Under the Volcano - Malcolm Lowry - książka

Under the Volcano książka papierowa

Malcolm Lowry


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It is the Day of the Dead. The fiesta in full swing. In the shadow of Popocatepeti ragged children beg coins to buy skulls made of chocolate...and the ugly pariah dogs roam the streets. Geoffrey Firmin, HM ex-consul, is drowning himself in liquor and Mescal, while his ex-wife and half brother look on powerless to help him. As the day wears on, it becomes apparent that Geoffrey must die. It is his only escape from a world he cannot understand. Under the Volcano is one of the century's great undisputed masterpieces.

Liczba stron: 400

Format (wymiary): 13.0x20.0cm

ISBN: 9780141182254

Wydanie: 27