Ultimate Consummation (Jasmin’s Tingle No.9) - Marshall Gibson - ebook

DESCRIPTIONWith her older lover gone, Jasmin must try and make it on her own. Try as she might, Jasmin cannot forget Andy’s intimate memory. Unable to cool the passionate desires between them, Jasmin and Andy are soon reunited. This time, Andy doesn’t want to leave Jasmin in the Philippines. What secret island customs will Andy discover when he visits Jasmin’s family?EXCERPTSitting down in the common room with the other girls as they watched a popular Korean telenovela on the TV, Jasmin was overcome with despair. In the morning, she would take what few belongings she had and go the airport and return to Cebu. Her wild endeavors at the disco-bar and the passionate love-affair with Andy had only deferred the inevitable from happening, at the costly expense of her virginal innocence. She had become momentarily absorbed in the story of the telenovela, when she heard a loud knocking on the front door. One of the girls cautiously opened the door, leaving the safety chain secured on the door. Two other girls stood vigilantly behind the first, in the event of some unforeseen danger. Then to Jasmin’s disbelief, she heard a surprisingly familiar voice at the door.“I’m looking for Jasmin. Is she here?” the voice said politely. Filled with an exhilarating rush of excitement, Jasmin sprang up from her and sprinted towards the entrance, pushing the other girls out of the way, and throwing open the door. In the doorway, standing tall handsome with his broad shoulders, his golden blonde hair, and his warm smile and enchanting blue eyes, stood her dearly beloved Andy.“Oh my God, it’s you. It’s really you.” Jasmin cried with tears of joy and disbelief as she rushed forward and embraced her foreign lover. “I’ve missed you so much.”“I’ve miss you too,” Andy replied warmly, holding her close and kissing her on the head. “I’m here now. And I’m so happy to see you.” Following a minute of embracing, Jasmin welcomed her handsome foreigner into the house, the other girls plainly stunned by his presence with Jasmin, who was so simple and unassuming compared to themselves.“It’s the foreigner in Jasmin’s pictures,” one of the girls discerned with surprise. “Gago, he’s so handsome,” she whispered to one of her girlfriends.“Why don’t you tell me you’re coming,” Jasmin asked in a flustered voice.“I wanted to surprise you!” Andy replied ecstatically. “I got an assigment last month from the publisher who bought my articles from Moalboal and Boracay. I’m doing a series of six articles over the next nine months. They gave me a list of fifteen destinations, and I’m supposed to investigate them and submit articles on at least six of them. And I’m also going to write a six-part adventure serial for a teen magazine. So I’m going to be here in the islands for a while.”“Fuck, I can’t believe,” Jasmin said gushing with joy.

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Marshall Gibson

Jasmin’s Tingle No.9

Published by Lot’s Cave

Ultimate Consummation, © 2015, by Marshall Gibson

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Ultimate Consummation


Author’s Note

Young Romance

New Adult

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Marshall Gibson

Away from the idyllic island of paradise of Boracay Andy returned to Manila. Andy quickly found a room at an Anito Love Motel in Ermita near the Aristocrat Restaurant. Tired from their inter-island travel across the Philippines, the gentleman foreigner and his eighteen year-old Filipina lover undressed themselves to partake in a refreshing shower.

As on the island of Boracay, their bathing had quickly grown into an interlude of passionate sensuality, as Andy lost his self-control upon sight of Jasmin’s naked, wet body. Andy admired the seductive curve of Jasmin’s naked, lightly fleeced pubis as the cool water ran over it and fell like a stream from her body. Lovingly looking upon Jasmin’s small round breasts, Andy notice the way her tiny nipples poked up in as the cool water flowed over them. Jasmine playfully applied a layer of bubbly soap all over her enticing anatomy, her arms, legs, torso, and between her legs, until she was completely covered in the rich, white lather.

“It looks like someone came all over you,” Andy said with a devilish grin as he joined his young, naked lover in the shower.

“I’m so naughty,” Jasmin replied with a breathy voice as she put her arms around Andy’s neck pressing her naked, soapy body against his, able to feel his firm erection pressing against her abdomen and breasts. Kissing him warmly, Jasmin then drew her hands down Andy’s torso gently grasping his firm penis and began affectionately stroking him. Andy groaned his approval, as he laid his hands around Jasmin’s back.

