed a man. There was no doubt about that. She needed a man all the time for regular fucking. She was getting hotter and hornier, the older she got.

She had just moved her hands down to her cunt mound when the doorbell rang. Oh, shit! she thought. I'd better answer it.

Dripping wet, she got up out of the tub and wrapped herself in a terrycloth robe. Hurrying to the door, her mouth fell open when she opened it and found Jeremy Todd standing there.

"Happy birthday," he smiled, handing her a bouquet of flowers.

"Birthday? It's not my birthday," she said.

Brushing past her, he walked into the apartment. "I know that, but whenever it is, happy birthday!"

She closed the door behind him, her heart pounding and her pussy creaming. They faced each other for a long moment, and then both began laughing.

He mixed some drinks while she dried off. She put the flowers in water and came back into the living room, conscious of his eyes on her body. She still wore the terry-cloth robe. It was short, and swung open with every step to reveal her thighs.

She tingled with anticipation. Sauntering toward him, she cried out when he pushed her back on the sofa and opened her legs wide to plaster his mouth over her cunt.

She trembled, moaning and pulling his head in to anchor his mouth tightly to her pussy. He sucked and licked and slurped her seething hole till she sobbed with lust.

When he finally came up for air, his face glistening with her juices, he smiled at her. "You won't stay away long, will you?"

"A month."

"That long?"

"Maybe I'll come back sooner."

"I've had my eye on you all along, you know. I can tell a juicy cunt when I see one. Open it up for me, honey. Let me see inside." Wishing he would finish her off, but shy about asking, she moved her hands down to her pussy and opened her cuntlips for him. She felt lewd and wanton but thrilled with what she was doing.

He stared down at her yawning cunt, at her slick cunt meat and matted triangle of fur. She trembled when she felt his hot breath on her dripping gash. Her self-consciousness vanished. She was thrilled at the way he was looking at her wide-open cunt.

"You're sure ready, aren't you, babe?"

"Yes!" she moaned. "Yes, I'm hot! Bring me off, for God's sake! Bring me off!" Chuckling, he clamped his mouth back down on her pussy and began lapping up the foamy froth of cuntjuice oozing out of her cunthole. He lapped and slurped while the brunette writhed under him.

He stiffened his tongue and whipped it over her clit, flicking it back and forth to tease the hot little bean.

She opened her legs wider to give him all the room he needed. She groaned at the sweet sensations flooding up from her gash. She came hard, gushing a flood of thick cunt-cream onto his tongue.

He continued licking and sucking her clit, bringing her off again, finally ramming his tongue into the hot grip of her cunthole. She wrapped her legs around his head and cried out, overwhelmed by the orgasm.

He finally pulled his mouth away from her muff, wiping the cuntjuice off his face and unzipping his fly. "Suck me now, honey," he grunted. "Wrap your sweet tongue around my prick and suck!"

Crooning, she sat up on the sofa and he took her place. He lay back with his cock standing up, thick and hard and dripping cockjuice. Lisa fisted his prick and sucked his cockhead into the ring of her lips.

Crouching between his thighs, she held the base of his prick tightly in her fingers and began by slowly licking up and down his pulsating cockshaft. She licked his balls, sucking first one and then the other egg into her mouth.

Jeremy lay perfectly still as she sucked and licked his rampant fuckmeat. His eyes closed, he breathed hard as she lapped her tongue over his fat cockhead and then slowly sucked it back into her mouth.

She curled her fingers under his heavy ball-sac and gobbled up his prick inch by inch until his mushroom-shaped knob was halfway down her throat.

He was moaning softly now, pumping his ass up off the sofa and fucking her mouth. The brunette took him all the way in, bobbing her head up and down like a well-oiled machine. She let herself go, and in no time her ponytail was loose and her hair was flying around her face as she gluttonously sucked his cock.

"Oh, fuck, that's good!" he croaked, clamping his hands over her head and pumping his hips. "I'm gonna come, baby, oh, shit, I'm gonna come!"

He lurched up and cried out, a thick explosion of hot lava erupting into her throat. She held him tightly, controlling her gag-reflex and swallowing every drop of his delicious fuck-cream.

She milked him dry, gently fondling his nuts to get every ounce of cream out of his balls. When he collapsed under her, she released his soft prick from her mouth and sucked up the last drop of jism from his pisshole.

"Give me a few minutes," he said. "I can get hard again."

She got up and mixed fresh drinks. Putting a record on the stereo, she danced back to the sofa and dropped her robe to the floor. Shaking her tits in his face, she giggled and danced away.

He leaned back on the sofa, pumping his cock. He licked his lips suggestively, and in no time at all his prick was hard again.

She crouched down on the floor between his thighs and sucked his cockhead into her mouth. She sucked him until his wiry crotch hair tickled her nose.

She released a flood of saliva over his cock and balls and then he threw her back on the floor and mounted her. Thrusting his prick at the mouth of her cunthole, he pushed it inside her clutching cunt.

Moaning, the brunette opened her pussy to his cock and they began a slow rhythmic fuck.


A week later, Lisa pulled into the driveway of her uncle's house.

Her Uncle Brad and Aunt Cleo greeted her warmly, taking her into the big old house and introducing her to her two young cousins, Joni and Chris.

"It's wonderful to see you again, dear," Cleo said. "It's been, what, ten years? You certainly turned out to be a beauty."

Brad agreed, and it wasn't long before Lisa felt totally comfortable and at home. Joni and Chris had been children when she'd seen them last, and it was nice to get reacquainted with the entire family.

They had dinner in the dining room around a big round table. The room had high beamed ceilings, and the whole house looked interesting.

Lisa decided it wouldn't be a boring month, and she forgot all about the possibility of leaving after a few weeks. She was anxious to see Jeremy again, but if there was anything between them, it would wait. Anyway, her good-looking young boss had gone out of the town right after the evening in her apartment, and they hadn't had a chance to talk.

The pretty brunette was surprised when the housekeeper began serving dinner. She was a stunning redhead named Tina Abbott, and as soon as everything was on the table, she sat down and joined them.

Well, it's just a casual, informal family, Lisa thought happily, yawning with fatigue.

"We all turn in early here," Brad said. "Feel perfectly at home and hit the sack whenever you're ready."