Underhanded Hot Incest: Taboo Erotica - Brooklyn Michaels - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.****************Frank and Barbara Murdoch were unaware that their teenage daughter, Mary Lou, was in the house, but Mary Lou was, her heart pounding wildly as she wobbled on a chair, gazing eagerly through the grate into her parents' bedroom. She was certain they were going to fuck. She had seen them do it before, and it was always so exciting it nearly blew her mind!The grate connecting the two rooms was just low enough so that she could reach it by standing on a chair. Craning her neck, Mary Lou pressed her nose against the metal and peered into the next room.Frank and Barbara were undressing. Mary Lou quivered as her father came up behind her mother and grabbed her bra-covered tits. Her mother purred and leaned back against him, rubbing her ass against his crotch.

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Underhanded Hot Incest

Brooklyn Michaels

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 1

The grate connecting the two rooms was just low enough so that she could reach it by standing on a chair. Craning her neck, Mary Lou pressed her nose against the metal and peered into the next room.

Frank and Barbara were undressing. Mary Lou quivered as her father came up behind her mother and grabbed her bra-covered tits. Her mother purred and leaned back against him, rubbing her ass against his crotch.

"How about making a little whoopie?" Frank chuckled.

Barbara purred. "That's what we're here for, isn't it? I'm glad we have the house to ourselves, honey, but the kids might be home soon, and I know Dorothy didn't plan to stay downtown too long. I wouldn't want my sister walking in on us!"

Moving her hand behind her, Barbara Murdoch grabbed the bulge in Frank's crotch. She squeezed and fondled his cock and even as Mary Lou watched, she could see her father's cock getting bigger and bigger!

The teenage girl was certain her father had one of the biggest cocks in the world. It was certainly bigger than any cock she had ever seen!

One of Frank's hands now slipped down from Barbara's tits and into the front of her bikini panties.

"Oh, Frank, honey, that feels so good!" Barbara purred.

His fingers plowed through her cunt bush to find the wet lips of her pussy. Moaning, Barbara leaned back against him as he stroked her dripping cunt-meat.

"That feels wonderful," she crooned. "Let's hurry, honey. My pussy is just gushing for you!"

"This cannon between my legs isn't exactly at ease," Frank grinned. "It's for you, baby, all for you!"

They moved apart and continued stripping their clothes off. Mary Lou's eyes feasted on her father as his clothes gradually fell away.

He was actually her step-father. When Frank and Barbara had married they had each had one child from a previous marriage. Kevin was Frank's son and Mary Lou's step-brother, but the Murdochs were very close and no one ever thought about those things anymore.

It was a busy and happy house, and now that Dorothy Nelson, Barbara's sister, had come to stay with them awhile, it was busier than ever!

Barbara was the first to get her clothes off, and now she preened in front of the mirror, holding up her big tits with her hands. She was a pretty woman with thick chestnut brown hair, big brown eyes and big juicy looking nipples.

Now her fingers pulled at her thick pink nipples. She twisted her body to view the luscious white cheeks of her ass, and then she turned and gazed at her husband.

Frank was peeling his jockey shorts off his legs. He was thirty-eight to Barbara's thirty-six. He had dark hair and a nice smile and a very nice prick.

Right now his long, thick cock swung out like a baseball bat, a gob of cockjuice falling away from his pisshole and dripping down onto the carpet.

Barbara remembered with a smile how she had been overwhelmed by the size of Frank's cock the first time she had seen it. Barbara had fucked more than her share of boys in high school, and of course she'd been married before, but Frank's cock had beat them all. She was proud that her husband was so well hung.

Sometimes his balls looked as big as peaches! And tasted just as good! Her appreciation of Frank's equipment had its practical side. Barbara had a thick-lipped, gushing cunt, and she needed a big cock. Frank's impressive prick always did the job!

"Hurry," Barbara mewled. "My pussy's wet!"

"So what else is new!" Frank chuckled.

When Frank grinned and sat down on the edge of the bed, Barbara hastily moved forward to stand between his legs. She leaned over and hung her tits over his face.

Frank chuckled again as he burrowed his nose between the heavy tits. At last he got his mouth on one of her fat nipples. Barbara crooned with delight as he began sucking.

On the other side of the grate Mary Lou held her breath and gasped, shoving a hand down to her own pussy and rubbing it furiously.

"Oh, yes!" Barbara moaned. "Suck my tit! Suck it hard! Oh, God, that's good!"

His mouth filled with her tit-flesh, Frank ran his hands over the cheeks of her firm, full ass. It was Barbara's ass that had turned him on the first time he met her. She had big tits, but all the girls in those days seemed to have big tits. One look at Barbara's ass had turned his cock into a bar of steel. Now after being married several years, her curvy plump ass still drove him wild.

"Oh, Jesus!" Mary Lou murmured to herslf next door. "Jesus Christ!"