“That feels so good,” he said with a low, deep groan.

“With a long slurp of her tongue, Jasmin swallowed Andy’s invigorated penis into her mouth and began moving her head up and down to make his manhood go in and out her tiny mouth. Trying to swallow him down her throat, Jasmin soon found she was unable to choking with a loud cough. Determined however, Jasmin tried and tried, feeling Andy’s bulbous tip filling the back of her throat. Still, Jasmin was unable to control her gag reflex and continued to choke each time Andy was about halfway inside her mouth. Trying to make his lover take more, Andy would press his hands against her head forcing his cock deeper down her throat. Jasmin instinctively fought Andy’s actions vigorously since his movements inhibited her ability to even breathe.

“I’m so sorry,” Jasmin said as she pulled herself off of his manhood and stroked his wet, firm column of masculinity. “I want to suck your cock like Beverly did for you.”

“You’re really trying,” Andy said with appreciation. “Thank you.”

“I really am trying, my love.”

Jasmin diligently tried to swallow her lover’s magnificent cock for another minute, gagging and coughing with each diligent attempt, only able to swallow half of his firm cock into her mouth.

The couple concluded their erotic shower, and Jasmin slipped on Andy’s favorite hello-kitty panties, her wet body causing the candy-colored fabric to become sheer, and lightly veil Jasmin’s seductive feminine garden of pleasure. The pair of lovers climbed into bed, with Jasmin laying submissively on her back and looking up at the mirror on the ceiling over the bed. With a look of hunger in his eyes, Andy crawled into bed with his lithe Filipina lover, slowly undressing her one more time for a final night of lovemaking. As she lay completely naked on the bed, she could see herself and Andy in the mirror on the ceiling above them. Jasmin opened her legs wide, and looked at her tender, pink cunt between her thighs, eagerly waiting to receive her lover’s virility inside it. Jasmin’s cunt resembled a glistening tiny flower, inviting her lover to enter it. Andy soon laid on top of her pressing the tip of his erection into the tender flesh of Jasmin’s soft labia, and with a long, steady thrust penetrated her tender cunt.

As Jasmin received Andy’s hard sex into her lower body, she positioned her hip and bent her top leg so that he could easily view his erection sliding into her moist, hairless cunt. Andy released a deep moan of satisfaction, and as she clenched her teeth in her initial pain, Jasmin watched in awe as his entire length mysteriously disappear into her. In disbelief, she dismissed the sight as an illusion caused by the mirror. But the more Andy continued to fully penetrate her with stroke after wonderful, long stroke of his member, now glistening with the nectar of her arousal; she realized that her petite body had managed to fully receive him balls-deep inside of her tiny pussy.

With a shameful curiosity, Jasmin observed the beautiful display of Andy vigorously driving himself into her as he fucked her, mystified with the seemingly impossible sight of Andy’s twenty-three centimeters inexplicably sliding easily inside of her, consummating fully in a perfect union of carnal love for the first time. While his rhythmic exertions were quite uncomfortable, Jasmin endured them in spite of her suffering to provide him the full pleasure of her body.

Rolling her torso beneath him and pulling both legs up and apart, Andy began slamming his hips against her pelvis, driving himself into her body with long, deep thrusts. Wrapping his hands around Jasmin’s shoulders and pulling her down against him with each exertion, Andy’s body began rubbing upon his lover’s tingling clitoris with each powerful thrust.

At the verge of his climax, Andy was about to withdraw himself to safely spill his seed on Jasmin’s glistening body. But as she sensed his imminent release, Jasmin held him inside her, feeling him come deep within her eager pussy. She held him inside for a long time, wanting to continue to feel him filling up her body, knowing that this would be the last time she could enjoy the heavenly sensation of him inside her, filling her eager, wet pussy. “I love you Andy,” she said with blissful sweetness in his ear.

“I know,” Andy replied with a gentle tone, stroking her long, silky, black hair, his manhood lovingly enveloped by her warm, welcoming body. Gently, the two lovers blissfully drifted off to sleep, wrapped lovingly in each other’s arms.