Dropping his wife's thick nipple from his mouth, Frank pulled her onto the bed and ran his fingers over her belly to tickle her. Barbara squealed and grabbed his cock.

"Play with the little fella, honey!" Frank snickered. "Give the old prick some attention!"

Closing her fist around his cockshaft, Barbara slowly jerked his huge prick up and down several times, and then picked up her speed.

"How about sucking it awhile?" Frank said. "Do you mind?"

Barbara squirmed and purred. She gazed down at his bloated, throbbing cock. "I don't mind at all!" she hissed. "I love sucking your cock!"

On the other side of the grate Mary Lou swooned. Oh, God, she's going to go down on him, Mary Lou thought. She's going to suck him out! Oh, Jesus Christ, what a scene!

Lowering her head, Barbara lapped her tongue over Frank's fat, purplish cockhead and then slowly sucked it into her mouth.

"That's the way, baby," he groaned. "That's the way to suck a prick!" He put his hand on the back of her head to bring her mouth more firmly against his prick.

Her fingers curling under the heavy sac of his balls, Barbara gobbled up his cock inch by inch until his oozing cockshaft was halfway down her throat.

Peering through the grate, Mary Lou quivered as she watched her mother sucking Frank's cock. No matter how many times she had seen it, it always turned her on. The sight of her mother's lips moving up and down Frank's thick cockshaft made Mary Lou's pussy gush like a fountain.

Now Mary Lou pushed two fingers inside her wet cunthole and slowly finger-fucked herself as she watched her mother giving head.

As Barbara's mouth pumped Frank's cock, she gradually increased the pace until her long wavy hair was flying and her head bobbed up and down like a well-oiled machine.

"Oh, yeah, that feels so good, baby!" Frank groaned. "So damn good! Keep sucking! Keep sucking!"

Barbara suddenly pulled her mouth away from his cock and smacked her wet lips suggestively. "That's enough for now," she crooned. "I don't want you blasting off in my mouth. Not now. We've got some fucking to do before we're through."

Straddling Frank's body, Barbara shifted forward until she had her cunt almost directly over his face. She smiled and pulled her cuntlips open with her fingertips.

Frank gazed at the thick pink meat of her cunt, at her wet hairy cuntlips. He leered at her and ran his tongue over his lips. "Something tells me the lady wants me to eat her box!" he chuckled.

He flattened one of his big hands on her belly and moved his thumb into the wet groove between her cuntlips. "You've still got the best pussy in town!" he hissed.

Barbara groaned as he rubbed the ball of his thumb up and down the hard shaft of her clit. Frank gazed at his wife's pink, swollen clit. He could see the whitish cunt-cream oozing out of her cunthole.

He wondered if Barbara's sister had a cunt as ripe as this one. He had often thought about fucking Dorothy, and he was hoping that on this visit he would somehow be able to get into her pants.

"Oh, lover, that feels good!" Barbara groaned. "Oh, yes, that's wonderful! Just wonderful!"

She quivered as Frank's free hand roamed over the cheeks of her ass and finally zeroed in on her asscrack. She shivered in anticipation. Frank knew how much it turned her on when he played with her asshole, and now one of his fingers tickled the tight ring of her shitter and slowly pushed inside, "Oh, honey!" Barbara mewled. "Your finger feels so good in there! So good!"

His finger rolling her clit, Frank slowly finger-fucked Barbara's ass. "That feel good?" he asked.

"Lovely!" Barbara crooned. Do you have an extra finger for my pussy? Or maybe I'd better do it myself! You're already using both hands!"

Frank's thumb remained on her clit as she pushed her own finger into her cunthole. She smiled down at him as she slowly finger-fucked her pussy.

She could feel his finger in her ass through the thin wall separating her cunthole and asshole. Their fingers were soon pushing in and out of the two holes with the same rhythm, and as Frank continued strumming her clit, Barbara threw her head back and moaned.

"Oh, lover, that's delicious! Oh, yes! Oh, my God, yes! Don't stop, honey! Don't stop!"

"Come on!" Frank grunted at last. "Get that pussy on my mouth!"

Barbara squealed with pleasure as she pulled her finger out of her cunt and shifted forward until her pussy was mashed against his face. Squirming her crotch on his upraised mouth, she leaned forward to grab the headboard and pressed down.

"Suck it, honey! Suck my pussy! Suck it out! Suck my snatch! Give me a good suck!"

She slowly rocked her ass up and down, her big tits swinging and jiggling as she wriggled her wet cunt on her husband's face. She moaned each time his tongue pushed into her cunthole. She gasped whenever his nose rubbed against her clit.

The rocking movements of her hips became more frenzied, and it wasn't long before Frank's sucking mouth had her rushing along towards an orgasm.

Holding onto the headboard with one hand now, Barbara used the other hand to massage her hanging tits. She squeezed her tit-flesh and pinched her nipples.

"Oh, wonderful!" she moaned. "Oh, it's so wonderful! You're sucking me so good!"

She rocked and gyrated her cunt on Frank's sucking mouth. A flood of cuntjuice gushed out to wash over his face.

"Suck me!" she wailed. "Oh, yes! Oh, God, suck me! I'm coming! Oh, God, yes! I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Jesus! Oh, fuck!"

She spasmed convulsively, crying out, coming twice in rapid succession. "Oh, what a good come!" she wailed. "What a good come!"

Frank sucked and slurped, gulping up her cuntjuice as it poured out of her cunthole, his tongue fluttering over her cuntlips, his nose rubbing her clit back and forth, his finger plunging in and out of her shit-tube.

When Barbara at last finished coming on his mouth, she backed off with a moan. "Fuck me, honey! Fuck me now! Quick, lover! Stick it in!"

They rolled over on the bed, Frank mounting her between her thighs, Barbara closing her arms and legs around his body. In a moment he had his cockhead pressed up against the mouth of her dripping cunthole. Now he shoved forward and buried his cock to the hilt with one smooth stroke.

A deep groan gurgled out of Barbara's throat at the feel of his long thick cock reaming out her cunt-channel.

On the other side of the grate, Mary Lou's heart pounded as she watched her parents fucking. Her fingers worked furiously in her wet pussy.

She rubbed her throbbing clit as she watched Frank ramming his big cock in and out of her mother's wet, grasping cunt. Mary Lou's eyes feasted on Frank's muscular ass as he pumped up and down.

Now Barbara was coming again. Her nails raked up and down Frank's back as she wailed and shuddered in ecstasy through another orgasm.


Now Frank pulled his cock out of her cunt and shifted forward to push his fat juicy cockhead against his wife's open lips. Barbara opened her mouth and Frank began fucking her face.

"That's it, baby !" he grunted. "Suck that .prick! Oh, yeah, that's good! That's the way!"

His cock pistoned in and out of the ring of Barbara's lips, and she slipped her hands around to clutch his asscheeks. Frank grunted and continued fucking his thick cock in and out of her face.

"Where do you want it?" he grunted. "Mouth or cunt?"

Barbara twisted her lips away from his prick. "My pussy, honey. Fuck my pussy again."

"Sure!" Frank grinned. "Get on your knees! We'll do a little dog fuck. You know, the way you like it!"

He climbed off her now and Barbara scrambled to her knees. She knelt on the edge of the bed with her head and shoulders down on the mattress and her ass up in the air.

Frank came around to stand behind her. He ran his hands over the white cheeks of her full ass and then slipped his fingers into her hairy wet crotch.

"Oh, yeah, the best pussy in town!" he hissed.

He teased her hanging wet cuntlips, tangled his fingers in her cunt-hair, tickled her quivering clit, and then probed the oozing mouth of her cunthole.

Barbara moaned. Her gaping wet cunt ached for a cock. There was nothing she loved more than getting fucked from behind. She trembled as she felt Frank's cockhead pushing between her cuntlips. She gasped as he slowly buried his cock in her sucking fuckhole.

"Oh, God, yes!" she sobbed. "Oh, God, that's nice! That's lovely! Oh, fuck me, honey! Fuck me!"

Frank grunted and pushed forward to get the last inch of his cock buried in her pussy. Now he slowly pulled back until he had just his cockhead stretching the mouth of her cunthole.

Twisting his hips to get a slightly different angle, he rammed forward again and grinned at the groan of pleasure gurgling out of Barbara's throat. He gazed down at her asshole.

Rubbing the ball of his thumb over her shithole, he continued pistoning his cock in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

"Don't tease!" she hissed.

"You want something more, honey?"

"You know what I want!"

He chuckled again as he pushed his thumb into the hot ring of her shithole. Barbara wailed, tossing her head from side to side and squirming her ass back at Frank's thrusting cock, as she fucked back at his thumb and cock.

The feel of his thick cock in her pussy and his thumb in her ass was enough to drive her wild. "Fuck me!" she wailed. "Fuck me hard! Oh, my God! Oh, yes! There! There! Oh, yes, there! Oh, my God!"

She wailed and sobbed, gyrating her hips back at him in a frenzy, her long, thick hair flying as she cried out with passion.

"Oh, shit!" Frank croaked. "I can't hold it! I'm coming! Oh, shit, I'm coming! AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!''

His ass plunging in a frenzy now, Frank stiffened and shuddered and blasted spurt after spurt of jism into his wife's hungry pussy.

Behind the grate, her eyes wide and her blood racing, Mary Lou frantically rubbed her cunt with her hand to bring herself off. A soft moan escaped the teenager's lips as she watched Frank stiffen and blast off.